This is some of the things that were blocked last week from the Fox program everyone was looking for.. It's enough to make your good old American blood boil after what happened on "9/11". As the saying goes, "Anyone who forgets History is bound to repeat it." I remember hearing all this the first time it happened and will never forget it.

This is a video that Sean Hannity of FOX News has been trying to show that has consistently been blocked by the Obama Administration for several weeks. Watch it now before it gets pulled from the Internet!

Get this going viral, NOW!

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I understand this all too well, but it still ticks me off. 

Why is it that the demonrats and their communists in crime put their money where their mouth is and start TV/Radio stations so they are not told what they can and cannot say, but the wealthy so-called conservatives won't put their money into a project that could save the country? 

Peanut, I am going to tackle this very subject later today. I am going to stir the pot a bit and see if I can find some courge in the "conservative" media.

A true Christian would never say, "The Holy Koran..." especially while wagging a finger.  A Christian might say, "The koran..." or "That moslem[sic] book..." or "Toilet paper..." but never "The Holy Koran..." because Christians do not regard that vile work as holy.

Taqiyya will always show its evil hand to those who are led by the Holy Ghost.

God bless America, and may He damn those who disregard her Constitution.

Yep, Taqiyya covers Obama for all his lies. And Lord knows he has told many! In fact, his entire life has been a lie.

It's time to tell Obama that we DON'T work for him! He works FOR US! I say we take him and throw him and his cronies out on their butts! I can't wait to get rid of this rat!

agreed john,lets we the people of the united states make a plan and kick this musmutt and any followers out of office on  there musmutt ass.we the people what more proof do you need that this ovomit/the devil/lucifer/ is  a useless musmutt pos.and any politician who is adding and abetting this pile of dung.we the people rise against this pos.god bless all american veterans and all american citizens

At last, I faced allot of redicule for this, I tried to tell people since 07 that Baraka Obama was Muslim when I returned from the mid east.  I was told by Islamic radicals he would by our president before I ever heard of him.  Makes clear why he put so many idiots in charge of critical positions, Holder, Pedista, Clinton, Biden, Geikner, etc.  If you want someting to fail these are the kinds of individuals you need to insure failure.  At least I feel a little vendicated.

I am not sure where I got this piece of great prose and of PRIDE in what has been passed down through generations of AMERICANS ..... Why has this world taken some of the brightest minds HE made and

turned them into "self indulgent, just simply SELF ...Absorbed .... FRAUDS ....Lets not let history fool us,

there continue to be inferences that can't be led any further from COVER-UP than right now !!!!!

Nixon was forced to RESIGN ...for a lot less than what's been contrived for at least 1/2 century .... and quite frankly I convinced a lot longer than that .... so take the following with a grain of salt.

"In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher."

~ Dalai Lama (Tibetan Buddhist)

People that preach tolerance are preaching the destruction of our nation. Tolerance is one of the many tools of Satan. It works similarly to political correctness—a one way street to appease evil and undermine establishment. Tolerance plays off of the fearful and ignorant, the formula is simple, tolerance is a deception that motivates people to think they are doing good and by showing tolerance they expect reciprocity (reciprocal treatment) but the only reciprocity that will come is in the form of loss of human freedom and volition.

I include volition because volition is the cornerstone of all human freedom and the establishment principles from which our forefathers used to create our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights gave us the right to execute our volition, the right to choose our own path. What the ignorant do not understand is freedom is responsibility and responsibility has consequences when abused. We should treasure our freedom and not tolerate its abuse.

"The greatest threat to freedom, as well as the most formidable enemy of it, is a supported cause against it"

~Don Williams, Jr.

Tolerance or toleration has been the subject of debate throughout the history of people and nations in the areas of social, cultural, and religious practices, which covers a lot of ground. I think the debate can be broken down like this.

Starting with this question: What should we tolerate or not tolerate?

The answer to this question lies in the principles of establishment for our country and its people. When principles are violated the individual and our country risk the loss of freedom. The same way our soldiers put themselves at great risk when they violate principles on the battlefield. When our soldiers are trained they learn dos and don’ts learning military acronyms creating endless check lists ingrained to memory. Unfortunately most of the failures in combat can be traced back to someone not following prescribed military doctrines pertaining to security, contingencies, immediate action drills, criteria for route selection, terrain analysis, lack of reconnaissance, SOP’s, never under estimate your enemy, etc. Soldiers on the battlefield learn fast not to compromise these doctrines, for the penalty comes fast and severe.

