Constitutional Emergency

 Ok, I'm gonna say it. I would like to see Trump And West run in 2012. They would smash the opposition with ease.

 Trump is no dummy at money management and West is pretty high in the "Know your enemy dept."  Among many other reasons.

 I've never seen a team like that would be.I think America would be straightened out very quickly.   Everyone says " Wait wait wait"  But what is waiting going to do? If the Repubs run Ron Paul or Palin,I it will guarantee Obama a second win.

I'm making a prediction now. Trump and West.


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I'm not a big fan of trump, but what he says is true. The world is laughing, because of the man in the white house, it's high time some one told china to take a hike.  American exceptionalism, Reagan may be in Heaven, but we need a man with his guts, brains, and statesmenship.    Olie for President.
He may have been the first to bring them in in large numbers, but we had them coming in before he was in office; I know of at least one who came here in '63, before Kennedy was assassinated.
Great move.



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