Constitutional Emergency

 Ok, I'm gonna say it. I would like to see Trump And West run in 2012. They would smash the opposition with ease.

 Trump is no dummy at money management and West is pretty high in the "Know your enemy dept."  Among many other reasons.

 I've never seen a team like that would be.I think America would be straightened out very quickly.   Everyone says " Wait wait wait"  But what is waiting going to do? If the Repubs run Ron Paul or Palin,I it will guarantee Obama a second win.

I'm making a prediction now. Trump and West.


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I think that between the two of them they can get this country back on track and shrink the size of the government down to a proper size.

In the mean time, we definitely need to work on getting all States to undertake a change to Election Law that will specifically require that any Presidential Candidate has to vet himself by bringing proof of eligibility in the form of "natural born citizen" status to the State Supervisor of Elections office.  By having it brought to the office, there is no requirement to get a release of information from people like OBAMA (Cuts his argument off).  Also, we can thank Private Citizen Nancy Pelosi for destroying a 220 year CUSTOM (common law) method of validating presidential candidates as "natural born citizens".  For over 220 years of electins in the United States, all Presidents that sat in the chair were officially certified correctly according to internet information.  Only one has ever gotten into the chair otherwise and that was through conspiracy and subterfuge.


By requiring proof at every state level, it is most Probable that OBAMA would not be eligible even to get on the ballots, let alone be a viable candidate to vote for.  Just that simple.


Why this memo?  Yesterday, in private discussion with staff in a Congressman's office, one of my e-mail contacts asked a question which elicted the response, "Everyone in Washington Knows that OBAMA is not eligible, and will not do anything about it because of the economical impact and unrest it would cause to the Nation".  I personally think this is a bull shit response.  However, given the circumstances and the number of dead bodies following the OBAMA trail, it seems most probable.  Only the Clinton Dead Body count out numbers his.



West would have my support. Trump would be a terrible candidate. Trump may be a genius with finances, but he lacks the personal courage and resolve it would take to reform our political system and restore our constitution. He has not been a vocal supporter of our constitution, and has remained silent about so much of the oppressive and, in my opinion, unconstitutional legislation this administration has crammed down our throats. West on the other hand has exhibited firm resolve and has the core morals to lead this country wisely. I hope we have a viable candidate for 2012 soon. So far Obama still has the numbers in the polls if an election were held today. I find it unbelievable that so may in America still view Obama favorably. Ignorance is bliss I guess.


Wait till his death care system starts working all those who have disabilities and those who have long term illness they will be the first to go then others will soon follow so the sooner we replace him the better this country will be. The last thing we need is to have him back in office. Next thing you know Obumer will be declaring himself king or some thing like that. Either West or Trump or both might be a good thing. Trump knows business and he can get the countries finances back in order and West he could get a lot of things done also.  Even Harry and Twana would be good president and vice president

I agree West would be an excellent choice! On the suject of trump, This nation doesn't need a financial wizzard.  We need a Hard core Patriot with Moral, backbone, who's not affraid to "do" what's "right".  
Well said.
Surely we can do better than Trump.......I just don't see the character and experience in Trump we need to pull us out the moral decadence, foreign policy gaps, commander-in-chief doubt he has business/financial background but to me that's not enough....just an opinion and I appreciate Jerry bringing up his thoughts....... 
Your Right Mr. Riley. Trump seems totally void in the Morals Dept. And  I guess he isn't too worried about it. West Has the moral corrections America needs.
Exactly how does Hussein the Muslim plant run again without proving eligibility? The nation is now aware of this fraud and the treasonous Congress and Judiciary have been exposed for who they are. There are several states that now require definitive proof of citizenship to be allowed on the ballot and I believe that number will be growing. There is legislation being proffered in Congress by some constitutionally inspired Republicans to make proof of eligibility and thorough vetting mandatory!

I heard Trump on Hannity today and what he said was to attach a 25% tariff on all imported Chinese goods in order to pay off the debt.... that China would drown without our market...that they are manipulating their currency to continue cheap exports... and that they think we're stupid.  (errr.... our leadership is stupid... well, duh, can't argue with that!)

I don't know about Trump.... my feelings are similar to the Truckdrivingfool's... not sure I trust him.  But Allen West.... now he's THE MAN!  Michele Bachmann is a tax attorney... wouldn't mind seeing these two on the ticket!

Give them both a lye detector test on where they stand on the constitution.



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