Constitutional Emergency

 Ok, I'm gonna say it. I would like to see Trump And West run in 2012. They would smash the opposition with ease.

 Trump is no dummy at money management and West is pretty high in the "Know your enemy dept."  Among many other reasons.

 I've never seen a team like that would be.I think America would be straightened out very quickly.   Everyone says " Wait wait wait"  But what is waiting going to do? If the Repubs run Ron Paul or Palin,I it will guarantee Obama a second win.

I'm making a prediction now. Trump and West.


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I agree! I heard Trump on Sean Hannity talk about how to deal with China a S. Korea. We have stayed too long in Europe and Korea, its time for them to take care of themselfs and put up the cash and stop sucking on Uncle Sam. Both Ron Paul and Sarah Palin have an important job in the consrvitive movement but it is not as President!



Who is this trump and west you are talking about?   Palin loses to the usurper?  In your dreams maybe but not in reality.
The Donald; of Trump Towers in NYC etc.  Also TV "reality" show host, etc.

Donald Trump is a hard nosed bussiness man who has been dealing with the Chinese, S. Koreans, Europeans, etc successfully for years. He understands Finance, Bussiness and Foriegn Relations at the ground level as oppossed to any President or canidate that any party has put up in my lifetime. ( I remember JFK).  Allen West is a tough retired Army Officer (LTC or Full Bird) who understands what it is to BE in combat. 



Lee Iacocca ? Mortimer Snerd, Jerry Mccarthy, Prof. Irwin Corey?
NO MAYAM, Ifn yur tawkin ta me. Ahm Mayuh Sayelf - - no mor no less
Ron Paul. No way. He thinks we did 911 to ourselves. "roll eyes"
I know Trump has said he is going to run, but his thing is "his way or the Highway".  His friends also inclue a wide range of maffia related type indivduals.  I think much more investigation of Mr. Trump is warranted.  This is one of the issuew we ran into with O.  We still don't know where he was born, which of the 7 or 8 SS #'s really belong to him, why were his law lic withdrawn, why does no one remembers him from school and why he has divided this country intentionally?  Next time around - Answers first!!!
On the SSNs 2 different PI's tracking them from 2 different states, according to a report in WND, showed the number of SSNs used by Obama is closer to 80 different ones over the course of his adult life here, with the most recent both found having been issued most likely in CT to a person born in 1890, and the number issued at about the same time Obama was known to be working at a HI Baskin-Robbins, under a different number; SSA doesn't reissue numbers, they're"permanent record" to an individual.

I will agree and will vote to prove it..........  

Neither!  Trump is NOT what we need for POTUS in this nation.



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