Here's the original video to watch   http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=cb0_1447249820
The site has some vulgarity on it but it's the only place I can find that will allow us to see a glimpse of the Islamic butcher movtivation...........reality.   View it now while it's still available.............

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Harry, Tight on target.

Absolute utter stupidity as history repeats.

This is one time when troops on the border shooting anyone who crosses is appropriate.

No it is not the way to shoot people.

Stopping governments like obozo is the way.

Mexicans are not the problem. The fucking muslims are the problem.

Ronald C. Vrooman-

I agree and completely understand that Mexicans are not the problem.  However when there is any discussion about immigration, refugees, and securing the borders we get slammed by the Mexican/latino groups.  I believe that is by 'design' to shut-down the discussion. 

We have to somehow get the candidates to discuss the forced immigration of muslim refugee problems and the backdoor invasion/coup.

I think all that come here under the name of GUEST WORKERS are part of the problem.. You have not listened to these Mexicans on the street.. A young woman in 2003, Vacaville California, told us while eating in a nice Mexican restaurant, "she and her family were here to NOT pick YOUR FRUIT, but here to get the good jobs.".  All we had done was to ask her if she had lived in Vacaville long.. We were there for a graduation from Albuquerque N.M.  I was shocked...Watch the video's during Cinco De Maio, (sp), listen to these Mexicans talk.. They tell us this is their land and they are taking it back.. Our children can't even wear a t/shirt with a US flag but they can wear what ever the hell they want...This has all been planned way in advance, this is to MIX them in with us..to Breed with us...This is why so many of my Mexican friends from New Mexico tell us they want the illegals GONE.. They are tired of being mistaken for illegals..Donald Trump is correct when he says "LEGAL Mexicans love him"....All of these blacks screaming Black lives matter, do you really think they came up with that? This is Soros funded from the get go..I also believe there are blacks that are from OTHER countries mixed in with them... This jerk in D.C. has been teaching them well..Most all of the people that have signed up with ISIS, are BLACKS...SIEU union people are hell, now mixed in with ACORN.. This next year is going to be hell on U.S.Earth, especially since the U.N Military Police are coming in to ASSIST with our POLICE.. They are now in large cities coming in where not to be noticed. Obama wants his Nationalized Police Force to take ours down, he wants control of all POLICE and STATES.  YES, Mexicans are a great Part of it..Blacks are a huge part of it..Watch all around you, its coming. You can't tell who is who and that's what this administration wants..They just showed a picture of a man they are looking for in Paris, he looks just like the Mexicans down the street. The WHITE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS are beyond belief.

Go back and listen to the Video again.. ALL OF IT...

We all have to get off of our collective butts and begin to help.

Harry, Thank you for the informative Video...

There are mooslime training camps just over the border that teach how to look like act like speak like and walk like Mexicans then slip over the border with them and hide deep in our society.

Truly there are plenty of criminal Mexicans but they sell drugs and kill each other.

Not nearly the same problem as the mooslimes.

I lived in South America for 7 years. No way in hell is a ******* muslim going to pass as a Mexican or SA'

That is bullshit.

You talk like an ignorant opinionated fool. Mexicans and others from down south that make it up here are for the most pat good people. the gangs are gangs and criminals and you should always carry and have everyone in your family do the same. concealed carry is unconstitutional. I had one until I was arrested.

Capt. Freemont and company took California from the Spanish/Mexicans in 1848 +- they took it back last year. My friend that hires labor calls for workers, "if they are Mexican send 2 if they are black and white send 3.

The problem is domestic enemies. obozo, Rebloodlicans and Democrips after 150 years of organized political parties operating in the color of law, a pox on both and the Tea party also.

Should I put a sharper point on it?

There really are camps in Mexico that groom jihadists to behave like Mexicans.

May not be perfect but who looks that close?

Your wrong H.Gregory... You haven't lived around the Mexicans like I have.. The Mexicans and muslims are working together.. This has been done by this administration and others for at least eight years or more.  It has gotten to the point now we can't tell them apart.. In 1998 is when I began to realize how the Muslims were reaching out to the Mexicans.. 

you are so right, there are now more mosques in the US than churches and they have more rights in the schools etc than Christians, airports give them prayer rooms, schools allow them to get up and leave to go to their prayer rooms, let a Christian bow his head for a prayer at the time Jesus died and see what happens. but we just go along with it. Parents do not care what is going on in the schools as long as they don't have to bring up their kids. The family breakdown is the problem.

The Mexicans ARE a problem. They came here ,New Orleans from Texas after Katrina for work and to get the freebies offered to people hit by Katrina. They stayed and crime is rampant committed by Mexicans. I live in the suburbs. We had 1 or 2 rapes a year now we've had 26 this year so far and previous years were the same. Thefts and burglary are up with others. The People crossing our boarder in the south are not the best and brightest. They are the bottom of the barrel coming here for welfare and to work under the table to send money back to Mexico. WalMarts full of them and everyone i see in the checkout has a EBT card or a check like paper that has to be signed by the manager, it charges them no tax and no other form of payment is offered. I dont know what that is. It looks like they qualify for benefits just by being brown and speak Spanish. I see them just hanging out by the liquor stores and in front of the slum apartments they live in. Trash all over the place. They brought Mexico to my neighborhood. A slum. Mexicans are a problem and they also preach taking over the US. They are given free reign by our Government. Cheap labor. Drunken thieves.

I agree they are a problem-- and our border with Mexico has been a problem for a long time.My ancestors came legally from Ireland,and from Germany when our Government told immigrants You are no longer Irishmen nor Germans but will become Americans. Any people unwilling to  learn the common language--and accept that if you cross the border Illegally you already have broken the law--so obeying our Laws becomes an imperative as well.Problem is the Democrats--especially--but "progressives" in both Parties  have exploited the  illegal alien as "cheap labor" as a people either stupid or afraid  to insist they be paid for their labor  -and not exploited. Now we have the additional problem of OTM coming across. The enemy foreign or domestic residing in the WhiteHouse has from the git go been doing his Community organizing and  "fundamental Change" by inviting his Muslim brothers  to access that Southern Border. And because we have changed America to accommodate a people who remain Mexican  in culture,language and ?  Now the Muslim insist on the same accommodation--we will be like Sweden if our Progressive  Leadership has its way  our children will be taught in school to proclaim Our Country is Yours. Never thinking That invitation leads to destruction.

There is no such individual as a moderate Muslim, you either strictly obey Islam or you are considered an infidel, like everyone else that does not adhere to the tenants of Islam. Islam is not a religion, it IS a socio-political ideal of death and submission to the ideals of Islam.



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