By J.B. Williams
February 23, 2016

As amateur armchair political strategists in the Tea Party debate which GOP candidate would be best for America, who is the most “constitutional” and who would lead our nation away from the One World Order globalization movement to eliminate United States sovereignty and security -- many completely ignore the only three words in our Founding documents that prevent the United States from ever falling under the rule of foreign agents or dictators and international influences… “natural born Citizen.”

Contrary to popular belief today, the New World Order spoken of by George H.W. Bush in the post Reagan cold war era, a new global balance wherein the United States would be the only standing superpower, after the fall of the Soviet Union… is not the same as global communism under a One World Order backed by the United Nations, Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, the Muslim caliphate, Obama, Clinton and Sanders, all of whom are global communists masquerading as “progressives.”

The idea that numerous socialist secret societies have had their sights on the destruction of the United States since its birth is no secret. Before the ink was dry on the U.S. Constitution, people were determined to destroy it. Not all conspiracies are mere theory… some are quite real, indeed.

One World Order Conspiracy

A conspiracy theory (that is very real), the One World Order or OWO refers to the emergence of a totalitarian world government, global economy, monetary system and set of laws. It is global communist community organizing on the hoof, in politics, education, religion, economics and legal systems now abused by Common Law practices engaged in undermining the Constitutional Protections of all Natural Law Rights.

New World Order Theory (Bush Sr.)

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the United States stood alone in the world as an international economic and military superpower. Bush’s “thousand points of light” speech in which he used the phrase “New World Order” spoke of a new age of U.S. outreach and diplomatic effort to spread democracy to war torn parts of the globe via a “kinder-gentler” America than that of the WWI and WWII, military might era…

Later, conspiracy theorists melded the two terms, One World Order and New World Order to have the same meaning, allowing them to muddy the water by alleging these two once competing ideas were now one in the same agenda, and politicians of all political stripes are involved. This turned American on American, in an ongoing internal conflict between citizens who could no longer tell friend from foe…

Hijacking Words and Terms

I use the truth above not to defend daddy Bush, but to illustrate how the global One World Order folks advance their agenda by simply hijacking terminology, twisting old words and terms to have new meanings… that suit the global anti-American agenda.

They hijacked the word “progressive,” in an effort to convince unsuspecting young students that Marxism and Communism are “progressive” ideas of the future, instead of failed ideas of the past.

They recently hijacked the term “marriage” in order to destroy the foundation of every great society, the family unit. They hijacked the term “equality” for the purpose of justifying “inequality,” the new meaning, a different treatment under the law based solely on economic, racial and political interests -- stealing from one individual to give to another in an ongoing effort to “fundamentally transform America” into part of a global commune through social engineering.

The millennials are nearly 100% indoctrinated now, the powerful young voting block behind both Hillary Clinton, a closet Maoist and Bernie Sanders, a proud open Marxist.

Because millennials have been raised by socialists in the unionized education system, they have no idea how these concepts have failed repeatedly throughout the world, destroying nation after nation and leaving hundreds of millions dead or living under self-inflicted oppression.

The Only Three Words that Protect and Prevent

Our Charters of Freedom are three founding documents, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, all of which have been obliterated by our courts, congress and the Executive Branch for more than a hundred years now.

Throughout those three documents, there are only three words that are there to prevent an unsuspecting American electorate from ever enslaving themselves under foreign rule via democratic process. Those three words are “natural born Citizen” found in Article II of the U.S. Constitution as a requirement for the offices of President and Vice President.

After eight failed attempts to eliminate the natural born Citizen requirement in Article II through amendment process, between 2003 and 2008, the global left once again simply sought to hijack the term…

In order to hijack those three simple words, they first had to make that term appear to be ambiguous. They needed those three basic English words to appear to have more than one meaning, at least potentially.

Once they convinced the people that the term could have more than one meaning, they would convince them that they needed an “expert” to determine the true meaning of the term for them. They need a “constitutional scholar” to explain those three basic English words, that according to the experts, is a secret coded message from the Founders that no average American would ever be able to decipher on their own…

Enter the Wordsmiths

Let the hijacking begin… Now that the “experts” have been granted the power to define these three words for “the people,” the same experts who have been hijacking basic terms for decades now, will be able to hijack the term “natural born Citizen.”

