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On October 19, 2012, I released a column laying out how Romney can destroy Obama on Foreign Policy based upon the disastrous mishandling of the Benghazi massacre. The following morning, I received a State Department document dump including more than a hundred pages of official “unclassified” cables between the Benghazi embassy and multiple Obama administration officials.

I was not the only person to receive this document dump. Our team spent the weekend fully vetting and organizing the State Department communications and preparing an Executive Summary Brief based upon those damning documents, connecting some dots to other related events unfolding during the same time frame within the Obama administration.

That brief along with the supporting evidence was delivered to the Romney campaign and posted for the general public on Sunday, as news was beginning to break regarding the State Department cables evidencing administration failures and intentional efforts to develop and promote a cover story aimed at protecting Barack Obama until after his re-election bid.

As Obama surrogates flooded the news rooms accusing Republicans of “politicizing” the massacre in Benghazi, and Obama fled to Camp David in a panic, to develop yet another cover story to escape responsibility for their Middle East meltdown, congressional investigations into damning State Department communications were ramping up.

By Sunday morning, the story was blazing across the Internet, even as all major news agencies continued to ignore the damning communications, or openly run cover for Obama by advancing the notion that Republicans were “politicizing” Benghazi.

The New York Times was given the information on the 19th and 20th, as a congressional committee just released a request for information to the Obama administration. The information sent to the New York Times, proving their previous narrative defending Obama on Benghazi to be totally false, has to-date, been totally ignored by the paper.

Democrat surrogates and TV talking heads are out in force trying to spin public sentiment on the damaging information only two weeks before a critical election, in which Barack Obama has been losing ground over the last two weeks.

But the facts don’t lie, they don’t have a side in the election, and they are very stubborn things. Voters can view 120 pages of State Department cables HERE and decide the truth for themselves.

Caught in their web of lies and deceit, the Obama administration is in total damage control mode, desperate to create a new narrative on Benghazi only hours before a Foreign Policy debate with challenger Mitt Romney tonight.

Now that none of their previous lies regarding Benghazi and an obscure YouTube video can stand any longer, with the truth out in the open, the administration plans to blame Benghazi on congressional Republicans for “denying funding” necessary for the State Department to protect foreign diplomats abroad.

This story will not hold either. The Executive Summary answers many questions and an additional Budget Report demonstrates that the State Department was operating with a record budget 400% more than when Obama took office.

Further, as the Obama administration set the Middle East on fire, without congressional advice or consent, in direct violation of the War Powers Act, they knowingly and purposefully refused to properly secure our consulates abroad, allowed known terror organizations to flood into Libya, funding and arming “insurgents” that included known leaders of Al Qaeda and other groups operating under the umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood, in the end responsible for the attacks that killed four U.S. diplomats in Benghazi.

The 2012 election should focus on every facet of the Obama administration, no facet more so than Foreign Policy and National Security.

It is absolutely “the people’s business” to know exactly how good or bad the Obama administration has performed, especially in the area of National Security and Foreign Policy during a time in history when much of the world is in economic and civil meltdown.

The Obama administration has been trying to claim that “Obama got Bin Laden” ever since SEAL Team 6 raided that compound in Pakistan. In the end, it turns out that Obama had nothing to do with that raid, not even issuing the order.

No administration in U.S. history has worked so hard to politicize every event that made them look good, or blame someone else for every event that makes them look bad.

The American voters have a right and a need to know exactly what the Obama administration has accomplished over the last four years, be it a disastrous economy and $16 trillion in debt, class warfare, race riots, or the death of foreign diplomats.

The decisions American voters make can never be any better than the information they use to make those decisions.

How dare anyone try to block the truth from public view. The list of administration people who deserve to hang for this is long and distinguished. But the buck stops with Obama!

Romney has the ammunition. We have to wait until tonight to see what he will do with it.

Regardless of the choice Romney makes tonight, The United States Patriots Union and Veteran Defenders of America will issue a call for immediate investigations and charges to hold everyone accountable who was involved in the massacre at Benghazi.

If you want people to be held accountable, join me there!




