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Obama's insidious racism

Exclusive: Larry Klayman sees presidential 'hatred of Christians, Jews and whites'

Published: 18 hours ago

“I know the events of the last few days have prompted strong passions, but … I urge everyone in Ferguson, Missouri, and across the country to remember this young man through reflection and understanding.”

– President Barack Hussein Obama

When was the last time We the American People heard President Barack Hussein Obama comment on the death of a white man at the hands of a black man? Indeed, in my native city of Philadelphia, alone, at least six white police officers have been slain by black men over the last few years. Not a peep from our Racist in Chief or his equally bigoted attorney general, Eric Holder, both of whom are not coincidentally black.

Earlier during his administration, Obama sided with a black professor in Massachusetts, Henry Louis Gates, and the family of Trayvon Martin during earlier racially charged incidents (stating that Trayvon could have been his son and that the president could have been Trayvon 35 years ago). In the latest incident, a Saint Louis County police officer identified as Darren Wilson allegedly shot an 18-year-old black man, Michael Brown, touching off rioting and violence the Washington Post and other media have observed looked more like the streets of Gaza than a “civilized” American city.

The reality is that we do not presently know who if anyone was at fault in provoking or causing the death of Michael Brown, who last Saturday was accused by the local police of having engaged in a convenience store robbery, just before his fatal shooting. But what makes my blood boil is that our so-called president and his attorney general jump to judgment, on a consistent and regular basis, against “whitey” and in favor of their black brothers.

A president and his attorney general were elected and appointed and confirmed to represent all of the American people, not just their people. But the opposite has been true in this administration and whites have been afraid to speak out because of fear of being branded racists, or having black vigilantes attack them verbally or physically. The racist Obama and his henchmen like Eric Holder have succeeded in creating what in effect is a huge racial divide and race war in the nation, pitting black against white and vice versa. This race war has manifested itself not just through gratuitous comments that favor blacks over whites, but in his deeds. Here are just a few examples:

First, it has become clear that Obama’s economic policies and eventual legislation, such as the disastrous Obamacare, have been designed to favor blacks over whites, and to in effect have whitey pay reparations to blacks for the insidious years of racial discrimination. Obama’s intention is to melt down the gold in America and redistribute it to his people.

Second, Obama ignores racially motivated crimes against whites, some of which is manifest in the rising anti-Semitism and anti-Christian bigotry here and worldwide. It is an undisputed fact that hate crimes against Jews far exceed those against blacks. But Obama couldn’t care less, particularly since his Muslim roots and sympathies skew his objectivity and interest in doing anything for either Jews or Christians. This also explains why Obama has not spoken out about the persecution of Christians in the Muslim world with any force. He is a Muslim through and through in the mold of his Chicago friend Rev. Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam. Ironically, Obama is less honest than Farrakhan, who says it as he feels it. Obama’s hatred of Christians, Jews and whites in general is more nuanced and subtle, but it has become obvious that in his heart the feelings are not dissimilar from those of Farrakhan and his ilk, like Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Rev. Al Sharpton, to name just a few other black anti-white bigots. At this rate, it is remarkable that Obama has not renamed the White House “the Black House.” Clearly, in his way of thinking, the Founding Fathers must have had conspiratorial racist motives in naming the people’s house accordingly.

I am not a racist and neither is the majority of Americans. But Obama’s actions are creating a huge unjustified backlash against blacks in general; this is tragic and regrettable. The nation owes much to our black brothers who have enriched our society and fought side by side with whites and others in the name of freedom. But the nation owes nothing to the likes of Obama and Holder, who are low-class, racist hacks who should be removed from office and banished to hell by whatever legal means are appropriate.

The bottom line is this: It is time to speak up and act. Racism is indefensible, whether whites or blacks perpetrate it. But we are a nation of laws, and – as enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and other sacred writings and documents that gave birth to a new nation – all men are created equal.

Yes, Mr. President and Mr. Attorney General, whites, Christians and Jews have rights, too, and you either must treat them as equal to blacks or pay the legal price.

