I really wish people would quit calling Obama the first black president! More true to light would be First Arabic President! Obama is only 1/16 black. Which I find insulting to our Black American's.Obama Sr was an Arab/African Soviet Marxist Who was only 1/8 black.The majority of African/American citizens are a mostly a result of being slaves to mostly white slave owners.{There are white African/Americans too!}. If anything Obama is of ancestral lineage of Arab slave owners.Even his name is of Arabic lineage.Barack and Obama are Arabic names not traditional African.Far from it! And another thing that really shakes my cackles! Obama was not of a meager childhood. Meager my butt! When did he ever do without? NEVER! These falsities are coming to light. Obama was actually from a very well sponsored socialist family. His mother worked for Peter F. Geithner, Treasury Secretary Geithner's father family in banking.All of Obama's schooling was paid for by socialist organization except maybe one! The one we paid for! Here in California. He holds no allegiance to the United States of America. Suggested reading; http://www.colony14.net/index.html http://stopsocialism.wordpress.com/2009/04/23/the-obama-timeline-co...

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I must be alone in my observation of BO as I just watched his address at Arlington. I could not believe he meant a word he spoke. His oratory prowess leaves me wanting for words that come from his heart not a teleprompter. His arrogance is clearly observable to any, even the brain dead, should they not be blinded by the falsely storied brillance of a man whose heritage is from African-Arab Slave Masters that promoted slavery.

In my opinion he has a hidden belief (Islam not Christian) and agenda. His homage to our most honored is for his convenience and to further that agenda. I'll change my mind about this when he makes me believe his words come with feelings from his heart without calculation instead of his mouth from a teleprompter. My alliegence is to my God, Country and Family in that order. Nothing in there about my supporting, much less bowing to, someone I believe holds an office ill gotten by fraud and deception.

Semper Fi



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