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God help America.

I'm afraid it is going to come down to 'God helps those that help themselves'.  Something must be done, but who, when, how?  I'm willing, but there must be leaders or we end up fighting each other.


Very well could be...

Stay frosty, game of chess, never happen. False flag. The strength is in middle east, if there is a target, ISREAL. iF IT IS A GO, CHINA may have subs on west coast. EMP, buildingburg groupe to meet soon in england. nothing happen before that. Keep powder dry and alert. If a strike, look out for muslims in america, and the amanisty, could do a money change too, to leave all broke.  Lots on tabel, Be ready for anying next few months. GAME IN PROGRESS...@@

Our Leader and his backers are looking out for themselves, not America and the People.

Besides they all have underground shelters stocked for years.

Haven't we had enough Wars, wasting our servicemen's lives.

Just like Pearl Harbor, they knew it would happen due to a blockade on Japan,

I think it was for oil, etc.

Also the Japanese Military was on conquest.

The WH better listen to Russia and China, they are ready to attack.

Probably have Missile Subs off our shores this moment.

Us against the World? We ought to Mind Our Own Business, have enough  

troubles here, instead of supporting those who hate us.

what Glen says is true, the crazy is in the WH. but, he doesn't leave a third could have been USA Snipers pinning down the UN to make it "Look like" rebels......huuuuuuuuuuum. that I would believe too



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