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Obama's race war has real consequences

Exclusive: Larry Klayman sees S.C. murders as fallout from prez's 'stirring up of hatred'

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TECHNIDIGM  "On-the-Level: Common Sense, Technically Speaking"

OK. So now what? These attacks on Obama and others who are trying to divide the country can hardly be countered effectively simply by pointing out these types of divisive actions or motives.  Two negatives do not create a positive, so you are part of problem and not the solution.

What are the POSITIVE recommendations?  For example (a straw man), how about starting a program where white police officers are accompanied by (volunteer) black citizens while "on patrol", either in the squad cars or afoot?  The same in reverse for black officers and white citizens.  To incentivize the officers, perhaps the citizen gets to buy lunch for both of them.  The citizens can be changed daily or just go along for as long as they are willing to buy breakfast/lunch/dinner, etc. You may have many objections (it is a straw man), to such an approach, but that means you get to come up with a better idea!  My only point is that articles/rants such as this are not adequate responses, even if well edited.

The problem is really a natural "fear" or "misunderstanding" of people of different backgrounds.  We would not shoot our brother or sister, even if provoked, but we might shoot anyone else if trained as a police officer to shoot anyone who is a threat and within 20 feet, or whatever the distance is.  Simply being around someone of another race in a friendly interaction is likely to tone down excessive force events by 50%.

It happens that being a very senior nuclear engineering and nuclear management consultant (48 years in the business), my favorite way of dealing with "anti-nukes" and even "pro-nukes" is to engage them directly in the process.  Any wind in their sails dies off quickly when they are directly involved in the processes, such as conducting intensive safety studies at nuclear facilities. The armchair critics burn out in about 3 days of actually "being on the inside", and then they go home wiser than when they joined the team.  

Thus, I doubt any citizen would want to be engaged with accompanying a police officer for more than about 3 days before realizing it is a waste of time and that their criticism of these professionals is not warranted.  However, if they did find something to be objectionable, then they are free to raise the issue with the officer or his management.

TECHNIDIGM  "On-the-Level: Common Sense, Technically Speaking"

Citizens riding with cops are an accident waiting to happen.

Met with large groups of police chiefs and the idea of putting untrained personnel in a patrol car gives them cold sweats.

Not nearly the same thing as dealing with nuclear facilities.

For everyone's benefit I will get my chief friends to offer a viable solution and come back and post it.

Would not be surprised if they say not enough citizens take their 2ND rights seriously and need to get up to speed.

Just acquired a significant asset and my chief friends pummel me with places to get support gear.

Really, cities where the citizens are well armed have near zero crime. An undeniable truth.

Did you ever go to the range with police to practice? Try it. Everyone likes it.


Thanks for the insights.  My dad was a police officer for 20 years, so I got to the firing range with him, and I fired expert with a 45 and M-1 when I was a plebe at the Naval Academy.  Also fired Terrier missiles from a nuclear powered ship, with "untrained" Naval Academy midshipmen standing next to me (to get trained).  To the extent that civilians are not trained and people are nervous about that, it would be worth it to train them as needed.  I predict that some would find that too hard, even if innocent people continue to get killed.  Hard issues require hard solutions, but few are willing to do hard things beyond finding the remote control for the TV.

Having "untrained" civilians accompanying an officer is less of an accident waiting to happen as the apparent probability of having something bad happen, anyway.  The goal is to reduce even that probability.  I find that bold solutions scare managers as that tends to insert more career risk among those who are not competent.  If a civilian gets hurt simply accompanying an officer to deal with the public good guys and bad guys, does it not serve to make the point that the job is hard and should be left to the professionals?  

Again, I predict most activist civilians would burn out quickly --  in a few days.  There just are not that many activists out there who would be motivated enough to ride with an officer, especially if they had to buy lunch. Complainers would find it hard to complain later if they refused to participate. Anyone who did participate, however, might be inclined to change their attitude and become advocates, or at least stop carping.   Indeed, perhaps the officers could learn as well.  From the opposite perspective, some officers are not trained adequately to deal with citizens, so being exposed to citizens of a different background and world view would be beneficial.

