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Obama: Soldiers in Afghanistan Must Be Fired Upon to Receive Combat Pay


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John Bernard, 1st Sgt. USMC (ret.),

Obama: Soldiers in Afghanistan Must Be Fired Upon to Receive Combat Pay


While I understand that only a fraction of the population of this nation is directly affected by what you are about to read, I would never-the-less like to remind you that the remainder of the population is affected coincidentally. While the majority of the American population probably never even considered the Armed Forces as a possible career objective, there are those who never considered life without serving their country, in uniform, on a field of combat. Most of these young men and women never take the time to internalize some idealized vision of charging death for God and Country, they just have a burning desire for the call on their lives to do so and then, most importantly, they act!



President Obama, however, was apparently never burdened with that urgent call to serve others or his country selflessly. And because the only thing he ever answered to was a call to “self-empowerment” and self-ingratiation, he has been a brutal failure as a moral leader and Commander in Chief. In addition, his unquenchable desire to “win over” that portion of the world population to whom he has sold his soul has led him to a new round of actions that should anger every red blooded American and will disgust every American who has ever donned the uniform of a United States Marine!


This week, President Obama sought to block legislation that would hold Iran accountable ... . This inexplicable move hasn’t any bearing on the current crisis except for it’s ability to tilt world opinion in favor of US interests. The Obama administration’s actions to derail this legislation in Congress, then, can only be seen as an effort to bolster support for the Iranian regime which can only be understood through the prism of this sitting President’s indefatigable efforts to “reconcile” with the Islamic nations of the world.


If three plus years of his purposeful attempts to insult the country he has sworn to defend through his many prostrating speeches on Islamic soil and this latest otherwise despicable move haven’t enlightened you, then maybe this next story will help finish your education!


As of February 1st 2012, President Obama has determined that Combat Pay for US forces will be determin.... In general, Afghanistan has been deemed a combat zone and all US forces deployed in that region have been eligible for combat pay due to the certainty of encountering dirt-bags in firefights, ambushes, IED’s or suicide bombings. This new policy now requires having been shot at first. For those not understanding the problem with this, it now says that the US Government has effectively declared Afghanistan a “safe zone”! And this in spite of the nearly daily reports of Americans being either wounded or killed!


This newest insult is certainly an effort to bolster what will be his campaign claim to have “pacified” Afghanistan during his tenure and having kept one of his last campaign promises to bring all troops home by the end of his first term. But here again is where perception, does not align with reality. In a land where the Taliban are given new control over the country by our unwillingness to hold them accountable in combat and where discussions of “peace talks” include promises to release known murderous thugs back onto the battlefield where our troops still operate, the Taliban have made it clear they are not only not in talks but that they are not interested.


Is this the “safe” Afghanistan where Warriors are still forced to patrol daily, are wounded in daily, killed in daily, betrayed by Afghan Soldiers and Police Cadets, daily and which the Obama Administration has now effectively declared no longer a combat zone?


So once again, the health and well-being of our Warriors will suffer for political expedience. In addition, all troops fired upon, wounded or killed by our “Afghan partners” will not be viewed as combat deaths but fratricide/murder, making those incidents criminal acts. This will affect the way United States Marines, Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Coast Guardsmen who are wounded or killed in that polluted land are treated by this government. It will also most likely change the SGLI eligibility status from non-taxable to taxable!!


Are things clearing up now??


These latest actions by this sitting President would be curious and difficult to understand if his actions in the first months of his administration had not been so telling. When one of the first actions in a President’s term is to give a speech on foreign soil, to people who are spiritually opposed to our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and who we know have supported terrorist acts across the world, these newest actions can only be described as part of some subversive plan. Let’s not forget that he “apologized” for the United States in that and following speeches to yet other foreign, Islamic audiences and in at least one meeting, prostrated himself to his Muslim host which had the affect of subjugating the United States and it’s citizenry to that “host”.


It remains a mystery why no one in Congress has seen fit to decry either of these last two outrages which should give you an indication of the current condition of the heart of leadership in this country.


This election cycle certainly won’t give DC the enema it needs or deserves, but it could have the affect of sending a message to all those who dare suggest they are fit for leadership on the national stage. People seeking to “serve” on the national stage need to know that their personal proclivities toward self-aggrandizement will no longer be tolerated. They need to know that the American voter will be educated and engaged in the political process and that our first concern is for the future security of this nation and that vision includes those who are actively serving in regions of the world into which they have been thrust.


The people of this nation need to realign their priorities and put Honor first; not only in their own lives but in their requirement for those they would have represent them. Our Warriors have done that by the simple act of stepping forward and raising their right hands.


They should at least be afforded the dignity of having the dangerous space they operate in continue to be declared a combat zone!