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Larry, you made one mistake in your issue. You referred to Barack Hussein Obama as President. President of what? Certainly not president of the United States of America. Is the Kenyan National Assembly wrong in identifying him as born in  Kenya?

google Kenyan National Assembly Official record (Hansard) 5 Nov 2008

Our worst part is we have a congress that aided and abetted him in usurping that office and an inferior Supreme Court that refused to hear any arguments on the issue.

Good word~ Well said. Thank you.

I whole heartily agree with Col. West. I salute you Sir. Now there's a man who's not afraid to call a spade a spade. Judge a person not by what he says, but by what he does, for actions always speak louder than words. For ANYONE to agree or support Obama and his administration shows just how ignorant and utterly foolish some people are. I never ceases to amaze me the level of ignorance there is in a lot of the American people. With what are leaders are doing in destroying our nation and Obamas approval rating is still in the fourty percentile proves my point. WHATS WRONG WITH YOU AMERICA!! Put the beer can and your hand held devices down and take a look around you and ask yourself. "Is your current state of affairs what you were promised by those who said vote for me"? "Is this the teansperancy you were promised?" "Is this the return to the constitution you were promised if you voted for Obama?". I guess it's gonna take you being put in a FEMA camp for you own safety and you guns taken away for national security concerns before you wake up. Guess what? Some of you won't even wake up then. AMAZING!!

Ditto, Michael!

Letter from Hal Lindsey, received late yesterday~
Evil has a new face in our world.

It's the same old father of evil -- Satan -- working through the same old instrument of evil -- Islam -- but now it has a new manifestation: ISIS.

ISIS is the radically hardline Islamist terrorist army that is sweeping across parts of Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq, devouring or destroying everything in its path.

Known by various names, but most recently as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), it is now calling itself simply "The Islamic State." Its deranged but charismatic leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (his nom de guerre
), has declared the territory ISIS has captured to be the beginning of a new worldwide caliphate.

Of course, al-Baghdadi (whom TIME magazine calls "the world's most dangerous man") will be the new Caliph or leader of the world's Muslims. How convenient that he has discovered that he is descended from Mohammed.

From its beginning as part of the U.S. and E.U.-financed opposition to Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad, ISIS has grown into an army of more than 10,000. Some analysts estimate as many as 20,000 have joined its ranks and more are enlisting every day. Among them, at least 100 Americans and more than 1,000 Europeans.

The ISIS terrorists are brutal beyond belief. So barbaric, in fact, that even al-Qaeda has publicly disowned them. They suppress, pillage, rape, destroy, and kill for the fun of it. It's reported that on a single day in late July, the ISIS barbarians brutally executed more than 1,500 captured Iraqi soldiers.

One thing that makes ISIS so dangerous -- and so frightening to those who oppose it -- is that its members do not fear death. They welcome it. That's because they are so deluded that they believe that "achieving" death while murdering the infidel and apostate will gain them entry into a paradise with limitless sexual pleasure.

Another of Satan's masterpieces of deception.

Not only do they subjugate, persecute, and murder Christians and other religious minorities by crucifixion and beheading wherever they find them (including women and children), they do the same to other Muslims who do not live as they believe or convert to their way of life. In areas they control, women are commandeered as sex slaves to service the ISIS fighters.

ISIS is nothing short of a plague. And like a plague, left unchecked it may rapidly grow to consume everything around it -- and everyone.

The situation has become so alarming, especially as it threatens Christians in the Middle East and all other religious minorities, that even Pope Francis has called on the United Nations and the West to quickly employ whatever military force is needed to defeat ISIS. That alone speaks volumes.

Folks, even those of us who have studied this region and these players for decades and who view these events with clear eyes and a sense of reality are stunned by the insidious complexity of everything that's happening there now. Our community-organizer-and-fundraiser-in-chief doesn't seem to have a clue. He and John Kerry still think ISIS can be placated by the installation of a new, "more inclusive" government in Baghdad.

I've got news for Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry, "inclusiveness" doesn't matter to ISIS and al-Baghdadi. They don't want a place at the table in Iraq's government. They're intent on building a caliphate of which Iraq will be merely a subject.

