Obama the triple-loser
By David Lawrence

Obama is delusional.  He told a group from the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative that he is proudest of three accomplishments: 1) the economic recovery, 2) Obamacare, and 3) his foreign policy.

Narcissism is narcissism. It’s egotism that loves the reflection of its own ego. But when it spills over into the president’s warped perception of reality and the reality of the world depends on his clarity, then he, our president, has endangered the world.

Boasting about accomplishments that he has not achieved is mild psychosis with possible deleterious results.  Taking credit for three disasters is a failure to perceive the results of his actions.

Pride in his own failures is fodder for Obama’s electorate.  They believe in his greatness because he views failure as greatness.  America has become the land of suckers.  Obama is the all-day purveyor of suckers.  The liberals suck up to him because they  like the taste of illusory accomplishments.

But we can’t blame Obama for being delusory.  His sycophants gave him a Nobel Prize before he did anything.  He was elected president even though he was lacking in experience and accomplishment.

He talks about having reversed the economic downturn when we have millions of people who  are out of work or have quit looking for work.  While he has numerous chefs cooking for him at the White House, his loyal sycophants are licking food stamps.  They are eating the scraps of the malnourished American Dream.  Our economic recovery is like an amputee walking on his prosthetics.  

Obama considers his failed economy a part of his legacy.  It’s amusing that he is worried about his legacy when he is failing in the present.  Does he think that he can skip over the present and create an incidental magnified past in the future?

He is proud of dropping his mediocre progressivism into the toilet bowl of history.  He eliminates jobs, spreads around side dishes of his own racism, and diminishes his black brothers’ economic power.  He has expanded our national debt to an impossible eighteen trillion dollars. 

He is the sage of the middle class.  Except that he has lowered the living standards of the middle class while he himself lives like a millionaire.

Imagine his bragging about Obamacare.  He and Gruber openly admitted that they lied about not losing our doctors and health plans.  That makes Nixon look like an honest saint.

The creation of a new system does not mean that it is workable.  It is new.  Remember the “change” poster during his election.  I long for the past and stability.  Change is for people without character and without respect for tradition.  Change is for transsexuals.  It’s for the utopian naive and lying politicians.

Having emasculated the greatest American military in the world, Obama brags about his effete foreign policy.  You’d think  that he was kidding, but his monolithic intellect doesn’t understand the ironies and nuances of humour.

His bragging is embarrassing when you look at his failures in Russia, Ukraine, and China.  A cowardly Emperor Nero, he fiddles with red lines and empty threats while the Middle East burns.

He pretends that he ended the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by sticking his ostrich head in a hole and making speeches out of a sandy megaphone.  ISIS is the result of his ostrich politics.  Every crucified child, raped woman, and beheaded man can be blamed obliquely  on Obama.  But he just keeps rattling along like he is the holy dice roller of peace at the craps table.

When terrorism is at a peak, he announces that he has contained it and that he decimated al-Qaeda.

In a moment of insane revisionism, he says that because of him “the United States is the most respected country on Earth.”  Other really powerful leaders thumb their noses at him and laugh.  If I met him on a schoolyard playground as a kid, I would have rubbed sand in his face.

Obama rails against income inequality while he encourages the divide between the rich and the poor.  He accentuates the divide between the left and the right by his hyper-partisan teleprompter rhetoric.  His executive orders are totalitarian usurpations of congressional negotiation.

He is pushing for a counterproductive nuclear deal with Iran in order to announce that he is a peacemaker.  The opportunities for Iran’s double-crossing us are rife, and if this deal goes through, he will be celebrating himself while the destruction of the world is at hand.  He likes the glamour of a nuclear agreement, but he doesn’t understand or care about the results.

Asked how he wants the world to remember him, Obama takes a modest approach, replying, "Fondly, I hope."

Tell that to the starving, the poor, the terrorized, the future dead because of his Iranian nuclear negotiations.

Tell that to the children who are brought up by same-sex parents and have to undergo embarrassment at school.

Tell that to the Cuban poor who will continue their miserable standards of living while the politicians make fortunes off U.S. investors and ride around in limos as if they were part of Batista’s rule.

Tell that to the millions of Americans who can’t keep their old health plans and doctors.

He wants to be remembered fondly?  For what?  As his record matures, he will be remembered as the electoral folly of utopian Democrat voters.


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Unfortunately, the morass of the combination of multiculturalism, anarchist traitors infiltrating our education system (e.g., Terrorist Bill Ayers), and undeserving welfare recipients with Obama-phones has led to a nation of nescient fools, unaware of the history of our great nation, brainwashed to hate America, and receptive and submissive to the new totalitarians like the Obamanation. What the seditious traitor Al Gore ignorantly promulgated, when the buffoon incorrectly translated "E Pluribus Unum, into "Out of one, many," instead of the correct "Out of many, one," has become true.  I only pray that there are enough of us patriotic oathkeepers left to reverse course.

Donald Trump can and will save America if he is given the chance..He knows what a real republic is..He will laugh at those like John Boehner who are more than willing to sell out America..He would tear Hillary apart in any debates..He will make her answer for all the problems she has caused in America and around the world..He will hound her about Benghazi something that the so called Select Commitee is refusing to do..Donald Trump loves America and he will defend her ..It is time for the career politicians to take a flying leap..It is time to clean the esquires out of politics..

He isn't worth the time it took me to type this.

The only way we will ever restore this Republic is to take it back by force and physically throw out all the politicians who refuse to obey the Constitution. To try it any other way is to fail. Force is the only thing evildoers understand, and force is what must be used.

I agree Going Rogue..But right now you cannot believe any of them that are in office..All they do is run their mouth they are called controlled opposition..Boehner,Gowdy,and all the rest..LIP SERVICE and no more..They all pretend to be something that they are not..

The man is not Delusional, he is totally irrational and we have a madman running the country into total ruin and Congress is as nuts as HE is for not impeaching him for Public Safety reasons as well as all the OTHER capital crimes against all constitutional policy, practice procedure  and total disregard for either the Constitution or the Rule of Law under which it once operated. If Congress, elected to protect us and meet our needs cannot or will not do the required work: WHO WILL?


Here is a map of Immigration sancutaries:

I looked at my area -- Riverside County CA.  It was approved by the Sheriff's Dept which is also overloaded with Miltiary equipment.  HMMM

OK, so everyone has proclaimed their dislike for obama.. We have vented..

Now what are you going to do?

I am standing behind Donald Trump.. If you all don't your nuts.. You will just be electing another Rhino to do the 

same crap over and over again..

Donald Trump is not a Politician, he has nothing to lose, hes not trying to protect his rear end.. He wants to make America good again.  Now either join him or watch the Country go up in smoke.

I want to make something perfectly clear, I really didn't mean to call everyone NUTS if you don't go along with

my thoughts, its only if you vote another Rhino in it will be the same thing over again..I hope I did not offend

anyone.. Please accept my apology.
Carolyn Hamilton

He is the biggest failure ever in American Politics....Maybe that's what he really means.....He has been successful at DESTROYING America...which is what he meant to do. 



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