May 16th, 2014. One year ago today the people of Operation American Spring and the Patriots For America stood in Washington DC in protest and on a mission to try to save America.

Several thousand loyal patriotic Americans managed to make the journey from all around the country. Unfortunately not enough came and the objective of mission was not achieved, (To impeach Obama, his administration, and to restore the Constitution of The United States of America). Note that I did not use the term failed in this statement. We did not achieve our goals one year ago, but I do not consider our mission a failure. The people of OAS/PFA exercised our Constitutional rights of the people to gather and assemble in peaceful demonstration. To all those who managed to attend, Thank You. To all those who did not – for what ever reason, you missed a great day.

GOD Bless, and May GOD Bless America.

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We may not have achieved our goal to impeach Obama, but the mission to restore America to it's origins and roots as a Constitutional Republic has NOT failed and must never be allowed to fail.

Old Rooster -

Amen to that!

We must continue to remind our leaders that We The People hired them to work in service for America and not their personal interests and that of others (foreign and domestic).

We should be much further along in our pursuits to restore the U.S. Constitution and American Freedoms. 

Old Rooster,

I had a great 12 days in DC and wish that I did not have to return home so soon. We had many a great conversations around the camp fires with great folk from across this great nation of ours. We will raise again to fight for our beloved Constitution.

My God look over and Bless each and everyone of us that are willing to fight for this Great Nation.  

I agree Larry, Good 12 days.

Even through the rain,,,,,,, And IT DID RAIN.

6 to 7 inches the night of May 15 at Bull Run, was worried that we was going to be late because of being flooded out.( "Hell that's a story for the campfires"). But we made it on time and marched across the bridge.

OH YEAH, did it rain.  So many accidents that night because of all the rain.  Gills would have been helpful that night.  :o)

I would like to make a couple of suggestions for if it is tried again.  1 we have a team out and actively and peacefully raising their voice 24 hours a day (yes that means we would have to better coordinate things so that it is not just the same few that are making themselves hoarse).  2 Daylight hours we are outside, but as physically close to the building that houses congress as absolutely physically possible.  After dark, we move to being across the street from the White House....again doing things in a very peaceful manner.  Command, communications, and power charging area will be set up at one of those two places....and I would hope somebody would have a portable generator.  Charging anything in the DC area takes forever!  I think every watt of energy has to go through's that slow.  On top of that, tactically, it makes sense.  

It is not too late to do it again!  :)

Figure out a way to get me up there, stay, eat, and charge my wheel chair and you have my support.

Col. Riley's OAS anniversary message today was perfect, he tied it all together short and sweet and it is a great reminder of why we went and why i believe most of us would do it again.

The current Jade Helm 15 exercise may provide the goosing the masses need to realize the very real threat to every americans freedom and pave the way for our next OAS.

Thanks for the great photos.

From some of the messages I am receiving it is beginning to look like this Jade Helm exercise is either one of two things.

#1) Jade Helm may be simply a diversion tactic to keep the country's attention away from the TPP treaty negotiations. Talk about a bad deal for America - that thing appears to be the final nail in our coffin.

#2) Possibility for JH-15, It could be just exactly what we've been hearing about,,,, Training and a full blown exercise to control and put-down the rioting that will occur if and when the people find out what is in that TPP treaty.

And if what I'm hearing is true when the people find out what is in it, there WILL be hell to pay for every member of this government that votes for and signs it.

Over 1,000 pages long and NOBODY is allowed to read it.



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