Obama is mentally and emotionally incapable of making the right decisions for America.

Obama does as Obama is

by LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD June 13, 2014

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First and foremost, Barack Obama is a congenital liar, whose lies, the number and magnitude of which are produced to match the scale of his sweeping narcissism.

That type of behavior is no surprise because Obama's character was incubated in the low expectations biosphere of political correctness, where the amount of ineptitude is excused in proportion to one's racial genetics, ethnic purity or whatever victim categories the liberal canon dictates.

Obama has had no incentive to change because throughout life and during his time in the White House, lying has gotten him what he has wanted, while escaping responsibility and any negative consequences.

America's elite universities and the media, desperately wanting to validate their own ideological predispositions, have overlooked Obama's obvious weaknesses and willingly accepted his excuses and political spin in order to avoid their own accountability for facilitating and advancing the career of an amoral and intellectually vacant individual.

For the Democratic Party, Obama was the textbook Affirmative Action Presidential candidate, the manifestation of a liberal fantasy.  Senate Majority leader Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), wowed by Obama's oratorical gifts, said privately that Obama, as a black candidate, could be successful thanks, in part, to his "light-skinned" appearance and speaking patterns "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one."

Obama's appeal is based entirely on his mastery of the teleprompter-delivered platitude; a banal or meaningless statement either emotionally satisfying to his ideologically committed base or soothing to the uninformed, easily misled voter desperately in search of a political tranquilizer.

Obama, who never intellectually matured beyond the clichés of fashionable and comfortable college Marxism, received his political baptism in the leftist, gangster-style Chicago political machine, experiences neither of which prepared him for any office beyond the capabilities of inner city alderman.

Ill-prepared for high office, Obama has orchestrated an unprecedented series of policy failures and political scandals.

That happens when decisions are not based on a logical analysis of what course of action is best for the country, but on a calculus of what best meets certain political or electoral objectives.

Obama is an ideologue, whose fundamental transformation of the United States includes goals that are incompatible with American values and national interests. His approach is not unlike pounding a square political peg into a round political hole.

The ultimate basis for any judgment about the rightness of his conduct is whether he achieves an important ideological aim. Thus, "right" outcomes for Obama often necessitate actions considered illogical or harmful by mainstream Americans.

Obama is incompetent, not because he is stupid, but because his intellectual rigor mortis drives an ideological "analysis" that inevitably leads to inaction or the wrong action.

Stated simply, Obama is mentally and emotionally incapable of making the right decisions for America.

Obama's reaction to his policy debacles is invariably the same. He lies or blames others because his narcissism cannot accommodate failure and any perceived loss of public adulation.

Enough is enough. We are a nation, not a political playground for megalomaniacs. Soaring rhetoric is no substitute for competence, honesty and resolute action.

A continued Obama Presidency risks the survival of the United States. He is and does what he is. There is no hope that he will change and no limit to the damage he can cause.

Will Congress decide it is time for Barack Obama to go?

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Colonel Sellin is the author of "Restoring the Republic: Arguments for a Second American Revolution ". He receives email at lawrence.sellin@gmail.com.

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He was vetted by Nancy PELOSI ..... That should give you something to work with.

Nancy wasn't 'working' alone. Harry Reid

I would like the opportunity to address your comments, paragraph by paragraph:

Surely our people are more intelligent than that, JoAnne. They should know when a politician is talking, you had better keep you hand on your wallet and your eyes on their mouth to see if they've shut up if they've asked you a question. - Not all people are intelligent enough to know the difference between a rock and a piece of toilet paper.  Many of these people are Democrats.

The biggest issue under question today is why did congress let Obama (if that's his legal name) usurp that office without question when he refused to identify himself. - Congressional members themselves have many skeletons of their own in the closet.  A second reason is that they were scared to death that a brilliant woman from Alaska would put them to task or see that they were exposed for the corrupt gang they are!

Why did the Senate question John McCain knowing his parents were citizens of the USA but didn't question Barack Obama knowing his father was a British subject knowing he wasn't constitutionally eligible for that office? - A typical Democratic ploy to smear an opponent and to conceal any illegality of their own candidate at the same time.

Why did Nancy Pelosi give the Secretary of State of Hawaii a different affidavit than the other 49 state secretaries? - The simplest of all to respond to.  Pelosi is a manipulator of the highest order and is about as crooked as a leg broken in 5 places.   Pelosi also wanted to insure the Secretary of State of Hawaii didn't write something that the Democrats may have to explain at a later date.  Well,.....THAT'S ALL CATCHING UP WITH HER AND BIGHTING HER IN THE ASS...........ISN'T IT?



To a point John, yes. But the congress we have today (all of them) are only


It becomes more obvious with each and every passing day that this man is totally unqualified and may well, be not rational enough to be in the position he is in, despite the fact that he has been in that office for 6 years against all common sense. Congress may not wish to recognize the truth but, the time will come when it will no longer be in doubt. Let us hope that OAS and the growing dissent as evinced in the sound defeat of Eric Cantor in Virginia and the soaring approval rate of Chris McDaniels in Mississippi are indicative of a sea change in the temperament of the national constituencies. In the meantime, we must all continue to work to induce and persuade ALL AMERICAN CITZENS to vote for a change WE, The People, can live with in November. Those problems exacerbated by the character lacking in this administration can and will be addressed once we have taken back through the voting process what is ours, NOT THEIRS, or those from foreign lands as the illegal invaders they in fact, ARE.  Once we have done so, those who are elsewhere mentioned as problematic by others here can then be dealt with in compliance with the policy, practice and rule of law called for by the Constitution. God Bless America!

Unfortunately, Congress will not take any action against Barack Obama, because: 1. They're afraid of him. 2. They don't care what the constituents think anymore. And 3. They are, for the most part, strictly self-serving egotists.

It's time for a revolution all right; first, at the voting booth in November. Failing that, Heaven help us because it's going to get even uglier than it is now. Then, hopefully, the American people will finally say they've had enough and take action.

wake up !!  of / by / for  died years ago...electing good people hasn't / wont save America .

TERRY, 99% of you don't know of the oath of allegiance ( corruption) that's mandatory for all newly elected lawmakers.

American doesn't "exist" so Obama can be President, and when America, The Constitution, Law/Order and "Justice"  is placed in "Jeopardy" by an "UN-Qualified" person, (for whatever reason)  the other "parts of Government" should remove them from Office.

After all, we are talking about the destruction of America, and everyone in America.




Absolutely outstanding! Well, written, concise yet thorough. A gem!

CONCISE ??? really.?   misses the mark of the causes for Americas dilemma.....pretty commentary wont resolve the mess

we are in...



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