By J.B. Williams
February 23, 2016

As amateur armchair political strategists in the Tea Party debate which GOP candidate would be best for America, who is the most “constitutional” and who would lead our nation away from the One World Order globalization movement to eliminate United States sovereignty and security -- many completely ignore the only three words in our Founding documents that prevent the United States from ever falling under the rule of foreign agents or dictators and international influences… “natural born Citizen.”

Contrary to popular belief today, the New World Order spoken of by George H.W. Bush in the post Reagan cold war era, a new global balance wherein the United States would be the only standing superpower, after the fall of the Soviet Union… is not the same as global communism under a One World Order backed by the United Nations, Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, the Muslim caliphate, Obama, Clinton and Sanders, all of whom are global communists masquerading as “progressives.”

The idea that numerous socialist secret societies have had their sights on the destruction of the United States since its birth is no secret. Before the ink was dry on the U.S. Constitution, people were determined to destroy it. Not all conspiracies are mere theory… some are quite real, indeed.

One World Order Conspiracy

A conspiracy theory (that is very real), the One World Order or OWO refers to the emergence of a totalitarian world government, global economy, monetary system and set of laws. It is global communist community organizing on the hoof, in politics, education, religion, economics and legal systems now abused by Common Law practices engaged in undermining the Constitutional Protections of all Natural Law Rights.

New World Order Theory (Bush Sr.)

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the United States stood alone in the world as an international economic and military superpower. Bush’s “thousand points of light” speech in which he used the phrase “New World Order” spoke of a new age of U.S. outreach and diplomatic effort to spread democracy to war torn parts of the globe via a “kinder-gentler” America than that of the WWI and WWII, military might era…

Later, conspiracy theorists melded the two terms, One World Order and New World Order to have the same meaning, allowing them to muddy the water by alleging these two once competing ideas were now one in the same agenda, and politicians of all political stripes are involved. This turned American on American, in an ongoing internal conflict between citizens who could no longer tell friend from foe…

Hijacking Words and Terms

I use the truth above not to defend daddy Bush, but to illustrate how the global One World Order folks advance their agenda by simply hijacking terminology, twisting old words and terms to have new meanings… that suit the global anti-American agenda.

They hijacked the word “progressive,” in an effort to convince unsuspecting young students that Marxism and Communism are “progressive” ideas of the future, instead of failed ideas of the past.

They recently hijacked the term “marriage” in order to destroy the foundation of every great society, the family unit. They hijacked the term “equality” for the purpose of justifying “inequality,” the new meaning, a different treatment under the law based solely on economic, racial and political interests -- stealing from one individual to give to another in an ongoing effort to “fundamentally transform America” into part of a global commune through social engineering.

The millennials are nearly 100% indoctrinated now, the powerful young voting block behind both Hillary Clinton, a closet Maoist and Bernie Sanders, a proud open Marxist.

Because millennials have been raised by socialists in the unionized education system, they have no idea how these concepts have failed repeatedly throughout the world, destroying nation after nation and leaving hundreds of millions dead or living under self-inflicted oppression.

The Only Three Words that Protect and Prevent

Our Charters of Freedom are three founding documents, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, all of which have been obliterated by our courts, congress and the Executive Branch for more than a hundred years now.

Throughout those three documents, there are only three words that are there to prevent an unsuspecting American electorate from ever enslaving themselves under foreign rule via democratic process. Those three words are “natural born Citizen” found in Article II of the U.S. Constitution as a requirement for the offices of President and Vice President.

After eight failed attempts to eliminate the natural born Citizen requirement in Article II through amendment process, between 2003 and 2008, the global left once again simply sought to hijack the term…

In order to hijack those three simple words, they first had to make that term appear to be ambiguous. They needed those three basic English words to appear to have more than one meaning, at least potentially.

Once they convinced the people that the term could have more than one meaning, they would convince them that they needed an “expert” to determine the true meaning of the term for them. They need a “constitutional scholar” to explain those three basic English words, that according to the experts, is a secret coded message from the Founders that no average American would ever be able to decipher on their own…

Enter the Wordsmiths

Let the hijacking begin… Now that the “experts” have been granted the power to define these three words for “the people,” the same experts who have been hijacking basic terms for decades now, will be able to hijack the term “natural born Citizen.”

