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What's on my mind?

The love of America is on my mind...specifically the longevity of America is in jeopardy. Too much blood, body parts, broken bodies, and destroyed families have been sacrificed to allow a corrupt government to continue...there must be accountability.

There are two realistic presidential choices in the November 8, 2016 election. We have never enjoyed a completely ideal candidate to lead our nation and we don't have that person today. However, we must choose one.

Donald Trump is a leader ready to focus on law and order, will appoint US Constitution focused Supreme Court Justices, stop the illegal immigration disaster, put teeth back into a sound economic approach, recognize ISIS for what it is...Islamic Radical Terrorism..., replace Obamacare, get rid of common-core in our schools, restore our military, support our police, and begin the restoration of America as the shining city on the hill.

Trump is a proven leader in establishing a gigantic public empire, the principles of which are not much different from leading our nation, a proven developer in the economic sphere, a man who will lead from the front, a leader who recognizes and has surrounded himself with men and women of professional capability, a man who has grasped and understands the priorities of "we the people", a man who reads clearly the 'political establishment/elite" history of stealing from taxpayers and filling their own pockets, a man that will indeed reverse the downward spiral of the liberal threat to freedom and liberty, making America great again..

The other choice is Hillary Clinton, a proven 30+ year politician living off the public taxpayer, a proven perjurer, a demonstrator of fabrication underlying the Benghazi story of a video, a despicable individual who purposefully looked into the eyes of grieving mothers who lost sons at Benghazi and told them an "in-your-face" lie "...that a video was the cause of their sons death", a person willing to testify in congress about Benghazi saying " at this point, what difference does it make", two-faced, says one thing in private and another what public wants to hear, a proven law-breaker in destroying tens of thousands of government emails, willingly violating direction by Congress in refusing to abide by a congressional subpoena, a proven threat to national security and jeopardizing military and civilian lives by including highly classified information in emails contained on a personal, non-secure server in a non-secure facility, violating State Department regulations by having a private email system, a clear and present danger through stated policy of accepting tens of thousands of refugees into the United States from nations involved in Islamic radical terrorism without proper vetting, supports open borders and a world government approach, ignoring the United States Constitution, will make Supreme Court appointments without US Constitution criteria, and the list of offensive, dangerous approach goes on....

As Trump says, the system is rigged. He has been battling the republican and democrat political establishment; the liberal media is in a conspiracy to defeat him; the first two debates witnessed Trump against, Hillary, the moderators, and the press and they won't stop. So here we have one man in a picture of David and Goliath and he still stands.

The backbone of Trump is of he perfect? Of course not, but he won't quit and will indeed answer the 3 AM matter what the evil establishment/elites throw at him, he meets the challenge, and has proven where he stands is where he stands, come hell or high water.

Trump has proven he will stand for America, you and me. Now the shoe is on our foot. Will we stand with him? Will everyone of us get our boots on the ground and round up vast numbers of patriots that love America, who believe Trump is on target as the best choice, and get us all to the polls on November 8, 2016 to vote for him?

I'm delivering two absentee ballot votes for Trump to our Supervisor of Elections office today.

Our nation is in jeopardy of total destruction if Hillary Clinton must not happen.

For the love of God and God's blessing, let us do our duty, vote, and secure a reversal of the last eight years, demonstrate contempt for the political establishment elites, crush the evil, greedy, power focused media, and move toward restoring truth, liberty, law and order in America.

Elect Donald J. Trump as our next President of the United States.

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Harry Riley

Voter Registration Cards Sent by State to Non-Citizens
Read this article    


In September, (Pedro Cortes ) the Secretary of State’s office in Pennsylvania mailed about 2.5 million postcards to people who are not registered voters, but are licensed drivers.

The problem – not all of those licensed drivers are American citizens.


Absolutely and now a few weeks later, we are at number 40 and counting!

I wrote something or so I thought; it obviously did not post....been trying to figure out a way to personally, by that I mean all of us in dif organizations, bring HRC to trial before the election...I have an attorney whom can practice here but does not live ideal person and an honest one....try her for treason..we have enough proof for him to use it and win.

I wrote, it did not appear, look above.....hmmm

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama funding and shipping arms and weapons to ISIS.

Arms dealer says administration made him scapegoat on Libya operation to 'protect' Clinton

FOX News;

Sounds very familiar does it not and this is more of what we will get if this basket case lesbian gets in.

Harry, well said!  Do I have your permission to post this on FB?

Harry, now that i see how corruption is done, i lost faith in the system, i truly think we never got our votes in, i think its all theater, BO would have never got in if they didn't fix the voting machine, and i think the samething  is going to be repeated again, may God help us all amen;

Personally I believe it won't really matter who wins, YHVH God is in charge, His will is at work, it's all laid out in the Bible and we are into the beginning of the End Times, and we're at the point of Jacobs troubles; Tribulation quickly follows and there is no secret (pre-Tribulation) Rapture coming.

