Constitutional Emergency

Penned by Steve Bussey

I reject world and Muslim outrage over the alleged killing of civilians in Afghanistan by a U.S. soldier.

I can understand a soldier who snaps in war but I cannot and will not understand an ideology that routinely and intentionally targets women and children the way Islam does.

I know you’ve already read the story about this one U.S. soldier but have you seen news coverage of the Islamic terrorist’s rocket attacks on Israel? Read that CNN headline and the first two paragraphs and see if the emphasis is on the Islamic terrorist’s rocket attacks or the Israeli response.

Don’t get me wrong; and the Steve Bussey Radio Experience in no way condone the intentional killing of civilians in war or through terrorism by anyone. But remember, seeking to understand something is not akin to condoning or supporting that thing just as rejecting the situational or hypocritical outrage is not to condone it.

A United States soldier apparently took his weapon and went house to house killing civilians in Afghanistan just outside his base. My question isn’t why he did it but why it hasn’t happened before or more often.

I don’t want it to happen but I feel I understand war and warriors and as the old saying goes, war is hell. Soldiers sometimes snap in war and atrocities do happen – they’ve happened in every single war in the history of man and the world.

Now, place on top of the “norm” of what happens in war the fact that our soldiers lives are placed at increased risk through being forced to fight with one hand tied behind their backs by our own “rules of engagement” and the hypocrisy of being condemned and murdered for accidently burning a book while the other side routinely uses civilian women and children as human shields, intentionally kills civilians for “collaborating” with NATO forces and more and you have a recipe for disaster on your hands.

I’m not saying we should “sink to their level” or condone the murder of civilians in war. I’m saying we should understand the psychology behind what happens with our soldiers and call for at least the same level of outrage over what our enemies routinely do as we see with the anomalous behavior from a few of our soldiers.

Americans and American leadership had damn well better start accounting for human nature and what the wrong style of leadership and failing to fight properly with the objective of winning does to young men in war.

Our soldiers must have clearly defined military missions and goals versus a mixture of war and law enforcement; the real ability to go after and kill the enemy combined with the real ability to protect themselves; realistic leadership that protects them and their interest as opposed to seeking to prosecute them for the normal consequences of war and false accusations from terrorists and unlawful combatants and the resounding support of their national command authority.

We must reject the premise that situations such as this lead to increased terrorism or ill-will toward America because that’s just an outright lie. Our enemies do not need or even seek additional reasons to hate us and they don’t need additional recruitment tools since they’re already indoctrinating young children in their schools and homes to hate us.

Islamic terrorists have no respect for innocent life and don’t even define innocent life as we do.

Muslims see civilians as legitimate military targets and use women and children, as I said earlier, as human shields. They celebrated the 9/11 attacks in America even though they were attacks against civilians. They celebrate attacks against Coptic Christian churches and the Coptic Christians themselves. And the world watches as Muslim terrorists routinely attack civilian targets in Israel and then the so-called civilized world condemns Israel and justifies the Islamic terrorism against them.

So we can and must reject the outrage over this event by the majority of Muslims across the Middle East and elsewhere and equally reject the false notion that these types of events give our enemies reasons to attack us.

Have you seen much coverage of the Muslim terrorists rocketing civilian areas in Israel the past couple of days? I’ve seen some but not much and it is usually Israel that is condemned for their response and not the terrorists for their attacks. Politicians, diplomats, pundits and academics will make excuses for the Muslim terrorism against Israel and Israeli civilians as they always do.

When I see the appropriate level of outrage over Islamic terrorists killing women and children in Israel, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Sri Lanka, Congo, Nigeria, India, Somalia, Thailand, the Philippines, Egypt and dozens of other countries then you come and talk to me about this single American G.I. and this anomalous event.

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I had a discussion earlier about this story. I feel that IF this soldier did this it was wrong. I went on to say that I could understand a soldier doing this. We watch as, how many, soldiers are executed over the accidental burning of that book, we see the islamist pigs kill without regard civilians, military, contractors, etc..., and we see how they treat anyone not of their religion, how could we respond to that. Our government has put the soldiers in the midst of all of that and told them they cannot kill the enemy. Much of the time the enemy cannot be separated from the civilian population, which is the intent of the islamic POSes that we are fighting. Can anyone really not understand what this soldier may have done?

This is going to rile some folks, I'm sure, but I am going to say it anyway. If ANYONE tries to enforce Sharia law upon mysefl, my family, or my property, I will kill them where they stand!

AMEN  Bruce

Check out the recent actions of the ninth circuit court.

Oklahoma voted on a grass roots  originated law - by a margin of 72% - that simply said that local courts could not consider any law not passed by the legislature and specifically cited Sharia Law. The Muslims sprang into action and claimed that this law would bias society against the Muslims. The ninth circuit court ruled in favor of the Muslims.

I have major issues understanding why it was necessary to raise the subject / question in the first case and then there is the absurdity of some judge actually willing to hear the case. And why in the name of sanity would a circuit court even entertain the inclusion and enforcement of Sharia Law in our courts.

Boys and girls, we need to get rid of all the liberal judges...

It is election season - hunt them down and unemploy them!

Darwin Rockantansky

Las Vegas, Nevada

Anything we say is going to rile people, but only those who are so ignorant that they can't see what is going on. I agree with you. I will not live by sharia law and will fight it also. And there is more to this story than we are being told.


Bruce, you are not alone.  In my case I am well prepared to defend what is mine.

Don, it happened. Accept it.

