Constitutional Emergency


Obama's race war has real consequences

Exclusive: Larry Klayman sees S.C. murders as fallout from prez's 'stirring up of hatred'

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A lot has been said for praying, best if it's done before and after a solution you've created. God hears and smiles at giving us his abilities. Out-create Obama's evil and God will fill our spirit with laughter. IMHO...Semper Fi Nam 66-67

Muslims and Communists have no use for Human Life.    They have no conscience, and people are simply tools and pawns, to reach their end.     If some are slaughtered ,it is of little consequence.      With these doctrines, there is one constant, enormous loss of human life, and suffering.       Slavery is back, and it seems human sacrifices have become the Norm.      May God protect all Christians from these barbarous savages.


WOW, I need to read more of this guys stuff!!!

Did anyone ever notice that the actual outcome of every liberal policy, every one, is the exact opposite of the stated intent???

Then, to top that off, the ones hurt the worst are always the ones who are supposed to be the beneficiaries?



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