Again, anything positive is welcome, even a "pilot program" (a normal starting point for all difficult tasks).  It will be interesting to see if anyone can come up with something wherein it is not dismissed as "an accident waiting to happen" don't you think?  

TECHNIDIGM  "On-the-Level: Common Sense, Technically Speaking"

T Thompson. Good cops don't cover for bad cops, period. When you make statements like that your going to have to prove it with facts for anyone to believe you. My whole family are retired cops, my dad was a Chief of Police, my brother was a captain in the Oakland, Ca. P.D., my brother-in-law was a Sargent with the LAPD, have a brother who is a prison guard. Personally I take offense at people who say there is wide spread corruption in law enforsement, you sound just like the racist left who vilifies the police when most of these accusations are unfounded. Human beings are sinful and law enforsement is no differant but if there is corruption it is far and few between. So before you paint corruption within law enforsement as widespread bring your facts to the table, or at least say that it's your "opinion".
You have your opinion, I have mine. For every bad example you can show I can show hundreds of good examples of policing where those who swore to serve and protect put their lives on the line every day to make sure your safe. It's people like you who would throw the baby out with the bath water, people who think if all guns were confiscated violence would cease. Go join with Sharpton and advocate for a national police force, better yet how about getting rid all of law enforsement. I'm going to tell you this one more time so that it might sink into your thick skull, "Good cops don't cover for bad cops" this I know from experience. And I don't believe as you do that its a major problem. It pisses me off how people like you who have never worn the badge or done the job can sit in the judgement seat over all law enforsement and I am awake, it's you who need to pull your head out of your ass. Obama, Holder and Sharpton would shake your hand and pat you on the back your singing the same tune.

Klayman's article is right, dead-on. All this racial tension is the deliberate creation of the left-wing Communist/Marxist progressives trying to break the country apart. It IS line-by-line, page-by-page, right out of the Saul Alinsky and Communists manifesto. The longer this is allowed to continue, the further it is allowed to progress, the worse it will become. We have not seen the end of any of this, not by a long shot.

Sickening,,, just plain sickening.

ok so ALL of you; great comments and the problems we all know what they are 




I would suggest that we realize that we need to get down to basics.  For me, that would start with our understanding that:

Either there is a God or there is not.  If there is not, then nothing really matters anyway, and one might as well live exclusively for oneself - do whatever one wants to do, as not; for then it's each person for him- or herself and look out: 'nothing matters but me,' since the end of the closed system of life can as easily be seen as that as anything else, a presumed evolutionary advantage to some degree of cooperation, or whatever.  If there is, however, then certain things follow.  It follows, for one thing, that there is Plan in and Purpose to life; that we are here for educational purposes.  And, since there is a Creator, we are all part of the same Creation - 'a piece of the continent, a part of the main,' as the poet has put it.  And thus, underneath our different races and religions and nationalities and political belief systems, we are all the same.  Are All One.  Facets, fractals, aspects, points of view of the One holy Being.  And thus, As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself - literally.  For - as I indicated, in logical follow-through from the given premise - We Are All (fundamentally) One.  And All IS One.

I suggest that we start acting like it.  Acting, as if it were true.  And not as if it were not; as we are doing, largely, at present.

Those churchgoers are certainly giving us a good hint as to the intelligent way for us to go from here. 

It seems many in Charleston know the Word, and are comforted by it's presence.     Your description of a "Godless World" is very good, and sadly, it seems many today, are involved in the hedonestic practice of instant gratification.  However, all of this Cultral Filth is bringing out the Faithful, and many are becoming more and more enlightened, as it seems our Country may have hit it's "Low".   If you are a Christian, pray, and pray hard.

TECHNIDIGM  "On-the-Level: Common Sense, Technically Speaking"

Good thoughts from many people.  

We can now "prove" that we are all under the same holy paradigm.  The proof joins our notion of creation with our notion of evolution "mathematically" but mostly for those who are well educated, a surprise as some well educated people have concluded evolution replaces any hope of a heavenly destination for mankind.