Semper Fidelis;

John Bernard




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  How many more American Soldiers or American Citizens are going to die before We The People wake up to the reality to what is being done to us by the Worthless Cowardly Politicians we have in this Country. If We The People do not rid this Country of every Politician in Washington and even on a State Level  who are destroying, lying and cheating We The People and this Country out of a Respectable Future then we deserve everything they shove up our azzes. Either we stand up now or forever lose all of our Rights and Freedoms from the sorry excuses that call themselves Politicians and Americans. Enough is Enough of this Government taking away all of our Rights, Jobs, and not Securing this Country. What are we waiting for ? We are America , not our Politicians. The time has come to remove all of them from Washington or even State Capitals and Prosecute to the fullest extent of the Law. 300 Million to 545 idiots and traitors. Yes People are going to die, but how much more of our Freedoms are going to be taken away before We The People have had enough and stand up and Fight Legally or with the Gun. There is no more time to waste as we have nobody reliable enough to be a leader on both sides of the fence. We need Patriots to step up to take over the Future of America as we have none today. I am a Vietnam Vet and my family before me are all Vets who have fought for America's Freedoms for the last 235 yrs. I Pray that American's Wake Up now and not tomorrow.

Amen! Your prayer is one I share. Never was in combat -- in my day the WACS were just starting, as secretaries. My husband is a WWII combat veteran; we want our country back, dammit! We're too old to do much about it -- but it must be done! And it must be done now. If this man gets a second term, will we have another chance to save our country? I doubt it; they mean to shred the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is already badly compromised. It must be taken back now.

Marianne, I thank you for your service, and your husband also.  I too am a veteran (U.S.Navy), Our son and son-in-law are both USNA class of '92 grads and Naval Aviators, our son is a fighter pilot and our son-in-law is a Helo Pilot.  You and I, and a lot of this group, shall we say, are not exactly in the prime of our lives, I am 69 with a bum knee, but we can still muster up enough energy to take on this administration with brooms and pitchforks if necessary.  We all signed the blank check when we took the Oath.  Never thought I'd see the day that our (p)resident of the white house, and his party would one day be those Domestic Enemies referred to in our oath.  I should restate the last part, It would never have even entered my mind to think....!  - Richard C. Wagener    

Thanks to you guys for your service, I too am a 20 year vet and am 76 but ready to go at a moments notice as I stay "locked and Loaded" lol


Easy for Obama to say...neither he nor any of his comrades (and I mean that last in the Reddest and most derogatory of ways) has ever spent time in a combat zone, where everybody's always at risk (See Vietnam, Tet '68, when all personnel became riflemen, including the cooks...) Any unbiased review of Obama's actions from Day One will reveal that his goal has always been to weaken the military and destroy its morale. He is the ideological descendant of the draft dodgers of the '60s, and is unfit for office.

I ask, what is Obama being paid for.  He has done absolutely nothing, again I say NOTHING to earn one red cent of the salary we pay him.  If he would be in the business world, he would long ago been thrown out on his rear end.  His accomplishments are playing golf, bad mouthing America, turning America from a Super Power to a laughing stock by our enemies, ignoring our friends, and groveling to our enemies, he's the Jack(a--)of all trades, in devising methods of demeaning and destroying America.  He has set unbeatable rescords as to arrogance, ineptness, stupidity, and destruction of all we hold Sacred and Honorable.  He has literally wasted trillions of dollars, and he wants to take money away from our military who defends his right to be stupid!  This guy has got to go.  If we had even one Conservative with guts in a leadership position in Washington, the District of Corruption, Impeachment Papers would have been filed on this useless piece of crap a long time ago.  He has demeaned the Office of President to the extent that he has abdicated his right to the highest office in the Land.  He makes Benedict Arnold look like a Choir Boy!

The military needs to understand that obummer and all of his marxists supporters are the real enemy.

I think it's time for the commander in chief to personally go to Afghanistan and survey the situation for himself.Hopefully,he'll come under fire and be able to recieve combat pay, posthumously.

this must be related to the death tax and workplace violence,  if they shoot at me I get paid, if I die they get paid but if they die I get my country back... two out of three in a Patriots' favor is great, could this be a Patiots' call to arms?!

I'd like to see him dropped off in the remote part of

Afghanistan with full military gear and see if he might

change his mind. That's right obama, tick off the men

and women who defend our country, you and your

idiots have just a short time left before they take some

action to solve this problem. You have already made

every American an enemy combatant, what's next,

are you going to deny soldiers the right to vote?

So he cuts combat pay for U.S. troops in harm's way (except for on the unlucky days when somebody fires directly at them), while sending $800 million in aid to the "Arab Spring" countries (now in the process of being taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood), and another $1.3 billion in continuing military aid to Egypt (also being taken over by the MB). Tells you exactly who and what this guy is.

 Obama Proposes $800 Million In Aid For Arab Spring



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