For our nation it is not so fast, but the penalties are severe. See tolerance works off what I call the creeping method. It works like this. When income tax was first instituted it was 1% and supposed to end after WWI. But now what we pay in taxes and the invasion of privacy is unbelievable with no end in sight because they just keep taking more and more a little at a time. If they had tried to institute a large tax like we have now it would have been rejected. But tolerance knows how to creep in and exploit. We have all experienced how tolerance gets us in trouble when we tolerate the wrong people and their behavior which brings us back to what to tolerate or not.

The answer to this is simple. But the execution can be difficult because the answer is to not tolerate behaviors that go against principles of freedom and establishment. Which I will briefly outline. In order to discern tolerance one must be armed with principles and understand them to a point of making applications of those principles in their life. Unfortunately there has been a great breakdown for many generations in our country not passing these principles down in the home, our churches, and schools. So a large part of our population is not equipped with the knowledge to make good decisions and unaware of the consequences to our country towards being tolerant to the compromise of principles of establishment.

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."


This is a good time to give a brief outline of the basic principles of establishment upon which our country was founded.

Principles of establishment distinguish between war against tyranny and revolt against authority a very important distinction because that is where the battle lines are drawn. This is a good time to mention ours was a war for independence for our freedom. Not a revolutionary war. England was not overthrown just thrown out.

I will attempt to take you through the four basic establishment principles upon which freedom is preserved and show how tolerance destroys that freedom.

I Volition is freedom of choice which gives the human race regardless of nationality, sex or any other factor the right to life, liberty, ownership of property, privacy and the pursuit of happiness . . . provided the individual does not violate the laws of establishment and the common laws of our nation. Tolerance embraces evil which seeks to take away volition or free will. The same way a jealous boyfriend imposes his will becoming a tyrant, not leaving his girl friend free to love him of her own free will.

II Marriage is the basic unit upon which society is built. It is a union between one man and one woman. It serves for both the framework of love and the basic function in life for the protection of freedom. The first marriage began with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, divinely ordained. When married a husband and wife take a vow of responsibility towards one another that usually goes something like this . . . for better or worse, in sickness or health, until death do you part. Etc. Tolerance undermines this principle of establishment by attacking this institution in many ways. It grew its roots in the 60’s where the responsibilities in marriage were undermined through rejection of authority which led to the feminist movement to emasculate males. Men not fulfilling their responsibilities fueled the feminist movement which is in full swing today. The results of this are already in, they are winning. Marriage vows are tossed aside at the slightest whim of selfishness and ambition. We have a society of broken families with dysfunctional children thrust upon society. We have record crimes, violence, school dropouts, illegitimate children, drug and alcohol abuse, the list is endless. And now the gay community is demanding special rights and laws forcing their perverse lifestyle on to everyone else with same sex marriages and schools brainwashing our kids that it is normal a natural choice, or you are born gay, etc. How can freedom be preserved with broken generations of people rejecting responsibility, authority and no frame of reference for right and wrong? Answer, it can’t.

III Family is the second unit for the perpetuation of the human race. Every baby is born with free will which must be protected during their entire period of childhood. Parents must train that freewill to make proper decisions. Children must learn when to say "yes" and when to say "no". Parents must instill proper norms and standards of thinking teaching them how to correctly evaluate things or situations they will face in life along with respect for authority, and self discipline. It is the parent’s responsibility to protect, provide for and train children.

Tolerance seeks to take that responsibility or freedom away. It starts in our schools with the government catering to special interests groups wanting to indoctrinate our children with their false interpretations of history, the theory of evolution, science, perverse values, and deviant social behavior, etc. For the ones who do not drop out of school they go on to our universities where they think they are there to save the world… encouraged by our absurd professors instead of learning and submitting to academic authority. As you can see the authority and responsibility of parents has been replaced by special interest groups leaving parents in many cases helpless.

IV Nationalism is God’s way of protecting the human race. The human race is divided by various races, languages, geographical locations and nations. If the entire human race was under one government then there would be tyranny with a vast majority of people deprived of there free wills. Internationalists are continually trying to crank up one world, one government in defiance of nationalism. Selling the United Nations, communism, socialism, religious domination, Islam for one. Before World War II most of Western Europe had moved toward Internationalism. Communism was making inroads in those countries. World War II woke them up for awhile, how quickly they forget. It’s on the move again and here in the United States people are still under the illusion of communism or socialism and the welfare state. The only way freedom can be preserved in our nation is through establishment principles and when we forget we will learn the hard way through national disasters and eventually national catastrophe.

In our Nation our government was designed to protect and safeguard our freedoms a government by the people for the people. Something we as a nation have forgotten. In Patrick Henry’s famous speech ending with "give me liberty or give me death". He was talking about establishment principles, I Volition, and IV Nationalism which provides protection for I Volition.

I will outline the seven principles of nationalism our forefathers intended.