For those able to persevere in understanding the following "detailed explanation" or "proof" to the end, I offer these "mathematical" insights, simplified for those who are poorly educated or math challenged: 

Toward a Civilized Paradigm



Imagining the Unimaginable


Mathematics, especially the kind applied by degreed engineers, is used to characterize, model, and explain almost everything.  Indeed, even evolution’s construct is readily created with the mathematics of the “power of two”.  Most living things can and do actually reproduce at a higher base power, despite possibly huge attrition rates in each generation.  Due to random attrition (failure to reproduce at all) successful reproduction of a species over hundreds and even millions of years requires at least generational doubling to make any sense at all and allow for survival fluctuations. 


So we can conservatively rely on the power of two to discuss evolutionary effects, at least to the extent of understanding growing numbers of a species.  As you will see in the discussion below, even this simplest of exponential or power functions easily exceeds our ability to comprehend evolution’s processes, mathematically or not. 


The Power of Two

Focusing on the relatively meager power of two, organisms that can reproduce their species at this simple doubling rate (or at a higher rate) are all around us.  Evolution means that the organisms also can gradually change into different organisms with each genetic accident, with new organisms potentially meeting survival obstacles more effectively.  The effectiveness of evolution is evident all around us, with millions of species populating Earth’s spectrum of life. 

There are some people who believe that this spectrum of life and our human existence can only be explained by the actions of a divine creator.  Also, some very educated people have actually “proved” that evolution can not possibly explain the grand genetic steps evident in genetics, so there must be an Intelligent Creator doing that work.  However, I believe it can be made clear that grand genetic steps are easily accomplished with the power of two, the least powerful engine of evolution. 


The first step is to understand the power of the power of two, which is the least power driving evolutionary processes.  The numbers are not only overwhelmingly powerful, they are quite incomprehensible to the human mind, everything considered.


What is the power of two?  A dramatic example is in order!

Doubling numbers with each generation, starting with very simple organisms and even random molecules that may accidentally create a simple organism, creates a mathematical effect that very few engineers (much less non-engineers) have come to appreciate.  In particular, as an exercise an engineer (or a mathematician, if you like) could undertake to calculate how many bacteria would exist if the first bacterium (or the first of a species) were to split into the next generation in only 20 minutes, and subsequent generations double in numbers every subsequent 20 minutes for one week. 


Most engineers and all mathematicians would immediately calculate 2 to the 505th power, using logarithms to convert from base 2 to base 10, which is much more familiar.  While that is the “best” approach mathematically, I have found over the past 30 years in which I have posed this question that the full impact is seldom achieved or appreciated by simply using the shorthand of logarithms.  Thus, here I will attempt to explain all this in “big” numbers that will have the engineers and mathematicians rolling their eyes if not giggling. 


How many bacteria would we have?  How big a pile would it make?

If you use a computerized spreadsheet, assuming lots of nourishment and 100% survival, that one week of 20 minute bacterial generations would result in the collection of: 52,374,249,726,338,300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bacteria.


If you conservatively assume that only one in a million survives at the end of the week, that would still be: 52,374,249,726,338,300,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,
000 bacteria.


Each of these many bacteria no doubt weighs much more than a carbon-12 atom, but let us assume that each of the bacteria is exactly the weight of one carbon-12 atom, a very conservative assumption, obviously.  A “mole” is a unit of measurement used in chemistry to express amounts of a chemical substance, defined as the amount of any substance that contains as many elementary entities (e.g., atoms, molecules, ions, electrons) as there are atoms in 12 grams of pure carbon-12, the isotope of carbon with relative atomic mass of exactly 12 by definition. This number of carbon-12 atoms corresponds to the Avogadro constant, which has a value of 6.02214129(27)×1023 elementary entities of the substance, which in our case compose a pile of 12 grams of carbon-12 atoms.


Since these 12 grams (about the weight of one paperclip) of carbon have about 60,221,412,900,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 carbon atoms, and since there are 0.00045359237 pounds per gram, that would be 0.005443108 pounds.  Divide that last number into 1.0 and you get 183.7185667, which represents how many of these 12 gram sets would be needed to get one pound.


So, one pound of carbon is 183.7185667 times 60,221,412,900,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000, or 1,106,380,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 carbon-12 atoms.  Since we know this much, we can now determine how many pounds of carbon we have in our bacterial result (where only one in a million survived in the first place) where we assumed each bacterium consisted of only one carbon atom.  Dividing our one pound of carbon atoms into that gives us 4.52E+114 pounds or, if you like: 4,519,246,342,690,840,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,
000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 pounds.


