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Police Capt. Punished Over Islamic Event

by Judicial Watch, Inc. on Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 2:41pm

An Oklahoma police captain with an impeccable service record has been disciplined for refusing to order officers under his command to attend an Islamic event at a Tulsa mosque.


The unbelievable story was first reported by an Oklahoma news station that obtained internal memos detailing how the Tulsa Police Department punished one of its top brass for dodging a rather bizarre assignment; to attend the Islamic Society’s law enforcement appreciation day and command his officers to do the same.


The veteran cop, Captain Paul Fields, said the order conflicted with his personal religious convictions and violated his civil rights. He added that attending prayer service at a mosque, meeting Muslim leadership and sitting through a presentation of Islamic beliefs was not related to his work as a police officer. Fields, a 16-year veteran who has earned many commendations, assured that he would respond diligently to a call for police service.


Fields was promptly investigated by Tulsa Police internal affairs for violating the department’s obedience policy and he subsequently got “reassigned.” The department memos linked in the story indicate that the Muslim event, scheduled for next month, was originally voluntary to attend but few officers signed up and it became mandatory.


A deputy chief distributed a follow up memo ordering each patrol division to send six officers and three supervisors to the event, which is described as a “community outreach operation” that’s as much a part of police work as responding to calls. The department has participated in similar outreach events at a Jewish center and various churches that cater to African Americans and Hispanics, the assistant chief said.


Captain Fields remains adamant that he should not be forced to attend the Islamic gathering and has filed a federal lawsuit claiming that his First Amendment rights were violated by the department and the deputy chief who ordered him to. He is asking for $1 in damages.


A separate case involving Muslim rights put Oklahoma in the headlines just a few months ago. The state actually got sued over a voter-approved measure prohibiting courts from considering Sharia law—the authoritarian doctrine that inspires Islamists and their jihadism—when ruling on cases. The suit claims the law is “anti-Islam” and unconstitutional because it forbids judges from contemplating Islamic principles.




Patriots please flood Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan with calls about this. Maybe he needs to be made to attend some classes on Islam. Maybe he should read the quran, hadiths and suras - And not the watered down version that CAIR (shadow group of Muslim Brotherhood) hands out to all government officials.



Please call the Tulsa Police Chief, Chuck Jordan and tell him you support Captain Paul Fields in his decision NOT to attend or assign his officers to an Islamic event on the taxpayers dime! Chief Jordan can be reached at:
(918) 596-9328


Also call Reps. and Oklahoma News Stations with your opinions about this:


Oklahoma State Legislature

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin

Oklahoma State Senate Pages are down at this time.



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Ask and you shall receive Dan.....


Tulsa PD. addr. with Chief Jordan's email addr.

600 Civic Center, Suite 303, Tulsa, OK 74103 ♦ (918) 596-9328 ♦


Tulsa City Council page with Links to the Reps of the 9 Districts

City Council

Choose your council district. Use the district finder if you are unsure.

All City Councilors have offices on the 4th floor of the One Technology Center. City Councilors are assisted in their duties by Council Staff members and by various citizens' committees. Office hours for the Council are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. All Council Staff members and City Councilors have e-mail, voice mail, and evening and weekend callers are encouraged to leave a message containing their full name, phone number, and a brief message, or simply email your Councilor.

Is there anyone with enough backbone in Tulsa to defend this man's freedom of choice? No one - at any place or at any time - should be required to attend a religious event.  The treatment of Captain Fields is loathsome and repugnant on so many levels.  With its high crime rate and rumors of corruption, perhaps the city of Tulsa should purge its police department - beginning with internal affairs.  Step up, Tulsa, and do the right thing!



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