I Internal protection for national entity. This is achieved through proper law enforcement and administration of the law backed by the people. There must be good systems of establishing evidence in court, strict punitive measures and immediate release of the innocent.

Tolerance has created great apathy in regards to law enforcement. Criminals go to jail for brief periods. We hear on the news how criminals are released only because of overcrowding and then most repeat their crimes. Murderers and criminals guilty of capital crimes languish in our jails on the tax payers dime instead of being executed. Where is the justice in that? The victims are forgotten. Most recently we had two Border Patrol Agents put in jail for doing their jobs on the testimony of an illegal alien who smuggles drugs across our borders.

II External protection from foreign enemies. This is the responsibility of the Military. Every soldier should know that participation in military action demands the surrender of freedom in order to gain freedom for the nation. This means when you enter into the service you give up certain rights and freedoms or as they use to say when I first entered the Army I was a G I meaning government issue or more simply put government property, meaning you submit to the discipline and authority essential in training soldiers. A well trained professional military in turn, will preserve freedom through victories on the battlefield. Soldiers should never feel guilty for killing in war, it is your job to destroy the enemy and never forget why you are doing it. You are protecting your sweethearts, wives, families, friends and your country.

"If the battle for civilization comes down to the wimps versus the barbarians, the barbarians are going to win."

~ Thomas Sowell

Tolerance has excused draft dodgers our last President was elected as a known draft dodger and the leaders of our country have excused everyone from service except volunteers to carry this burden. Society and the leadership has allowed antiwar protests and demonstrations to take place without discouraging them and speaking out against these activities especially at our schools. Our soldiers are dogged by traitorous journalists. And Marines fighting for our country are incarcerated accused of war crimes in reaction to the press and public opinion for doing their job. War is not civilized and is not suppose to be. It is all about winning.

III Government structure must have a system of laws with law enforcement methods of communication and education that emphasizes the true importance of freedom. Tolerance has prohibited this by pushing agendas of special interest groups and socialism.

IV The economics of a nation must be based on free enterprise – capitalism and businesses unhindered by government. This was the foundation for prosperity in our country. Our government was not supposed to regulate business the source of our prosperity.

Tolerance unfortunately has moved us to embrace socialism with heavy taxation and regulation on business, causing many businesses to shut down and some to move out of the country. We are no longer competitive in the international market with a huge trade deficit growing.

V There must be common law which functions under the principle of objectivity. There are two types of common law: the laws that regulate government function and the laws that regulate activities of the people in the framework of a national entity. Legislation was not designed to intrude upon freedoms, it was supposed to protect freedom as well as your life, your rights and your property.

Tolerance has turned legislation into a devise to intrude upon our personal freedoms in almost everyway. I find I am constantly miffed and offended by what is happening and find it hard to deal with if I think about all the freedom eroded and gone in my life so far and when I speak of it to younger generations they just give me a blank look, they do not understand responsibility.

VI There must be a common culture in a national entity. Our culture must reflect the spiritual values and principles this country was founded on, the morality of the people, the nobility of the people, the patriotism of the people, the language of the people. Our culture of freedom should express the greatness of our country in its literature, entertainment, drama, art and music.

Tolerance has embraced into our culture glorification of drugs, violence, alternate life styles, etc. We all know the list and now it is embracing Islam. I felt a pit in my stomach when I heard about the first Muslim US Congressman Keith Ellison swearing on the Koran, the very one Jefferson had read to understand and use to defeat our Islamic enemies. Jefferson waged the first war on terror on foreign soil against the Muslim Barbary states.

VII The administration of government must function in compliance of the foregoing six principles just mentioned.

Tolerance has allowed bureaucracy to expand and grow out of control creating a system of power and jobs in government which promotes nothing except mediocrity contributing to the loss of freedom and prosperity.

We have all experienced the creeping method of tolerance in our personal lives in many different ways, may be with a loved one or friend that has become a drug addict. Out of kindness we showed support and tried to help them or give them a second chance, cover for them, give them money, etc. but the story always ends the same way by tolerating their behavior you just prolong the inevitable and as most of us know no good deed goes unpunished we usually become a victim of their behavior and they eventually go on to hit bottom and have to decide to help themselves and take the long hard journey to recovery or waste away a drag on society. This is one example of many. But they all start and end the same way. The same is true for our nation few remember the many great things our nation has done for the world. Leaders around the world use us as a patsy and punching bag to rally support and gain power.

"Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions."

~ G.K. Chesterton quote

It is time to make a stand for what freedom we have left before all is lost. I urge you all to exercise your right to vote responsibly and say no to tolerance and the enemies of freedom and exercise your right to free speech responsibly at the appropriate times and change the momentum in the direction of freedom.


Well done, but a little short on words.   ; - )

great find, I'll be up loading to Popmodel and vodpod





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