Constitutional Emergency

OBAMA'S DOMESTIC ARMY???? Video Makes A Good Case As Does Bill Whittle......Compare

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Let not our hearts be troubled.... OBAMAGHAZI's (aka>-OBAMA),, ...This 70year old Combat Veteran, is only ONE, of the MILLIONS of Patriots that will First->Contain, Restrain, and Detain, the perpetraitor and masquerading eg..."Double Dhamaal", lying, bribing, coniving, and FAUX-PAS...Alleged Leader that INCITES Our Free Nation and Threatens, "Martial Law", with a UNAUTHORIZED, Armed Force that was NOT APPROVED BY THE CONGRESS OF OUR UNITED STATES of AMERICA, to create a Second, American CIVIL WAR...PERIOD.


Thanks for posting. I continue to wake up my fellow Americans and WE will be ready

the scary part ??  the cheering audience...

Yeah! I agree.  I pray that they all are waking up or are already awake.

That is scary isn't it! Makes me SICK to see people

get that brainwashed!

I FELT THIS IN MY SOUL 5yRS. AGO!!!.     Few more things,SARA for America, and Dave Hodges (the common sense show).  Are VERY anti OAS, I blogged on both, with respect and did not cus, and thy removed my OPINIONS.

Thanks for posting this people better wake up and smell the coffee.

Trying to post this on FB and keep getting stonewalled.Damn that little zuckerberg b-tard

time after time I get nothing.NOW Y'all know why I think nothing but a firefight will get

the corrupt admins attention.Count Me in the 2nd wave.


Left click and copy URL then post !

I can not seem to share this on FB !

You have been Zuckered.

I finally got it ! 



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