Today’s electorate will say, “We need a court to rule on natural born Citizen,” as if the average American cannot decipher those three simple English words on their own, or take a few minutes to read our Founder’s commentaries on what those three words meant to them and why they chose to place those three words into Article II.

But those courts have been destroying the Constitution by way of hijacking Constitutional terms for decades. By “general welfare” in the Constitution, the Founders did not mean free Obama cell phones or food stamps. But that term was hijacked too…

As a matter of legal fact, there are only three ways for anyone to become a legal citizen of the United States…

1. Natural Born Citizen – the natural offspring of a legal citizen Father, as a matter of Natural Law, inalienable to any man-made law.
2. Native Born Citizen – someone born under the legal jurisdiction of the United States, but to foreign parents and presumed to be a “citizen at birth” under 14th Amendment “anchor baby” interpretations of existing U.S. Naturalization Laws. (aka basic citizen)
3. Naturalized Citizen – someone born into known foreign citizenship who later seeks and acquires legal citizenship in the United States via U.S. Immigration and Naturalization processes. (aka basic citizen)

Every legal American citizen is one of the three and all of them will have United States documented authentication to demonstrate their citizenship claim. The three are distinct, not interchangeable. Two of the three are forms of “naturalization” which are possible only as a result of U.S. Immigration policies and Naturalization statutes, all of which fall under the 14th Amendment today.

If you have no U.S. documentation to authenticate which of the three you are, then you are not a “legal citizen” of the United States at all.

Only one of the three is eligible for the offices of President and Vice President under Article II, a natural born Citizen. The terms “natural born Citizen” and 14th Amendment “citizen at birth” are NOT synonymous or interchangeable, as the “experts” want us to believe.

Article I regarding Congress, allows any legal U.S. “citizen” who otherwise meets the eligibility requirements, to seek and hold a seat in Congress. Only Article II requires “No person except a natural born Citizen” for the Oval Office. President and Vice President are the only two political offices in all of the United States which requires “No person except a natural born Citizen.”

The focus of our Founders was actually upon the office of Commander-in-Chief. One need not be a constitutional scholar to grasp the true meaning of three simple English words, or to understand why our Founders were wise enough to make it impossible for anyone of foreign origin or allegiance at birth to ever seek or hold the office of Commander-in-Chief.

Believe it or not, most Americans are smart enough to grasp this reality, once informed, even though they may have already established an emotional connection to a candidate who set out to defraud American voters by their false claims of eligibility, backed by corrupted political parties, their “expert” legal buddies and even many unwitting Tea Party groups.

How “natural born Citizen” came to appear in Article II is RIGHT HERE.

What the Founders meant by “natural born Citizen” is RIGHT HERE.

The importance and value of those three simple words is much greater than any one politician seeking political power at any given time in history. Those three words are the only words in our Founding Documents that prevent the American people from enslaving themselves under foreign rule… and if the natural born Citizen term is allowed to be hijacked, that will not only open up the Oval Office to foreign rule, it will kill all Natural Law Rights as well.

The American people simply MUST wise up fast… and reject any candidate who seeks the Oval Office via a fraudulent claim of eligibility… In 2008 and 2012, that candidate was Barack Hussein Obama…

Today, the two frauds in the race for the White House are two freshman Senators, Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida. They MUST be removed from the race and held fully accountable for their actions… or there is no Rule of Constitutional Law and no way to protect the sovereignty and security of the United States.

Natural born Citizen is directly connected to all of the Natural Rights which were endowed by our Creator, and all foundations for national sovereignty and security. These concepts are inseparable. Lose one and you lose them all…


The North American Law Center now has a weekly two-hour Radio Show on 94.5FM and 960AM in the Michigan listening area, which is also LIVE STREAMED on the Internet at every Sunday evening at 5:00 PM ET…. That show is co-hosted by myself and lead counsel and constitutional attorney Stephen Pidgeon.

Unlike Mark (the great one) Levin who challenges others to open debate on his show and then will not allow anyone who disagrees with him to appear on his show for that purpose, TNALC Radio is openly inviting Mr. Levin to call into the show next Sunday evening and learn what a natural born Citizen really is… All shows are available ON-DEMAND via podcast HERE.