Today’s electorate will say, “We need a court to rule on natural born Citizen,” as if the average American cannot decipher those three simple English words on their own, or take a few minutes to read our Founder’s commentaries on what those three words meant to them and why they chose to place those three words into Article II.

But those courts have been destroying the Constitution by way of hijacking Constitutional terms for decades. By “general welfare” in the Constitution, the Founders did not mean free Obama cell phones or food stamps. But that term was hijacked too…

As a matter of legal fact, there are only three ways for anyone to become a legal citizen of the United States…

1. Natural Born Citizen – the natural offspring of a legal citizen Father, as a matter of Natural Law, inalienable to any man-made law.
2. Native Born Citizen – someone born under the legal jurisdiction of the United States, but to foreign parents and presumed to be a “citizen at birth” under 14th Amendment “anchor baby” interpretations of existing U.S. Naturalization Laws. (aka basic citizen)
3. Naturalized Citizen – someone born into known foreign citizenship who later seeks and acquires legal citizenship in the United States via U.S. Immigration and Naturalization processes. (aka basic citizen)

Every legal American citizen is one of the three and all of them will have United States documented authentication to demonstrate their citizenship claim. The three are distinct, not interchangeable. Two of the three are forms of “naturalization” which are possible only as a result of U.S. Immigration policies and Naturalization statutes, all of which fall under the 14th Amendment today.

If you have no U.S. documentation to authenticate which of the three you are, then you are not a “legal citizen” of the United States at all.

Only one of the three is eligible for the offices of President and Vice President under Article II, a natural born Citizen. The terms “natural born Citizen” and 14th Amendment “citizen at birth” are NOT synonymous or interchangeable, as the “experts” want us to believe.

Article I regarding Congress, allows any legal U.S. “citizen” who otherwise meets the eligibility requirements, to seek and hold a seat in Congress. Only Article II requires “No person except a natural born Citizen” for the Oval Office. President and Vice President are the only two political offices in all of the United States which requires “No person except a natural born Citizen.”

The focus of our Founders was actually upon the office of Commander-in-Chief. One need not be a constitutional scholar to grasp the true meaning of three simple English words, or to understand why our Founders were wise enough to make it impossible for anyone of foreign origin or allegiance at birth to ever seek or hold the office of Commander-in-Chief.

Believe it or not, most Americans are smart enough to grasp this reality, once informed, even though they may have already established an emotional connection to a candidate who set out to defraud American voters by their false claims of eligibility, backed by corrupted political parties, their “expert” legal buddies and even many unwitting Tea Party groups.

How “natural born Citizen” came to appear in Article II is RIGHT HERE.

What the Founders meant by “natural born Citizen” is RIGHT HERE.

The importance and value of those three simple words is much greater than any one politician seeking political power at any given time in history. Those three words are the only words in our Founding Documents that prevent the American people from enslaving themselves under foreign rule… and if the natural born Citizen term is allowed to be hijacked, that will not only open up the Oval Office to foreign rule, it will kill all Natural Law Rights as well.

The American people simply MUST wise up fast… and reject any candidate who seeks the Oval Office via a fraudulent claim of eligibility… In 2008 and 2012, that candidate was Barack Hussein Obama…

Today, the two frauds in the race for the White House are two freshman Senators, Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida. They MUST be removed from the race and held fully accountable for their actions… or there is no Rule of Constitutional Law and no way to protect the sovereignty and security of the United States.

Natural born Citizen is directly connected to all of the Natural Rights which were endowed by our Creator, and all foundations for national sovereignty and security. These concepts are inseparable. Lose one and you lose them all…


The North American Law Center now has a weekly two-hour Radio Show on 94.5FM and 960AM in the Michigan listening area, which is also LIVE STREAMED on the Internet at every Sunday evening at 5:00 PM ET…. That show is co-hosted by myself and lead counsel and constitutional attorney Stephen Pidgeon.

