Constitutional Emergency

 Ok, I'm gonna say it. I would like to see Trump And West run in 2012. They would smash the opposition with ease.

 Trump is no dummy at money management and West is pretty high in the "Know your enemy dept."  Among many other reasons.

 I've never seen a team like that would be.I think America would be straightened out very quickly.   Everyone says " Wait wait wait"  But what is waiting going to do? If the Repubs run Ron Paul or Palin,I it will guarantee Obama a second win.

I'm making a prediction now. Trump and West.


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That's a great reply Twana.  Indeed We the Conservative People need to find and vett the candidates and thrust the evidence therefrom on the Republican Party.  Trump,(having made money "the Old Fashioned Way" - working for it) most assuredly, is 180 degrees out from BHO in philosophy which is steal from the rich and give just enough money to pacify the poor Communist laced  rhetoric of legalized larceny.  And Allen West he'd be a great Patriot on that ticket.  Sarah seems to be the only vocal entity in the group.   Neither  Huckabee nor Romney are voicing any strident stance on any issue yet. They seem to be rationing any leadership tendencies they might have.  To me that stinks.  Lee Iacocca also started making a lot of noise but has meekly faded into the wood work. It galls me that We "Lilliputians" are putting up such a clamor, but No Gullivers or Samsons of stature and influence are yet leading the charge against Soros' puppet minnions.

I hear ya. I thought more and what better person to put in office than a self made businessman. Trump wants to put Tanifs on China,and a few other Conservative things. Trump has said he will announce it in May.  If I had a choice,Trump,Palin,Ron Paul. HAHA Enough said. LOL

I have learned a little about business. I think It mainly boils down to quality of Management. HAHA.

Trump is a "bankruptcy nut". He'd love to take the U.S. into bankruptcy. No, he is a shallow, self-centered narcissict.

After Obama, we don't need another.

So putting Tanifs on China would Bankrupt America?
Trump is for Trump.... has nothing to do with China or Tarrifs or anything else. He's a money man, not a business man. Anything Trump does is for Trump. Plain and Simple.

"“China gets away with manipulating their currency and stealing all our jobs,” Trump says about the nation of 1.3 billion people that also holds nearly a trillion dollars in U.S. Treasury notes. “I have dinner with and know many Chinese businesspeople, and they cannot believe what they’re getting away with. They tell me this. Now,” he adds with a chuckle, “they didn’t know that I’d be thinking about running for president.

     ” Trump continues: “I think we should tax Chinese products until such time as it equalizes… I’m a protectionist when another country is making hundreds of billions of dollars a year of essentially profit off the United States.” Obama “shouldn’t be having dinner with Hu. Obama should say, ‘Before we have our dinner, I want you to straighten out the mess.’”
Good point Mariane. These comments create a left and right side of the evaluation page. We have to evaluate each one's history to see, for instance, if their narcisstic tendencies would outweigh their ability to be realistic and effective etc.
I'm with you, Truck; I think the only side he's on is the one that will get him money and power, but that's an opinion. Seems to me like he's run every business he's touched into the ground too; I know he did with a mall project down here in Phoenix back in the '80s, along with symington.
I am not sure about Trump. I believe he is a worshiper of movie stars and the Miss America contests.He lacks a certain sensitivity as displayed in his TV show. Too many marriages as well, with much younger women. West would be fantastic,I think.Isn't there a reincarnation of Reagan somewhere with his beautiful wife at his side and true American goodness?
Doesn't his "questions about 911" stuff make you wonder what is wrong with him?


ditto on that



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