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In this disappointing but not surprising update to the elected Sharia ban in Oklahoma Courts, we see that Judge Miles-LaGrange has gone against the will of the people. As she has blocked the certification of the Sharia ban. This is a preliminary injunction, until a final decision is made on the lawsuit. But for now, she just handed Islam a victory.

  Here is what the judge had to say.

“This order addresses issues that go to the very foundation of our country, our (U.S.) Constitution, and particularly, the Bill of Rights. Throughout the course of our country’s history, the will of the ‘majority’ has on occasion conflicted with the constitutional rights of individuals, an occurrence which our founders foresaw and provided for through the Bill of Rights…“Having carefully reviewed the briefs on this issue, and having heard the evidence and arguments presented at the hearing, the Court finds plaintiff has made a strong showing of a substantial likelihood of success on the merits of his claim asserting a violation of the Free Exercise Clause. “As set forth above, plaintiff has shown that the actual language of the amendment reasonably, and perhaps more reasonably, may be viewed as specifically singling out Sharia Law (plaintiff’s faith) and, thus, is not facially neutral.

“Additionally, as set forth above, the Court finds that plaintiff has shown that there is a reasonable probability that the amendment would prevent plaintiff’s will from being fully probated by a state court in Oklahoma because it incorporates by reference specific elements of the Islamic prophetic traditions.

“Further, plaintiff has presented evidence that there is a reasonable probability that Muslims, including plaintiff, will be unable to bring actions in Oklahoma state courts for violations of the Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act and for violations of their rights under the United States Constitution if those violations are based upon their religion.

“Finally, the Court finds that defendants have presented no evidence which would show that the amendment is justified by any compelling interest or is narrowly tailored.”

This is a perfect example of how Muslims use our freedoms against us, and this also shows us that the US Constitution will not protect us from Islam. Unfortunately it actually enables it. Of course the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), was thrilled.

“We applaud today’s ruling and welcome the opportunity it offers to demonstrate that Oklahoma’s Muslim community simply seeks to enjoy the civil and religious rights guaranteed to all Americans by our Constitution,” said Awad.

As I have been saying, our laws are not cut out to fight the internal threat of Islam, and if there are not some major changes in them, we will eventually lose this war.


U.S. District Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange

U.S. Courthouse
200 N.W. Fourth St. Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Rm 3301 (Third Floor), Courtroom 301
(Third Floor)

Chambers Telephone: 405-609-5400
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This is no surprise!! The leftist, Marxist, Cabal that calls itself the Democratic Party has been stacking the deck in our court system for decades!!! With the present bunch of treasonous Marxist Muslem Bas*****, apologists in the white house it will take decades before this can be reversed if ever!!! May the good Lord God of Abraham, Iassc, and Jacob once again shine his face on America, and return us to a nation of self reliance and God fearing Christians!! Doc Greenough
For the most part, our politics are separate from our religion, and seperate from our laws (laws of the land). When will these idiots see that under Islam, that is not true. There is no seperation between their laws, religion, or politics. Islam's one mission is to turn the entire world to Islam, one way or another. If we can't stem the tide of Islam in this country through lawful means, then perhaps other methods need to be applied. Oooohhhh...Raaaahhhh....! Semper Fi....!
like wise
Semper Peratius

Anchors aweigh, Navy!
my heart keeps breaking, oh dear Lord help us, I am your warrior
Now is the time that all good men and boys take up arms to protect the country.
Think the women and girls can't too? The female's always deadlier; didn't your Daddy teach you that?
YEP! :-)
Of course they are they are a better aim too. Call what you will I have a bad feeling that this is going to be an all out battle royal with heavy losses on both sides.should we be willing to for this country I think that we should. I may have my disabilities but I am still able to hold and use a weapon, and I do know how to use many different types as well.
America was built on one law set fourth in the constitution of the United States of America.I have stated before and beleve
that Federal Judges as well as Polititions are very dangerous to America.They have to be stoped.They are as dangerous as anny threat from terrorist.They have to be brought back under our control.They dont represent the will of the people or the law of the land.They represent themselves and the party that appointed them
There is one fundamental flaw in what she is saying. This ban on Sharia Law is not a question of free speech or individual rights. The Constitution nor the Bill of Rights grant individuals to choose what law they will be governed by in the United States. There is but one law in the United States and everyone is (at least should be) governed by it. If we grant Muslims to be ruled by Sharia Law, then we must grant Buddists to be ruled by their law, and so on and so on. This could end up in a smorgasborg of laws and the country would be in total chaos. Her arguments are very flawed/ She even refers to Sharia Law as Plaintiff's faith. So when does one's religion determine which law shall be followed in any court hearing. This is definitely a mingling of church and state. How in the world do these people get appointed to the bench? Don't answer that, I know how.
Chaos is what these bastards want.It cant be allowed.It has to stop.



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