Unlike Mark (the great one) Levin who challenges others to open debate on his show and then will not allow anyone who disagrees with him to appear on his show for that purpose, TNALC Radio is openly inviting Mr. Levin to call into the show next Sunday evening and learn what a natural born Citizen really is… All shows are available ON-DEMAND via podcast HERE.

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JB Williams is a writer on matters of history and American politics with more than 3000 pieces published over a twenty-year span. He has a decidedly conservative reverence for the Charters of Freedom, the men and women who have paid the price of freedom and liberty for all, and action oriented real-time solutions for modern challenges. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, a researcher, writer and a business owner. He is co-founder of action organizations The United States Patriots Union, a civilian parent organization for The Veteran Defenders of America. He is also co-founder of The North American Law Center, a citizen run investigative legal research and activism organization preparing to take on American's greatest legal battles. Williams receives mail at:

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Hot Damn and well said. Until you are better paid Thank you.

They lost when they murdered LaVoy.

J.B. Williams unfortunately, for all of his good efforts in this regard, is muddying the waters on the NBC issue by failing to note the proper definition as codified by E. de Vattel in his definitive tome of the day on the matter, 'The Law of Nations, Or Principles of Natural Law'.  In Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212 he clarifies the term, as being a person born in the country of citizen parents of that country - and yes, specifically that of the father, from whom nationality descends, legalistically speaking.  (Both the mother and the father were considered One in those days, and the father was the One.)  Williams uses wording in Sect. 215 to think that de Vattel is referring to a 'natural born' citizen therein, when all de Vattel is doing there is discussing a 'born citizen'.  Sect. 215 does not negate or repudiate Sect. 212, which talks about both the parents - jus sanguinis, in the legal parlance - AND the 'soil' - jus soli.  We're talking apples and oranges here.  

The best/most comprehensive source of info on this subject that I know of is Atty. Mario Apuzzo's site: puzo1dotblogspotdotcom.   

I agree, Stan.

The best way to support the US Constitution and answer the "natural born citizenship" question is to defeat Cruz and Rubio at the polls.  Then pursue an orderly effort to somehow get the truth embedded into a legislative action.

All the pundits are scratching their heads to try and decipher the Trump success......"we the people" are not a bunch of turnip heads as the establishment and it's mouth-piece media is blind to understand.

Trump may not be perfect but he's the hope to solve the NBC issue (for now) and empty the "trough" of the gluttonous pigs that have held us hostage for decades. 

Unfortunately that what the bible says in the last days 

We turned at at caucus night to vote and set a new record here in Nevada last night. And the Donald won by double digits.. If the Staus Quo hasn't gotten the message yet they will in a week or so...... We're tired of the professional politicians who never worked an "honest" day in their lives, we're tired of the lies, the back room deals, the dirty politicking, and people running who arnt qualified. Trump was supported here in Nevada by a large percentage of the Latino and Christian community. Govenor Sandavol voted for Rubio,we will remember that come election time!!!
I'm so glad to see people here in Nevada are awake, their not buying what these snake oil salesmen are
Selling. WERE PLAYING OUR TRUMP CARD..............

Harry, I think you're absolutely correct in all of this assessment. The only way we're going to straighten this mess out is to vote and elect Trump. We have got to get the illegals out of this race. We can all see now just how much these politicians care about the Constitution, - not one wit. The fact that the GOP establishment is pushing Rubio so hard when they know he is not eligible is proof positive that they don't care about nor do they intend to obey the Constitution. The amount of money being allocated to getting Rubio nominated is staggering. And it's coming from all sides of the isle. Even the hard-core Democrat political machines are contributing to the Rubio campaign. I believe they want Rubio to win the GOP nomination so that he will loose and they can put Hillary in as POTUS. And that includes the GOP.

"The best way to support the US Constitution and answer the "natural born citizenship" question is to defeat Cruz and Rubio at the polls.  Then pursue an orderly effort to somehow get the truth embedded into a legislative action.