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JB Williams is a writer on matters of history and American politics with more than 3000 pieces published over a twenty-year span. He has a decidedly conservative reverence for the Charters of Freedom, the men and women who have paid the price of freedom and liberty for all, and action oriented real-time solutions for modern challenges. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, a researcher, writer and a business owner. He is co-founder of action organizations The United States Patriots Union, a civilian parent organization for The Veteran Defenders of America. He is also co-founder of The North American Law Center, a citizen run investigative legal research and activism organization preparing to take on American's greatest legal battles. Williams receives mail at:

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yes, however, we are suffering daily assaults on our law , our constitution.

SCOTUS / Executive Orders have profoundly altered  our rule of law.

our freedoms are at risk and the federal court system blocks every rightful / constitutional

action .

if hillary becomes POTUS she will use her clever ways to tear the second amendment in

shreds.while spreading the obama's perversion.

If the Tea Party cannot understand this, then why are they a part of the Tea Party?

If they stand behind Cruz, or Rubio, they are destroying our Constitution and our Country.

Thank you, once again JB.. Great Post.

My thoughts exactly,  The Tea Party is supposed to be Constitutionally adept.  Another example of hi-jacking words/meanings to fit the bill.  Sadly, the majority of the American people are so lethargic to even contemplate the meaning of Natural Born Citizen or just plain uneducated in American History.  I remember during my school years, We read the Declaration Of Independence, dissected, defined its meaning and words, along with the Bill of Rights so that we CLEARLY understood its meaning.  And our quarterly test consisted of True/False and/or multiple choice answers to all the amendments  esp the first 10 in the Bill of Rights and choosing the correct meaning.  We would also have enactments, where the class was divided into the two  groups, Whigs and Democrats and we would be assigned an Article and would have to discuss it amongst ourselves and then the leader of the group would take our vote for a yay or nay.  This was EDUCATION back then. We got totally involved. But of course, I'm talking 50 years ago.   

Yes, I agree. It's a result to no opposition to the subtle, constant and insidious changes that "We the people" have allowed through our assumptions and our apathy.  I wish we as a people would do something now. According to what I've read, Obama and Co should be arrested. If Rubio, Cruz and Sanders are in question he certainly is.

It also MIND BLOWS ME, that Sanders is even running.  He is a DECLARED Socialist. What is wrong with this country? I just cannot comprehend this.  

this country is doomed..

Seems like after the assassination of JFK the USA has rapidly tumbled into the abyss; escalating with wjc, then gw, then the final DESTROYER'S blow, from hussein. This article is spot on. The USA is surrounded and cut off, hanging off the edge of the cliff ,and being loosely held by the three words "NBC." The old western movies always showed the calvary coming to the rescue right at the last moment, to save the day. I am betting on DTRUMP to be the calvary (actually the destruction is so bad I am not sure DT or any human can rescue us but if we can get DT in there then the FAVOR of our CREATOR just might soften the blow on us; for letting it get is this bad in the first place.) or else we WILL have to depend on our Lord and Savior to end all this. DT seems focused, determined, and he is able to find the TRAITORS and give them their true rewards and "make America great AGAIN!" So many first day EO's he'll have to invoke (visualize my list for other EO's, where most include a rope) and one of them to  the real meaning of NBC; being a person BORN on USA soil (military exception allowed) to a USA citizen MOTHER AND a USA citizen FATHER. 

the word   diversity  was hijacked and really means the integration of all people and cultures together. Another of the New World Order ideas that isn't working and is causing rape of women and children who are the natural born citizens of our country. We have to stand up now. We didn't stand up when we had more time because we never could have imagined what was meant by the New World Order much less what they had in mind. Now is the time to take that stand because if we don't there will be no America, or Our Country, or Constitution left.

yes, diversity is accepting every unconstitutional / perverted event they so decide.

all the deception / division is part of the global elites plan. they love others suffering / confusion.

i feel for all those aged sixty and younger who will be subjected to serfdom , the guilt lies with those who refuse 

to fight,

The left is making a critical mistake in thinking that letting in illegal aliens that they will aquiess and vote Democratic and extend their rule. Some no doubt will however, some will no doubt vote Republican, but their primary concern is not voting but maintaining their ideological beliefs. If rulers and dictators much more cruel than the Democrates could not control and convert them, what makes them think they will change for them? They will turn around and bite them in the butt like a rabid dog. The immigrants that are coming here are unlike any we have experienced as a Nation to date. They are hostile to the American way of live and will not rest until they overrun and redefine the American way of life. Today we go to vote in the Caucus in Nevada. On the local talk show "The Kevin Wall" show callers called in to say who they are voting got. The majority was for Trump and the reason: They want the wall built!! Last night 12,000 showed up a South Point Casino to hearTrump here in Las Vegas, but you won't hear that from the MSM.

