One-fourth of votes of overseas troops were uncounted in 2008 election

Since the Clinton years, I have watched as many of our deployed troops votes have not been counted. The reason for this is because if all of our troops votes are counted...the fascist/socialist would never win an election.

Every election cycle we hear about this and we get loud about it, but when the election cycle is done...most of us get quiet about it, until it happens again. We need to keep this offense up front and we need to get it fixed...This is an offense against the very men and women who fight and bleed for our liberty and also to defend our constitution from foreign and domestic enemies. It's also an offense for us to put it on the back burner and forget about it until it happens again....which if we do not confront and fix will continue to happen time and time again.

Our deployed troops fight for us...We Should Fight For THEM and THEIR RIGHTS!

H/T to Pete Weaver at We The People

Also a big thanks to IM ABRAMS for writing this and the Chicago Tribune for posting it.

IM ABRAMS | Associated Press Writer
4:32 PM CDT, May 13, 2009

WASHINGTON (AP) — One out of every four military personnel and other Americans living abroad may have been thwarted in their efforts to vote in the 2008 election because of communications and bureaucratic problems, according to a congressional report released Wednesday.

"Registration deadlines, notary requirements, lack of communication, mail delays, poor address information and state laws that put in place untenable mailing dates are all severe problems," Sen. Charles Schumer, chairman of the Senate Rules and Administration Committee, said at a hearing.

Schumer, D-N.Y., said the study prepared by the committee and the Congressional Research Service, while providing only a snapshot of voting patterns, "is enough to show that the balloting process for service members is clearly in need of an overhaul." He plans to work with Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., in crafting legislation dealing with the issue.

The study surveyed election offices in seven states with high numbers of military personnel: California, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington and West Virginia.

It said that of 441,000 absentee ballots requested by eligible voters living abroad — mainly active-duty and reserve troops — more than 98,000 were "lost" ballots that were mailed out but never received by election officials. Taking into account 13,500 ballots that were rejected for such reasons as a missing signature or failure to notarize, one-quarter of those requesting a ballot were disenfranchised.

The study found that an additional 11,000 ballots were returned as undeliverable.

Gail McGinn, the Defense Department's acting undersecretary for personnel and readiness, told the committee that the Pentagon "has taken extraordinary steps to ensure that members of the uniformed services, their family members and overseas citizens have an opportunity to vote."

She said the department will issue a report to Congress in December on the results of the 2008 election and said other surveys, while providing useful information, should be viewed with caution if their results are based on non-random populations.

Schumer later provided data from his home state of New York concluding that two out of every five military absentee ballots go uncounted. It takes as much as 82 days for New York State troops stationed overseas to go through the absentee voting process, he said.

Schumer's office said that because a person living abroad must request the absentee ballot and show a clear intention to vote, voter negligence is not thought to be a major factor.

Rather, Schumer said in a statement, there is a chronic problem of military voters being sent a ballot without sufficient time to complete it and send it back.

Among the states surveyed, California had 30,000 "lost" votes out of 103,000 ballots mailed out. An additional 3,000 ballots were returned as undeliverable and 4,000 were rejected.

The hearing took up possible problems in the Pentagon's Federal Voting Assistance Program, which handles the election process for military personnel and other overseas voters.

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This is absolutely ridiculous to have our men and women in the Service being disenfranchised like this!

I can here the thunder in the distance, a storm is brewing.

FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE! ...someone paid.

bill, a 48%er or 49%er?
Although this makes my Army blood boil I have to admit I am not the least bit surprised at this bullshit. Historically the military is overwhelmingly Republican and conservative and most of us have a real disdain for the anti-war, anti-military retards. The libs know this and how we historically vote. Schumer is pretty close to the top of the shitbird hit parade as far as most of us are concerned although he has a lot of company. He is so full of shit, it's no wonder his eyes are brown. His excuses and rationalizations are pure nonsense. These people SAT on our votes and never counted them.

And what is so ironic is the white guilt libs were screaming bloody murder about blacks getting disenfranchised in 2004. We put our lives on the line for these pathetic sons of bitches and this is how they treat us, by essentially telling us that neither us nor our opinions matter and we don't deserve to have a say in the very government we are in harms way and spilling our blood to protect. F*** them all and damn each and every one of them all to hell. I would love to put every single damn one of them on point every time we break down a door on a 0200 raid. Let them be the bullet magnets instead of our good soldiers. And I would step right over their dead or wounded bodies to go complete the mission.

I sincerely apologize for the language, it is out of character for me, but I am mighty damn pissed off at the moment.
This does not surprise me at all!!!
When you get people who "has tenure" as the majority of the politicians have ie the asile jumper "JUMPING JIM JEFFORDS AND SPECTOR" who only "switched" parties in order to get reelected (hopefully) in order that they could take more of the taxpayers money.
In my opinion, the respective Military service should acquire the "mail in ballots" at least six months in advance and add a full month for the ballots to be "post marked" prior to the date of election. In the case of President that date would be approximately
BAGS OF MAIL GO OUT every day TO THE TROOPS OVERSEAS. The ONLY "BIG DEAL" that I can see is just when we can get "TERM LIMITS" started and get the dishonest POLITICIANS out. This may take a number of years but for the quickest time
The Decideing Factor?,there IS NO EXCUSE for our Military votes to be done this way......But then this is a social evil according to the communist take over of this Country,which has been sweeping the United States for over 50 years,Commrades, our votes have not counted for along time,they make the races look so close to distract us from the true event,...There IS NO EXCUSE for our votes to be swept under the table,the last time I looked,OUR FLAG IS STILL WAVEING,THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION IS UNDER ATTACT,BUT STILL REIGNS,and under our Constitution,WE DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO PROTECT OUR COUNTRY from COMMUNIST INVASION,from within and out,this is no longer about democrates,republicans or independants IT IS ABOUT OUR COUNTRY and it BEING INVADED BY SOCILIST COMMUNISM,when our words and our votes no longer count,when our LAWS ARE VIOLATED with NO recourse,it is up to WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA TO DEFEND AND RESTORE OUR CONSTITUTION AND OUR FREEDOMS!
This really burns me up!!!
This is absolutely absurd but it's been going on for some time. I still don't know why the Republicans didn't fix this when they were the majority. There is certainly no incentive for the Democrats to fix it. There are too many Democrats that could loose out on this. Once again, I am ashamed by my government.

Tim- The "Help America Vote Act" was supposed to take of this problem. The Act spent twenty million dollars to translate "voter educatation materials" into languages other than English and was supposed to remove obstacles to American citizens being able to vote.

Many Americans don't realize how much political influence illegal immigrants have, Click Underlined Link:

From City Hall All The Way-Up to the President's Cabinet
If you are really fed up with the same old situation and nothing changing, get ACTIVE!
Happened to us in 2004. My battalion was in Iraq and we never even got our ballots until around a week after Election Day. Granted, our overland mail delivery was somewhat slow. However, I watched FedEx and UPS planes come and go everyday. Getting those ballots to the troops should not have been a problem. It needs to be a priority.
Get involved, do whatever it takes to see that this never happens again. Contact your reps, create a coalition (a special interest group like the LIBS always drum up)...anything and run with it! The Silent Majority is silent no more! Let's roll!!
Is there clear evidence that this would have changed the final results? This artical seems some facts and some speculation. Is it Minn. that is still hagelling over 500 + votes? If something could be prooved or shown to have changed the results wouldn't the Republican Party have contested the elkection and filed suit? It is just another shadow lerking over this man in the Black House.



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