All the pundits are scratching their heads to try and decipher the Trump success......"we the people" are not a bunch of turnip heads as the establishment and it's mouth-piece media is blind to understand.

Trump may not be perfect but he's the hope to solve the NBC issue (for now) and empty the "trough" of the gluttonous pigs that have held us hostage for decades."

Rich Perry came on Hannity this morning and called for Tumps last few years of tax returns. It was obvious he wasn't for Trump and it is also well known that Rubio had some troubles already. That hurt Perry when he was running and he says that's why he lost out. I don't think it would hurt Trump anyway because he's not a politician and his supporters don't care about all that. I don't! If there is any way I can keep the government from keeping my money on my taxes I'll use it! 

He said recently that his accountants are working on his tax returns right now; they are yuuuuge, of course, so it takes some time!

Romney called for the last 2 or 3 years too. Actually said he should make public last 3 years.

I was wrong. It wasn't Perry . It was Mit Romney that was on and want's the tax info. sorry

I agree completely, Harry.
No matter how much dissention is created here in this forum, over the controversy, not a bit of difference will be made as far as the actuality. It will only cause ill will, confusion, and unrest, which we do not need to have amongst ourselves. It will be decided when it matters, at the polls. It is then that one makes their mark, and then that it will count, not here. We need to remain as united as possible, and although we all have our own opinions, theories, and conjectures, we can make them without causing hard feelings, or retorts which scream of ill tempered alternate beliefs. We need to keep our relationships civil, as we all want the same thing. We want a Government which will operate within the Constitution. None of us want a Dictator, nor do we want to be subjects.

It appears they are burning out anyway, as Trump continues a massive lead over either of them.
Donald Trump goes all kung fu, on any rival who gets too close. It is his nature, otherwise he leaves them alone, for the most part. I believe they will soon do the job for us, as they begin to vie for second place. At that time the claws will come out, and the cat fight will begin between the 1st and second losers.
I only hope we actually have a election. I stand in fear of this wolf dressed as a man, and just how far reaching his powers really are. I do not see a false flag, and resulting declaration of Martial Law, as a non-reality. I believe this will LIKELY happen, thus canceling the election process, until Nobama himself would lift the declaration. I do not see this as a reality, as long as it keeps him in control.
He has brought us to the fringe of loosing our revered standing as the worlds reserve currency. This is becoming obvious as many Countries already are not accepting our dollar as payment for goods, or debts.
If this happens, we will be bankrupt overnight, and our over printed dollars will become a small percentage of their value, if they have any value at all, other than here. He has a agenda to destroy this Country, and I believe he is not finished, until he accomplishes this goal/agenda.
This will in effect, and quite really, make the great depression of the 30’s look like a walk in the park.
We do not have a lot of time, we need to be considering actions other than electing a President who will save us from this man. We need a alternate, and likely bloody plan to achieve the same thing which was done in the 1700’s, to make this a New Nation, Under God.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, I am a Realist, with a relatively high IQ, and the ability to look outside the unobvious, to see the obvious. I am a strong study of the KJV Bible, especially in the area of Beginning of Sorrows, the Tribulation, and last days Prophecies. I see clearly many of those Prophecies unfolding, at a alarming rate. Russia bonding with the middle east, is one of those Prophecies now fulfilled. Read, Study, and learn, do not take my word for it. It is there for all to see, for all with even a reasonably comprehensive mind.

I am sorry to see that Ben Carson is running dead last. that is a stark contrast from a while back, when he was running second, and a strong challenger to the Donald. Unfortunately, the bulldog nature of Trump came to bare upon Ben, because he was so threatening at the time. He used information against Ben Carson, which put him in a evil light with many. The really unfortunate part is, that all he said was public knowledge, and not at all trying to be hidden by Ben. In fact, it is a open book to all, in his movie made of his life. It goes through his childhood, to the very first separation, by him, of conjoined twins, successfully. He is a brilliant neurosurgeon, and did in fact go through a troubled time in his youth Watch the movie, Gifted Hands, and you will see that the truth is all there, and that what Donald Trump used against him, was already a matter of public truth, and openness.



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