In March of 1968, in Quang Nai province of South Vietnam, somewhere between 350 and 500 Vietnamese were slaughtered by the U.S. Army Americal Division in and around the village of My Lai; an area that our military referred to as "Pinkville". I suspect that this incident in Afghanistan shares many similar characteristics.

Whereas the press coverage of the My Lai incident focused on the facts of the case - it did happen and yes women and children were slaughtered - virtually no one asked the question WHY it happened. I was in Quang Nai - the province headquarters - when the incident occurred. The simple fact of the matter was that the Army units were constantly taking fire and casualties originating from inside that village since forever. In the week immediately prior to that incident, moderate to heavy casualties were taken by the unit that executed the massacre.

Each time our military entered the village, nobody knew anything and nobody saw anything.

In defense of the Vietnamese, I would like to point out that they were living in fear and like most Americans, were afraid to speak out.

Someone, NOT Lt. William Cally, decided that the only way to break the communist stranglehold on the village which functioned as a major communist support base, was to eradicate the population. Bill Cally took the fall for that failure in leadership. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole, but served only three years house arrest - which tells us something.

What is most interesting and bitterly frustrating to me is that when the incident became public, then President of South Vietnam, Nguyen Van Thieu, stated in the world press: "This was NOT a war crime, this was an act of war!".

Only the United States has the gall to send its young men and women into harm's way and then prosecute them for doing what they were trained to do.

I am not trying to justify what happened in Afghanistan, but I am saying that we do not know the entire story and until you have walked through the stench of the Valley of Death (Generic) You have no basis for judgment.

I am about as anti-violent as a man can be having far too much blood on my own hands but I know that other than in defense of my own life and or that of my men, there is no way on God's green earth that I could take the life of a child.

Personally, I believe it is long passed the time to bring our young men and women home.

If our dip-sticks in charge had any knowledge of the history and culture of that region of the world, we would never have set boots on the ground over there; at least not more than a half dozen pair or so at any one time.

Darwin Rockantansky

Las Vegas, Nevada

Bring our heroes home.  The deck is stacked against them.   They are used as sacrificial pawns for mega corporations and power-hungry political puppeteers.   


Stop the slaughter of OUR OWN CHILDREN.    They go to war without knowing why.  They fight because their comrades are in constant harm's way.   War is hell and this present hell feeds itself.

Bring our heroes home.  They've done all they can.  They have nothing to be ashamed of.  Let them be counted as victors over those who push them into the meat grinder.

How many more must we lose as the world's controlled media paints this event with the darkest brush possible?  


Why did he do it?   War is hell.    To those who understand, no further explanation is needed.  To those who do not understand, no explanation will suffice.



dear sir

 I agree bring them home now and let them people kill them self and when they come here send them packing.

and when a judges try and use muslim laws here send them ppacking as well!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a valid reason that ONLY CONGRESS shall declare War!! 

A War Should ONLY be declared as a last resort and then and only then Congress may commit our troops for one reason....  and that is to defend the interests of the USA.  War is by it's very nature violent and as brief as possible.

Our Troops are not trained to discuss an issue over a cup of tea. We are trained to Kill people and beak things in a most violent manner. We are not there to nation build nor train our enemy for the next engagement.


Somehow our Congress has ignored the reason for our Military Being There and many of us are confused.     We are not there to serve a political purpose....  we are there to VIOLENTLY BREAK THINGS, kill people until the enemy submits and we then go home.


Am I forgetting anything???



I think you nailed it JM..........

Possibly--only possibly. The Sgt. it is now leaked-for whatever purpose --was at one time trained as a sniper.Now unless I am mistaken the part that sets a sniper as distinct is the  focus upon removing the target. 

Eliminating the obstacle to the mission success. (Fits in with your "Kill people and break things")  IMO,ONLY -The man had served multiple tours in Iraq--and was well into a tour in Afghanistan. Common to both --Islam.Common factor ignored by our American Government  America is NOT (yet?)  included in the House of Islam. Those deployed were subjected to Islam as troops are  always subject to the laws and mores of the host Country. Were I trained as a sniper. OR as a soldier--The obstacle faced that  defies mission success is Islam. We cannot  help the Muslim overcome their bloody religion and  customary slaying. USE of force -bloodshed and forced subjugation -destruction is  a hallmark of that bloody religion foreign to any logic taught in the West. When the American Military  burned our Christian Bible to appease the Islamic host. We did not slay Muslims to  avenge or protect the honor of our Holy Book. And there were No Islamic apologies,I am aware of. When Islamic prisoners defiled their Holy Book -And those Koran probably purchased at our American expense ,were denied circulation-and later disposed of as required under Islamic Law. When they were in the burn pit  It allowed the enemy  a weapon to drive us from the House of Islam. It revealed the  obstacle to mission success. ...ISLAM. The riots and the murder done --we were told to avenge or defend the honor of their Sacred Text.We were told we must accept. Must apologize.Must grovel and beg forgiveness form our Muslim overlords-we had offended. "Now is no the time for revenge." it was leaked,for what purpose? But a man trained as a sniper. Saw the obstacle to our missions success and took it upon himself as a sniper to eliminate the problem. He acted as any rational human being would under those circumstance.And we are now told we must HATE and FEAR--and condemn this man who responded to the environment he was put in as he was trained to do. IF we are to condemn him for his endangerment of the others so deployed -- we may as well lay down our weapons and  kiss the sand --and beg forgiveness from Allah and his bloody slaves.And if we are unwilling to  be slaves-- we ought  re-deploy -withdraw and regroup somewhere outside the House of Islam Because ISLAM is the factor standing between the US  and Mission success.



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