Since the planet Earth only weighs 13,170,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 pounds, that would be 343,147,026,779,866,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Earths.  We could guess at what the Solar System weighs and keep going to include a few million galaxies, which leads me to say that we are talking about a pile of carbon-12 atoms that might even be the size of the “known universe”.


Are you getting the idea yet?  Can the “mind of man” even come close to comprehending the result of our meager example of bacteria reproducing by a factor of two every 20 minutes for one week?  Obviously, only a tiny fraction of our humble bacteria would actually survive simply due to lack of food, but it would not be for lack of trying.


Thus, I maintain that, while evolution has a lot of science and many examples (millions) behind it, there remains the need to explain and appreciate its power, a power that very easily exceeds mankind’s comprehension.  It is one of those “unknowns” out there which can not ever be known by the mind of man, even if this simple example points our imaginations in that direction.  Extend our example beyond one week to a year or to a million years, and the point is only reinforced at an even higher level that also challenges our imaginations without the need to do any additional mathematics.


Is Evolution Linked to Creation?

What does all this incomprehensible evolution math have to do with creation?  Well, one very popular definition of God is that God is really the sum of all things that mankind does not know or understand, from creation of the universe to creation of living things, to observable and unobservable dimension, whatever we do not grasp and whatever we can not explain.  Some even say that the more we know about the “known” universe and related matters, the more questions we have about it all, so God might actually be becoming more difficult to define rather than less.


I maintain that evolution and creation (at least as regards living organisms) are one and the same and very understandable in the light of the power of two that has been simplified as much as is possible in the preceding discussion.  Indeed, the “miracle” of self-awareness that makes us yearn for a “life beyond the grave” is likely an evolutionary result connecting our very complex brains and nervous systems to another dimension, a dimension represented at least by the token notion of the phenomenon that we call time. 


Moreover, we do not understand what we mean by Heaven, although we think that we want it and at least hope for it, assuming that it is a friendly and enjoyable place to exist after death.  To that end, we create religious frameworks and social environments that seek to understand and manage how to get to Heaven, mostly through being “good” followers of God here “on Earth”. 


Yet, given this evolution-creation process that is largely incomprehensible, it is quite likely, if also uncertain, that Heaven simply exists in our collective brains and thus our collective memories, memories that might also be said to include an allowance for being in Hell.  We remember good people favorably and even “pray” for and to them as they reside in our mental Heaven, and we concurrently condemn the bad people as being “in Hell” as far as we are concerned.  Wow. 


Technology’s Challenge: Create Artificial Intelligence that is Self Aware

Now that we are “on a roll”, let us ponder even more radical thoughts. Man has in the past few decades create highly advanced information technologies that exceed the power of the human brain in some ways.  Perhaps we will be able in the next few decades to touch on whatever it is in evolution-creation that makes a connection with time or other mysterious dimensions that may or may not exist.  It is an unknown cellular structure or combination of structures that must exist in all of our brains, as well as in the brains of all living creatures that seem to be self aware. 


This unknown assembly of atoms and molecules that make us self aware and yearn for Heaven may well evade detection for another thousand years, or we may figure it out much sooner.  The forces of evolution-creation are very powerful and easily able to achieve not only results well beyond our understanding but, also, well beyond our ability to comprehend.  We now know at least that much about the universe around us. 


While we yearn for heavenly things, they can exist only within the framework of our own brains as memories and dreams. I think we have to include the brains of our favorite animals, or at least our memories of them.  Perhaps someday we will have computers intelligent enough to be self aware and, also, “remember” each of us whether we are destined for Heaven or Hell.  Perhaps computers will even be able to contain all our memories and thoughts as well as interact in a way that preserves the essence of our souls.  Another wow.


What is Next?

None of that is of much use right now of course, and may proved to be pretty shallow and wrong.  Nevertheless, assuming self aware computers may or may not exist in the distant future, what is it we need to work on in the near future of mankind’s current existence?  What is next? 