And even though the administration may argue that a new, more inclusive and unified government in Baghdad will somehow find its lost courage and unite to defeat ISIS, that's whistling past the graveyard. To the West, this is not a holy war. It's all about politics and appeasement. But to ISIS and the Sunni jihadis who are flocking to join, holy war is exactly what it is.

Frankly, though, it's just this kind of unfathomable naivete (or delusion) that will make possible the catastrophic events of the last days prophetic scenario.

But what makes this so much more dangerous -- or pesky if you happen to be on vacation this week -- is that ISIS now controls Iraq's main oil refinery and seeks to gain control of all of Iraq's oil production and delivery capabilities. If that happens, the world will transform in a day. You see, ISIS intends to use Iraq's and the Middle East's oil supplies to cripple America and the West.

But this isn't even the worst part. If Iraq falls, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are next door. If Hezbollah has to leave Syria, where it is guaranteeing Assad's survival, to shore up its home front in Lebanon, then Syria may go quickly. If Syria falls, Jordan will be easy pickings. And that puts ISIS and all the wealth, war materiel, and weapons it has captured at Israel's doorstep.

Now, I'm not saying that will definitely happen. And I'm hoping that the West's leaders will wise up and make a stand, but every day that passes guarantees that it will be that much harder to defeat this Satanic force. It's like a West Texas tornado, the more it sucks up into its vortex, the more ferocious and lethal it becomes.

These dramatic events make obvious three things that we who believe and follow Christ need to do. First, pray desperately for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are facing Satan's full force in those parts of the world where Islam oppresses and darkness reigns.

Second, realize that these painful and frightening developments are part of the turmoil that Jesus warned would occur at the end of this Age of Grace. Make sure you, your family, and your friends, neighbors, and co-workers are ready to stand in these troublesome days and leave when Jesus calls us to heaven.

Finally, don't give in to despair. Remember what Jesus said, "Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me." (John 14:1). Then, "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." (John 16:33) Even in these troubled times, you can know the inexplicable and indispensable peace that only true faith in God and His promises can provide.  

Penny...What if...What if our community organizer, our fund-raiser-in-chief does have a clue?..What happens if he knows exactly what's going on? What if he's using politics and appeasement as a front to mask his true agenda? And could that agenda be the aiding of the destruction of Isreal ? Obama is anything but stupid. He has a plan, he has an agenda and he has a pen! I fear the ultimate goal is more diabolical than most people can even fathom.If you believe that we are truly in the last days, ask yourself, "Where does the Antichrist establish his throne and command the world to worship him as the one true God?". Obama is not a Christian. His history and background have proved that. If he is not for Christ he can only be for the Antichrist. Obama knows EXACTLY what he's doing.

Salli Castillo. Being from a long line of police officers I find your picture offensive. Wondering what that has to do about restoring our nation to the constitution? Are you saying the police are the problem? I get it **** the cops. Next time you have an emergency or your life us threatened I suggest you call a horse. You sound like someone who would throw the baby out with the bath water . There are far more honorable good cops than bad ones. Police officers go out everyday to protect ungreatful assholes like you for an average salary, putting their lives on the line. Remember that you idiot the next time you have to dial 911. SEMPER FI.

I'd like to know if Sally's picture and comments are represenative of the feelings and sentaments of Patriots for America. Because if it is there are other places and groups I can work with to restore our nation. SEMPER FI.

Michael, no, no, no.......don't go.....I've had "one too many guys" leave me now.  I'd be lost without you!!!!!  

And, we'd be lost!!!  :)

XCan you imagine being a police officer and wanting to join a group like Patriots for America and seeing that picture and comments. We need every law enforcment official to join us. We swore an oath to defend the constitution and serve and protect those who cannot protect themselves. Let's get one thing straight, I'm pro military and pro law enforcement. Can you imagine the state of the world without them. It would be literally hell on earth. So if there are people here who are against these groups that's fine, I'll continue my patriotism somewhere else. "Two men can't walk together lest they agree". SEMPER FI

Whoooo is Salli Castillo???  If she degrades out LEOs and military, it is SHE who needs to take a hike!!!!!!!  NOT YOU, Michael!!!



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