Is America a concept and a land for the concept, written up, about as good as could be expected in the 4 organic laws of the land are Dec of Ind; AOC; NWO; Constitution of the united States of America circa 1819 thru 1860-61, there is no evidence of any lawful legislative act since that era. Fraud color of law. Hooray !!! we get a do over.

Simple test, KISS, stink!  is in repugnant to our Constitution of our republic? We upon the land. We really do not need all these attorneys and laws. They have no evidence that a corporation BLM, FBI for profit, has an authority to kill LaVoy Finnicum.  Robert was one of we the people> traveling in a two car caravan. There were numerous unlawful acts against the people of this group. Unlawfully deprived there civil rights, passing through unlawful events one after the other. Including the murder of Robert LaVoy Finnicum a sovereign man upon the land. Hand in the air and gunned down unto death. How much culpability does acting appointed governor of the state of Oregon for profit corporation in color of lawful government have? For ordering the effort of county, state, abdicating power to the FBI in an assasignation hit squad.

I am :

Petition for redress of grievances from Beaverton, Oregon

As directed by the 1st amendment to the Constitution of the united States of America. (original) and Article I Section 26 of the Oregon Constitution

Petitioner Ronald C. Vrooman in propria persona, Sui juris, adult, male, sovereign Oregonian, a member of we the people in our constitutional republic, bound by my oath in 1956 to the Constitution of the United States of America circa 1819 thru 1860-61. And by unrebutted affidavit.

And  Ronald Charles Vrooman Private Attorney General by the united States Congress 42 U.S.C.1988 and also 18 U.S.C.1510 and 18 U.S.C. 1512 and to be known as “One of the People” also “Qualified Criminal Investigator” and “”Federal Witness” and by unrebutted affidavit

It has come to my knowledge that there are several acts, repugnant to the Constitution of the united States of America and the Oregon Constitution, being perpetrated upon “we the People” and as “one of the People’ action is taken: for justice of the Constitution appear upon our land of America!

A great, very well written, and researched article. It nails the true meaning of the wording of our Constitution, but as long as there are those who’s self interests, agendas, and agenda driven finalities exist, the words written to protect the People, will always be in jeopardy.
The Attorneys, Lawyers have but one goal in their careers. That goal is to give evidence, legitimately or otherwise, that their client is not guilty of the crime for which they are on trial. Their duty is to convince the jury, by means whither or not legitimate, of sufficiency to make the jury prejudiced towards their client, and create sufficient doubt among them, to throw them more in favor of, than against their client. They need not be solid in truth, or even have sufficient evidentiary proof, one way or the other, that their client is not guilty, they only need sway a single jury member’s opinion, to achieve a requital, or mistrial.
Attorneys are known well, to reword, tangle, or misrepresent information. It is their goal, to not be truthful, necessarily, but convincing that their interpretation of a particular law, or document is presented well enough to sway at least one jury member, that their truth, is truth.
Through their history in our Society, these scoundrels have on many occasions interpreted the words of a document, to mean what they think it should, or believe it should mean. They are bound by their own teachings, to create a atmosphere contrary to the truth or actuality, to serve their best interests.
They can read the Constitution, know exactly what it means by the original meaning, yet change a word here and there, to make it appear to mean something different than the original intention of the document. Our founding fathers wrote a document which would serve as the life’s blood of our Country, People, and Government. OF, BY, AND FOR the people. It was established to protect the People. Not the Government, but a blueprint of how the Government should be run, to see that the people were served, and guaranteed their rights and freedoms, from that Government. We are to own our Government, it was NEVER meant to control, or own the People.
As long as their ( People, Government, and Elite with self interests, and agendas) Attorneys, Lawyers, and Scholars who are willing to pick apart the words, re-arrange them, and attempt to get them to mean other than what they truly mean, We The People are in danger.

We should always be AWARE, and guarding against, all who employ these people, to see that their own best interests are achieved. The wording of our Constitution is clear and concise, but will always be challenged, if it does not clearly suit the needs of others.



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