Here's the original video to watch   http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=cb0_1447249820
The site has some vulgarity on it but it's the only place I can find that will allow us to see a glimpse of the Islamic butcher movtivation...........reality.   View it now while it's still available.............

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What Peter posted has been proven to be the truth. Americans don't want to believe it because it will upset their warm comfortable mind set. We The People need to set up, stand up and tell the government to perform their jobs according to our Constitution or go home. They have not earned their pension. 

Peter John - thank you for using up such a huge amount of time to present your 5-6 page blog. It surely presents much in-depth & informative details & information. Much of this is not generally discussed, publicized, nor reported in the general media. I feel, though, Peter John, you ought to spend about 1/4 of the time you used to write this blog, to set up a basic web site. Then, publicize the web site. I express this because of all the information & data you've presented here - there are scores ! of forum topics which more easily can be presented in a forum blog on a special web site.

I feel this subject forum drifted way off course without addressing the specific issues raised by Harry Riley in the topic heading. Accusations, name-calling, insults, confrontations, open running rants & raves against forum members has outcomes of splitting all of us into different camps, if not just closeting up potential contributors to this forum . These divisive rants & raves & open ended negative arguments only further serves the intents of that & who which we ought to focus upon with a plan of gradually building resistance.

   All which we patriots are faced with, is unconventional political - civil - social - cultural warfare. There is no ONE tactical target ! There are multiple ! targets of highly varied natures and operations. We must ! come together, according to our interests, experiences, training, levels of knowledge, and skill levels. These to focus on those situations, & levels upon which we can make a difference ! For example - the local ! community. We can learn from the successes of the Tea Party movements. There are no 'members' - just a voluntary group of local folk focusing upon one mission at a time. Get that done - there'll be more . Well, more to be said, of course.

  Thank you Peter John for your efforts. I think it's time to get back to topic here.

For those that support Peter John, send him whatever he needs to set up his own blog but I refuse to support him for his constant anti-Semitism. Garie. Paul D., thanks for your suggestion but I believe, given time, Peter John will repeat this behavior as his following posts are proving to grow longer and continue to be off topic.


Impeach is the proper answer-- is it the answer we will get from congress-- I doubt it. I still prefer Impeach -then give him a nice new suit of HOT tar and white Chicken feathers -and a matching cap.

Look what impeach did to Clinton - untouched.

Exactly and Obama would continue untouched. Impeachment and removal from office is better.

Always drills taking place when these events happen, even in France.   Just like here, Sandy Hook, South Carolina massacre at church, even 9/11 there were supposedly drills taking place.   Watch out if there is a drill!

Now we are finding out that a lot was going on with the TPP, and because lamestream media had nothing but Paris Attacks on, people were tied up in that.   This thing stinks to high heaven and look at some of the photographs going around the interest.   None of them showing much of anything of what happened, a lot of them fake.

Only God knows what happened, but you can bet on one thing, there is an agenda to this theatrical play going on.  It will be just the beginning leading up to more.   We will see what develops and probably soon.

good job Patricia you got something in edgewise between peter rants while off his meds.

All smoke and mirrors. The right hand distracts while the left does dirty work.

History repeats using the same tactics.

VERIFY VERIFY VERIFY and always ask, "What is really going on that I cannot see?"

Have first hand knowledge and this is pure trash.

Sorry but I have to quit following this blog, which has been hijacked by Peter John anti-Semite. Notify me per the usual on anything new on PFA. Blessings to all you rational and reasonable people here.



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