"Tolerating evil in any form at any level only brings about more evil. As a result, the true cost of tolerating the intolerable is a totally intolerable society, from which you can never draft good government." - JB

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Is there any site for discussion during tonight's debate?

we the people,who are the real government,haven,t listened to or believed any of the medias tv/radio/newspapers in a lomg long time,we have our own news media,so what the medias say or do,has never mean,t anything to we the people by me,anything they have covered up,or ignored,we the people by me have sent out emails across the world,and have uncovered everything the mediais tryed to cover or ignore,as i said we ould,nt care less what they do.we find out and expose everything the ineligible treasonous traitor and his band of communist puppets are trying to cover up,or ignore,we know every little treasonous dirty trick satan/ovomit and his lawless,useless,treasonous administration tries to hidde or cover up,we the people,have seen the devil/ovomit up close and personal,and we are not afraid of his venomous vile adminstration,god bless romney/ryan,sheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck norris,frank serpico,and all american veternas/ nation under god,you no who god is satan/ovomit,don,t you,well don,t you.yea thou i walk in the shadow of the valley of death,i will fear no evil/ovomit

This is the one question I wish Mitt would ask Obama. Why was our Ambassador in Benghazi on 9-11 with no security and WHO sent him to his slaughter? What did he know that they wanted him dead?

I was disappointed that Mitt Romney did not say something about Benghazi when Bob Scheiffer asked about it early on in the debate. I am afraid that Obama will get away with this just like he has gotten away with Fast and Furious.

I am glad that Romney pointed out twice that Obama was silent when the demonstrators protested in Iran, looking for his support. 

It would have bee good, though, if Romney pointed out that there were several requests for more security that were ignored. Also about the drone seeing the attack and no military help sent.

I think Romney let a few good chances to call Obummer out go by tonight Louise. Why I will never understand but he did miss a few chances for sure. I just hope his willingness to let them slide don't hurt his chances come November 6th. If it does we are in deep SH** for sure. WOW! Oh and I voted early here in Georgia and it was NOT for Obummer Campaigner N Chief.........

obummer wanted this to happen.

This picture should go viral every day!

obama had to destroy Romney but couldn't. Romney had to show his knowledge in foreign policy and how peace depens on a strong economy which he did. Romney won

Romney not taking the bait on Libya was perfect. Obama has 15 different stories out there none of which he can explain and none of which will go away. Romney does't have to explain anything on the Benghazi attack but Obama does and he can't.It was a masterful move. Let Obama's failures in the Middle East and Benghazi speak for themselves. New story out Obama sneaking arms to the Muslim Brotherhood. Romney doesn't have to say a word and Middle East disaster just keeps hitting Obama from every angle. Romney did his job now we must do our's, that's help Romney win Ohio. my pal suzi said," Let Obama bayonette enough of his own entrails to hang himself with." Mitt was the ultimate in cool, calm thinkinng and his facts were correct...Calmer heads prevail...Leadership...Trust...We'll all sleep better with him at the helm.

The other thing that really stood out to me,..."The Nation, ME."...Obama showed his true dictatorship self-centered intentions with those three words. People notice those things.

This is a verbatim copy of a post I read that I believe offers a logical explanation of "Benghazi"  

The reason the White House has lied about the Cause of these worldwide riots and the Benghazi Incident is because the Obama Team is implicated in the provocation of these demonstations..

Obama planned to go to the UN General Assembly's Annual Meeting in September, to introduce a new Resolution to make it a crime to criticize any religion. This campaign against "Hate Speech" effectively stifles Americans' Freedom of Speech guaranteed by the US Constitution.  Obama knows his initiative would subordinate our Constituion to the United Nations' Authority.

This would reinstate Obama's world renown, especially among the IOC.  Grander career plans, augmented by America's diminution of prestige and power, would enhance his ambitions.  If America defeated him in the coming election, new opportunities would be opened to him.

The Benghazi Massacre was not a part of the Plan.  The Muslims conspiring with the White House to provoke this international incident, did so to secure international laws to prohibit all protests about Muslim atrocities.

As a part of the bargain, it was agreed that Consulates and Embassies would not be a prohibitive lethal threat.

Muslim Terrorists, likely AlQaeda, seized this opportunity to attack, torture, rape, and murder our precious citizens.

This is known as "Unintended Consequences."

Washington DC received communications which made it immediately aware of this unplanned peril. The State Department declined to take action.

Fighter overflights might have discouraged the three hour bombardment.  More lives might have been saved.  Any number of Special Forces, including Israel's might have been called upon to rescue our besieged citizens, Parachuted Seal Teams might have been feasible. We will never know.

Washington has stymied the investigation long enough to be assured all incriminating evidence has been destroyed.

Washington's deliberate inaction?  Since it was a party to the orchestrated demonstrations stretching across the Muslim world, armed intercession to rescue our fellow citizens, might expose the original conspiracy.

In that case, the Benghazi Massacre would be traceable to the White House.  The perpetrators would be guilty of Treason, as set forth in Article III, Section 3, of the Constitution of the United States.




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