As I was searching around the net trying to figure out what in the hell to do, my computer screen jumped out and nearly knocked me off my chair when I found an Executive Order dated 28 March 2013 naming the new Presidential Commission on Election Administration in which he has appointed 9 board members and 2 co-chairs, including Robert Bauer, his personal and white house attorney married to Anita Dunn. They will decide where the polls will be, how many polls there will be and they will choose the poll workers. Doesn't that sound fabulous?? PLUS! They will decide and oversee all electronic voter machinery.

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Let the war begin.

How did we miss this one? Yuri Bezmenov was right (KGB defector who gave an interview when Mondale was running- you can find it on youtube) he said "You can't vote a communist out of office"

Nope, but you can sure as hell run it out- and tar and feather it when you do.

This piece of dog crap in the Whitehouse has become a dictator. It is time for the military to use a coup to get him out of office.

To God's Ears.........................

Obozo falls under the UCMJ as the CinC.  Nothing can be done if no one will arrest him.



He can executive order his ass to hell for all I care- his executive orders don't mean shit.

Yep, I said it then, and very few noticed.  Amazing how much Americans "Don't Notice".  If they got off their Toys long enough, to check out where their Nation is headed, they might be somewhat alarmed.  I saw this, back then, and saw it as a future impediment to Free Elections.  Executive Order, my A--, more like Nazi command. We are surely screwed , if we do not act.  Treason is the Charge, aiding and abetting the enemy. Such as Iran.

So what happens next... Obama makes up a new law that forbids Conservatives from voting? 

Is it just me, or does it seems as if obama is trying to pick a fight?!

What they mean is that O plans on stealing every election in the future because O doesn't know right from wrong as with all psychopaths.

Just one more reason for the states to take back the power that they them selves have sold over the years with federal monies used to bribe the states to participate in certain federal programs. But this comes with strict stipulations. You are more or less under the whim of the federal government.

This must chance. I urge each and every one of you to contact you state senators and representatives to have brought up with in you state regarding a Convention of get back powers bargained a way over the years.

Go to the web site  down load information and forward it to your state representatives and tell them to get on board if we are going to curtail an out of control federal government.

Lord help us JESUS!

we've got to get people to open their eyes and ears and start paying attention to what is happening around them before it's too late or we're going to end up like Germany did with Hitler!!!

Forgive us JESUS! We've got to get America to turn back to Almighty God before it's too late!



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