OBAMA'S DOMESTIC ARMY???? Video Makes A Good Case As Does Bill Whittle......Compare

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From most Americans , for far too many years , and look where we are now ! 

And that is precisely why we are in the boat that we are in.   Too much complacency as well as self absorbancy.   Now we must pay the price.  Time to prove that we can still be Americans!

I am with you !

Joe I wish you were more optimistic also. If you leave this site we will probably forget you were ever on here for you have not added anything.  

Crashing the dollar will create the~Crisis that shouldn't go to waste~~ as Eric~ the Red~ Holder put it~~or an attack on the Grid since it's unprotected and probably made so intentionally~~another staged Sandy Hook for gun grab justification or some other false flag event~~The Live Free or Die Brigade is ready~~Our enemy within will know what Custer and his men felt like at the Battle of the Little Big Horn !!   Molon Labe !

in 1986, I began a personal campaign to understand...ive written, phoned and protested with very few agreeing

or joining , considering my findings too radical...about 1996, I became less than optimistic about our future.

in 2003, I became angry...since, appalled and disgusted with systemic corrupton / collusion / deception....

america may self destruct this year......outrageous...

Complacency is a problem to those who want others to fight for them to those who know like us spring is in 3 weeks i say that needs to be the starting date to go to DC and stop this horror.    Obama may be prepared but it is past time that we the people go.   The Ukrainians did not wait for t shirt weather nor must we the time is running out and this pres and his marxist progressive admin are in Hitler mode and we must not become slaves to this govt TIME TO ACT.  

Exactly !

Operation American Spring , May 16, 2014, DC

ROCDOG,, well stated



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