Obama plotting for Martial Law.. The best way for Obama in his plotting for Martial Law, is by cutting police budgets, as you can see its already in the works.


Fox News


Prison cuts putting predators on US streets?

Watch Video here



...so it never got a predator may be on the loose thanks to some dangerous in dramatic cuts the US prison budgets.

Lane county in Oregon recently had a free some 92 prisoners are released over three days and three -- released accused of murder.

And springer's on this Pacific northwest.

So jails all over the country are releasing low level offenders but this is something else entirely.

Well village shot and we look at ballistic crimes they were in four robberies triangulation selling drugs to kids and those believe it or not or some -- less serious offenses three of the men who were free have been charged with what organ called measure eleven crimes among them.

Manslaughter and vehicular homicide.

They could not -- bail -- if convicted we'll have to serve every day of their sentences now relatives of the victims are obviously outraged.

46 year old -- was beaten to death police say Aaron -- confessed to the crime.

And was awaiting trial when he was released with an electronic ankle bracelet.

I'm angry gets to go and enjoy his family and be out -- enjoy his freedom well my brother has.

Not -- that.

He's he's gone and there's nothing that can bring him back.


And right now lane county is only filling a 152.

-- of its 507.

That jail while some are blaming the federal government programs why would that -- again.

Well they count was forced to cut a hundred million dollars out of its budget this year a big portion that came from the sheriff's office budget done they eliminated 64 positions including twenty deputies that forced the sheriff to equals one whole wing in the jail and -- sixteen hours a day so right now.

If you needed deputy during eight hours a day brought a lot.

Leaders blame the federal government because it owns a majority of the land in the county.

Most of it is national force that used to employ thousands of people and create tax revenue through timber sales but that's all but been stopped.

And the timber payments to rural counties have been dwindling for years.

Lane county for example used to get fifteen million dollar three year into repayments this year it got just over three million.

If we -- just put force back to work.

I just think about just the employment of it happened let let alone.

The revenue that would come in -- counting.

And residents must also take some of the blame they have voted down a special law enforcement -- Thirteen times in a row since the mid -- is the only wild -- in Portland on that.

Out of Seattle today thank you -- good actor.

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I don't believe that it will end like obummer thinks it will.

This Jackal has to go. I don't mind supporting him for the rest of his natural life in the Big House, not the White House!

No, I want do that....he needs to be hung by the neck for the Treasonous Acts he has committed against the Constitution and the American People.

And it would be great for him to have lots of company from his administration and supporters.

DEPORT to Red China, Cuba.

He wants the police forces cut to nothing so he can call for martial law and turn his private muslim army loose on the people just like they are doing in the middle east. Also the media is not even giving the truth in their news casts...Its all PC until they think its to late for the American people..

 Send him to the middle east and keep him there. Take his wife and kids and  put them in a burka and see how they like it.

According to his muslim beliefs, his daughters should be married by now.

I am not suprised at anything that Obama does. But where is Congress?

As I said on another post the they have most likly been told that they would end up like the judge in AZ, Everyone talks about Gabby being the target but she was shot second and the Fed. judge was first, and he was not doing what Holder and the white house wanted and they took him out so I would think that Congress and Senate have been told that the same thing would happen to them it they didnt do what the white house wants...


   I have thought for many years now that the reason the Congress does nothing is because the shadow government that really runs things has threatened every one of the Congress critters and they are terrified to go against the PTB.   Remember Senator Wellstone?   I think the Congress critters got the message from that.  

    If anyone thinks that the citizens aren't under the same death threats, then they are in la-la land.  Something evil sits in D.C. and it's going to spring on us too. 

Is it just me or was this hard to decipher. I get the point that they are releasing criminals due to budget shortfalls and saying it's because of the federal government. All I can say is that we have brought this upon ourselves by letting our states take all the handouts and become so dependent on the federal government. It's as if the states have become addicts to getting our money back, doled out as the feds see fit. To late to cry over the spilled milk now. Now each and every state should learn from this and wean themselves as quickly as possible.



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