Well, being at the “cutting edge” of evolution and, thus, on this modern side of creation, what is going on currently in terms of these processes?  Assuming mankind is at the evolutionary “cutting edge” and seeking to become evolved to something better, either physically or mentally, we can point to civilization and its processes that relate to “survival of the fittest” to try to understand ourselves and our evolutionary progress better than has ever been done before.


Men and women join together in communities to survive in a relatively hostile world, a world full of other species willing to kill and eat people.  Unfortunately, those other species include other members of the human species as well as what we usually call wild animals.  Not all human beings are evolved socially in the same way, and wars among human beings are frequent and as violent as can be accomplished within the bounds of survival and extinction, and extinction appears to dominate much of humanity’s efforts at civilized existence. 


One might contemplate what our evolution-creation processes are doing right now.  Our civilized processes are intended to guide us to “elect” the fittest humans to take control of human culture and destiny.  Clearly, civilized processes are subject to subversion and corruption.  We codify our good intentions in holy books and, also, in documents intended to describe our societal constitutions.


Even without subversion and corruption, human society now includes a variety of holy books (religions) and constitutions (forms of government).  Different religions and different governments lead to conflicts, including warfare at a global level. A key element seems to be religions as religious differences cause warfare simply because each religion needs to claim uniqueness and superiority and then fight for survival, peacefully or not. 


Another conflict-creating issue is the limited resources available in our environment, including land, water, oil, and even favorable locations.  We fight over them.  We even have had examples of possibly deranged dictators trying to take over the world by force simply to be the “superior” evolved human subspecies, deserving priority access to all such resources.


Most people simply do not worry much about warfare until they are personally involved.  However, with some religions and governments advocating and supporting global terrorism, more and more people are starting to worry.  We realize that conflicts are mostly created and pursued by fringe elements seeking to impose their views on others, but we do not know how to react in an effective manner. 


The fringe elements usually include a very small percentage of a population, a small percentage that is very vocal, demanding, and even provocative in pursuit of their goals.  They are polarized groups that seek to change society with their passion more than with their logic.  The evidence of that emerges as we define new ways to be “politically correct” while we concurrently roll our eyes at some PC notions that are forced upon us by well meaning but incompetent or one-dimensional people.


What About the Rest of Us?

It is increasingly obvious that warfare and other extreme activities that violate “human nature” or hopes for most of us spring from fringe elements within the human community.  We find that the passions of a few can drive the actions (or inactions) of the many.  Otherwise peaceful communities and nations are often forced to take up arms to react to and (hopefully) defeat aggressors, which today includes terrorist groups wielding unlimited forms of violence against anyone who is different from them.  


Terrorist group followers are likely sucked into something they did not really expect or anticipate, even in the name of a religion, yet they might be reluctant to stop following since that could lead to their death by the other terrorists, terrorists seeking to follow the self-serving tenets and “laws” of their religion.  Indeed, some religious beliefs encourage terrorism and include advocacy of violence toward all other religions and anyone not following their very specific and preferred religion.  While it is a current problem, we recall that it is also a historic problem involving different religions at different stages of their development or refinement over the past several millennia.


Yet all forms of religion, as currently understood, actually only exist in the minds of man, a fact forced upon us by evolution-creation processes.  Religions can be positive or negative influences, but they can only exist in any logical framework within in the human mind.  The primary originators of religious guidance also exist only in the Heaven that we create in our collective minds, memories passed on from generation to generation with the help of detailed writings of the originators, who also enjoy and exist only in the Heaven(s) created by our memories.


So the final question is what is most likely to happen over the next few, few hundred or few thousand years to human species.  In terms of survival of the fittest, we need to analyze what that might mean.  Will the more peaceful humans survive the challenge of violent extremists? 


This is a match or confrontation between groups and nations where each accuses the others of being the violent factions, assuming that they themselves have only peaceful intentions that are good for all mankind.  We are constantly focusing on the actions and demands of the fringe radicals and not on the opinions or preferences of the vast majority of people. 


The majority of people are simply trying to survive with or without the violence forced upon them, well able to look after and provide for themselves, if simply left alone.  They are faced with a modern technological existence wherein they must spend much of their young lives being educated.  If they fail to become adequately educated, they are handicapped for their entire lives and may have to seek other ways to survive, including becoming radicals or terrorists who require no education at all.