Excellent commentary, Harry.  As many of you know, I spend hours and hours every single day searching out the real truth rather than the manipulated pablum fed to us by the establishment media.  I would like to offer just a bit of what I have discovered recently.  Shall we talk about that "appalling, unconscionable, terrible, disgusting, unacceptable" and on and on and on tape of Donald Trump's comments, for which a whole host of top Republicans have now disavowed Trump? (Just heard that one of my NE turncoat traitors who UNENDORSED him due to the tape has now RE-ENDORSED Trump, NE Senator Deb Fischer - wonder if my scathing e-mails to her had anything to do with that? would like to think so.)  The following comment has not been "vetted" by "the professionals" but personally, I believe it to be likely.  This person claims to have been the sound assistant the day the tape was made.  "I was assisting the sound guy on the Billy Bush and Trump video. (actually assisting sound). This is TOTALLY out of context.  Billy and TRUMP were JOKING during the sound tests about all the things people THINK celebs get away with....They were WAY OVER THE TOP joking about things they get away with....they said things like they had been astronauts, cult leaders, secret members of the Beatles....Totally joking and MAKING FUN of the "do you know who I am" crowd...The video everyone saw was just them carrying over from that earlier fun, over the top silliness.  This tape has been edited and cut to make it to look awful.  This video is SUCH BS.  TRUMP WAS A GENTLEMAN TO EVERYONE ON THE SET."

Claims are now coming out by multiple people that this was a set-up by the GOP - Jerry Fallwell, Jr., President of Liberty University, was on Lou Dobbs' show last night - this is a video of that interview:  Jerry Falwell Jr.: "GOP Elites Were Behind Trump Sex Talk Tape - I Was Tipped Off"

The following is a link to the #GOPSabotage Twitter feed, with claims that the tape was leaked to WaPo by Dan Senor (former Bush administration) whose wife, Campbell Brown, is a former CNN host.  Dan Senor also happens to be a senior advisor to none other than Paul Ryan!!!  This has now also been reported on the GatewayPundit website.

And then, there is this:  A woman by the name of Sally Miller, former Miss Arkansas, claims to have had an affair with Bill Clinton for 3 months while he was AK Governor.  The DailyMail interviewed her - that article is here:

She also recently posted the following on her FB page:  "I'm disgusted that some of you on FB refuse to learn THE TRUTH; to unplug your ears, correct your vision, and get "real." So...stay dumb and ignorant and never think for yourself.  For me, I refuse to let others tell me how and what to think; I want to learn as much as I can--- both pro and con---about a person or a subject, then form my own opinion.  If you enjoy depending on others to tell you what to eat, what to wear, how to think, and who to vote for...then don't read my posts, especially the excerpts from My Book.  If you can't stand to learn THE TRUTH...then go back to your TV and keep watching soap operas and cartoons.

From my book "THE BEAUTY QUEEN, Let No Deed Go Unpublished:"

"The most sobering remarks ever shared by Bill Clinton came after I told him about visiting Easter Seal the day before and singing songs with a group of children with disabilities.  More serious than I had ever seen him, Bill repeated a frightening promise Hillary made during her pregnancy.  He described Hillary being viciously angry, doubling both her fists, beating on her stomach, and yelling, "If this fucking thing inside me is a brainless Mongoloid or a Thalidomide Freak, or has any other deformity, you can be damn sure I'll have the fuckin' retard killed.  I will not let some piece of pathetic, dribbling shit ruin my life, is that clear?!?!?!  PS...HILLARY CLINTON: YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE FOR: A WOMAN, A WIFE, A MOTHER, A LEADER OR...A PRESIDENT!"

Perhaps this explains Hillary Clinton's belief that babies have NO Constitutional rights until AFTER birth, and her support for abortion up to 36 weeks and partial-birth abortion.  How anyone with any integrity or character at all could possibly ever, ever consider voting for this evil, evil person is way beyond my ken!!!!

BE FOREWARNED - THEY WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO STOP TRUMP!!!!!  The following is a video from Anonymous regarding a man called "AJ" (preserving his privacy and keeping him safe) who was hired to act as a Trump impersonator in ads for the Clinton campaign that have Trump calling a black man "nigger" and striking a woman, giving her a black eye, at a casino (ironic that he claims to have been a democrat all his life and a Clinton supporter - he is now a Trump supporter) "I Played Donald Trump In A Fake, Racist Ad for Hillary Clinton"

Here is another video that backs up portions of my previous comment - psyops, pure and simple: 

OUTRAGEOUS INTERVIEW! YourVoice™ Radio - The Paul Ryan Coup Exposed!



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