Online fighting? Who are you really fighting with and are you making a difference? NOPE! Here's why!


"This is what i was talking about with the paid commenters, if you click the link and go to grassroots campaign website it tells you their current campaigns. the money is from Soros and a bunch of California Trust fund baby's who feel guilty about the money mommy and daddy left them."




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Did U read the "SHIT" on VoteVets= who supports them! WOW what lies. First thing any Democrat wants to cut is MILITARY!!!!  They make it almost impossible for the Soldier in the field to vote, sending out LATE voter ballots, not set up assistance office for soldiers to vote etc.. Hope they show all those people they know on the door a picture of their ICON Jane Fonda! Maybe some pictures of Code Pink! I'm telling ALL the vets I know about these people= Vote Vets!! I'm from PA! 

These people are the ones who hire the people to monitor talk radio and comment pages like this one. They are paid to troll and post pro-lefty comments on pages, or fake racist/dumb comments. Ever notice how one or two people seem to appear on a comment page and try to change the subject to "The Republicans do it too" or "It's Bush's fault" anything to get people off subject.

They also have hundreds of fake blogs that will make it look like a bunch of people are supporting or talking about something, like Occupoo Wall Street,  they have them set up so Google crawls them and promotes them in it's web searches, then they claim there is a massive up swell of public support for their cause.

Remember how a "Horrible Failure" Google search returned George W Bush? These are the people who do that kind of stuff. But they it for banning salt, soda, school lunches, banning guns and ammo, promoting (fill-in name) is a stupid-dummy-head-Republican.

Ever notice how people in "person on the street" off the cuff news interviews seem to know their crap? Then you search them and they are really people who work for organizations like this. These people make sure the "reporter" talks to this "random person" these people make that happen.

Santa Cruz is ground zero, The HQ of the filth destroying the media and discrediting Conservatives and their news outlets.

DON'T REPLY BACK to their posting ! I've heard they get paid more for the amount of replies. We try to ignore them BUT they do post just to get a response! ALL these GROUPS, R BILLIONAIRES Progressives/Communist sucking off the taxpayers. Taking tax $, grants & tax free status! The Billionaire keep their money in their pockets! They get the Middle Class to support (without permission) their causes! Usually these causes R against the middle class or Americans interest! Hollywood does the same thing- The Progressive COMMUNIST PARTY  calls that FAIR SHARE! I call it racketeering scam on TAXPAYERS!

I'll continue to post Y the IRS is giving groups a 501 tax free status NEED to be check out! They are NOT non partisan & they have attacked the churches if they give surmons their non profit (tax free) would be taken away. I'll still B fighting with these people on line! I'm tired of being silent! This is re-distribution of Americans money to other countries! Let the BLACKS know this & see how they are getting shafted! 

Tell you something about why these people hate us Christians?

Have I ever said that I HATE all libtards?

Did you see the "symbol" of their web site?  Look at the far right of the picture up on top...



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