So What Is the Answer?

The answer is to take the power away from those fringe groups and any other radical or polarized people and organizations.  Many if not all countries and societies are dependent on the mood of the majority, despite the passions of the fringe elements.  The majority of people simply need to know how to reserve power for legitimate leaders and legitimate advocates that represent and support the true interests of humanity and its more deserving civilized processes.  Yes, that is the rub and something not easily addressed.


Each of us, whether a member of the majority or a member of a fringe organization or special interest group, needs to understand how to “get it right” in our highly technologically advanced society, where no one can know everything.  Thus, it is not possible to vote for politicians that have the answers to everything.  Every politician can be discredited and dismissed by those opponents who attack their human failings and lack of comprehensive knowledge.


I believe that most people now perceive the failings of the current political paradigms, evidenced in the failings of elected officials to make logical progress and failings to act with the common sense enjoyed by most people who have to struggle day-to-day to get by.  Who are these politicians and government officials, and how did they get to be in charge of everyone’s lives?

The credibility of many political leaders, if not all, is low enough to arouse the passions of increasing numbers of people who are not among the fringe elements and are, indeed, somewhere in the middle, a middle driven more by common sense and practicality than by passion.  While the middle represents the majority of people, they have no systematic framework or paradigm within which to exercise and enforce their common sense in the face of fringe interests and radical views.


That is why I created the 12 elements of Technidigm, a newly coined word that refers to a “technical paradigm”.  Technidigm is at least one approach to gathering the middle population under a logical paradigm that is simple to understand and apply, yet a huge challenge for the fringe groups, for those in the news media with shallow yet passionate views, and for politicians seeking to garner votes by trying to appear friendly to all the passions of the fringe elements. 


I wrote a book 20 years ago that explains the 12 elements, then I put it on the shelf, waiting for a time when the passions of the middle, non-fringe elements would rise to the occasion, assuming things would continue to get worse.  I think we are about to the point where the majority of people would appreciate and apply the 12 elements of Technidigm, even if they did not quite understand the details.


Anyone who knows about the 12 elements will always have 12 questions to ask in any debate or any evaluation of a political candidate’s ideas.  This knowledgeable person will also be able to better assess the validity of the opinions expressed by the news media or any special interest group.  If the 12 elements are not all understood and addressed, we are not going to reach our objectives.


So, the more you know about those 12 elements and the more you expect others to know them and apply them in all situations, the more likely we will be able to elect truly qualified political leaders in all nations.  We will also better understand the weakness of arguments made by people who are not “on-the-level” or not qualified to reliably provide leadership to our advanced technological society.


Finally, it is not enough to be on the pedestal as a “religious leader” since they too are not “on-the-level” and are not inherently qualified to decide the destiny of mankind, especially in our modern technological era where we are now able to define the key parts of human creation in terms of evolution.  We find comfort and solace in many religious practices espoused by religious leaders, but we also find comfort and solace without them. 


To the extent that any organized group provides relief to those in need or distress, good for them.  It happens that organized religious groups can provide help better than unorganized non-religious people since non-religious people are often not organized and have no ability or resources required to provide relief to needy persons except through governmental agencies that are financed by everyone.  This simply means that religious organizations do have a legitimate role to play in society, as they can be a positive influence regardless of the validity of each and every religious precept or concept advocated.


So, to the extent that it can help, I propose that everyone should learn about and apply the 12 elements of Technidigm as a simplified but systematic approach to all issues, whether technical, religious, or political, since it is easy to understand the 12 elements (the role of the average citizen) but difficult to apply them (the role of the various politicians as well as those in the news media). 


This means that everyone can now tell whether someone is “on-the-level” and whether a proposed solution to a problem is likely to be valid, at least relative to other solutions that might be proposed.  It also means that everyone who seeks to lead the people must have much more than passion driving and guiding them.





“On-the-Level: Common Sense, Technically Speaking”




Learn.   Pray.  +++

The NWO/Corporates are trying to polarize every race, nationality, and political group so they wont join to together on the issues they agree with like TPP, NSA and spying, militarized police, etc. Most of the hate comments are made by paid shills and every site both left and right has at least one writer who should be banned.



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