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What's on my mind?

The love of America is on my mind...specifically the longevity of America is in jeopardy. Too much blood, body parts, broken bodies, and destroyed families have been sacrificed to allow a corrupt government to continue...there must be accountability.

There are two realistic presidential choices in the November 8, 2016 election. We have never enjoyed a completely ideal candidate to lead our nation and we don't have that person today. However, we must choose one.

Donald Trump is a leader ready to focus on law and order, will appoint US Constitution focused Supreme Court Justices, stop the illegal immigration disaster, put teeth back into a sound economic approach, recognize ISIS for what it is...Islamic Radical Terrorism..., replace Obamacare, get rid of common-core in our schools, restore our military, support our police, and begin the restoration of America as the shining city on the hill.

Trump is a proven leader in establishing a gigantic public empire, the principles of which are not much different from leading our nation, a proven developer in the economic sphere, a man who will lead from the front, a leader who recognizes and has surrounded himself with men and women of professional capability, a man who has grasped and understands the priorities of "we the people", a man who reads clearly the 'political establishment/elite" history of stealing from taxpayers and filling their own pockets, a man that will indeed reverse the downward spiral of the liberal threat to freedom and liberty, making America great again..

The other choice is Hillary Clinton, a proven 30+ year politician living off the public taxpayer, a proven perjurer, a demonstrator of fabrication underlying the Benghazi story of a video, a despicable individual who purposefully looked into the eyes of grieving mothers who lost sons at Benghazi and told them an "in-your-face" lie "...that a video was the cause of their sons death", a person willing to testify in congress about Benghazi saying " at this point, what difference does it make", two-faced, says one thing in private and another what public wants to hear, a proven law-breaker in destroying tens of thousands of government emails, willingly violating direction by Congress in refusing to abide by a congressional subpoena, a proven threat to national security and jeopardizing military and civilian lives by including highly classified information in emails contained on a personal, non-secure server in a non-secure facility, violating State Department regulations by having a private email system, a clear and present danger through stated policy of accepting tens of thousands of refugees into the United States from nations involved in Islamic radical terrorism without proper vetting, supports open borders and a world government approach, ignoring the United States Constitution, will make Supreme Court appointments without US Constitution criteria, and the list of offensive, dangerous approach goes on....

As Trump says, the system is rigged. He has been battling the republican and democrat political establishment; the liberal media is in a conspiracy to defeat him; the first two debates witnessed Trump against, Hillary, the moderators, and the press and they won't stop. So here we have one man in a picture of David and Goliath and he still stands.

The backbone of Trump is of he perfect? Of course not, but he won't quit and will indeed answer the 3 AM matter what the evil establishment/elites throw at him, he meets the challenge, and has proven where he stands is where he stands, come hell or high water.

Trump has proven he will stand for America, you and me. Now the shoe is on our foot. Will we stand with him? Will everyone of us get our boots on the ground and round up vast numbers of patriots that love America, who believe Trump is on target as the best choice, and get us all to the polls on November 8, 2016 to vote for him?

I'm delivering two absentee ballot votes for Trump to our Supervisor of Elections office today.

Our nation is in jeopardy of total destruction if Hillary Clinton must not happen.

For the love of God and God's blessing, let us do our duty, vote, and secure a reversal of the last eight years, demonstrate contempt for the political establishment elites, crush the evil, greedy, power focused media, and move toward restoring truth, liberty, law and order in America.

Elect Donald J. Trump as our next President of the United States.

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In a sense, it is reverse Sedition, the overthrow of a country and that is punishable by death, firing squad..Constitutional; I would settle for that but rather, hang them from a tree and let them think of what they have done to a great country and one, until this ilk came, bent over backwards, on their own, to help those that are not terrorists countries.


Send this off to Trump NOW!!!! They are calling for suggestions..I was not quite as defined but suggested he keep her on the defensive for all that she has not done, all the lies and what she has done..including cussing regards Chelsea while pregnant..what that tells each every parent of a handicapped child, they will be killed. EO

I am not giving up on election. But it looks like the Bilderberg group will win. To think revolutionary change could come via elections was wishful thinking. One thing Trump has accomplished is he galvanized a movement...Maybe Trump losing is by God`s design. The big Question is were does this movement go from here...Perhaps it is time for  An American Spring. Maybe the first one was meant to be a rehearsal. All I can Promise is I AM ALL IN WITH ANY FORM OF MARCH ON WASHINGTON. I will set up a mess hall that can feed thousands. I will follow the lead of a good leader and help with every ounce of my soul/

Sounds to me like you are giving up on the election.  No, it doesn't look like they will win, particularly if we stand firm and continue to support him in every way.  That includes NOT giving up!!!!  Once again, advocating for violence when there IS still a chance that it can be avoided!  Frankly, I am sick and tired of this defeatist attitude!!!!

I guess we'll find out 11/9/16?  And if revolution is necessary we can count you out?  Our Republic was defeated over 52 years ago, JFK assassinated and LBJ installed as the tyrant of the 60's with his nightmare "Great Society".  Go back to 1871 and research that Judith?  You might discover the roots of the collapse of our Republic, Judith.

How about agreeing to disagree rather than fighting each other..........personally I think Trump is God sent for "such a time as this"............not a perfect man by any stretch, nor am I.  Aside for all the sexual topics of the day, my heart says the policy messages Trump talks over and over are what our country needs.  Weiki leaks has demonstrated over and over that Hillary's under the cover of evil and is clearly supporting open borders and global government and every kind of would be the end of America.

Let's face the facts.........if Trump loses, Hillary wins............America destroyed.

We Christians, we that read our Bible and try to understand it, know that God has used rogues before for his purpose - King David, Saul that became Paul, Matthew and many others; we also know that Ismael, the bastard son of Abraham are those miscreants that continue to cause trouble, just as they did in O T times.

Judith,  Violence is coming to your neighborhood regardless of who wins this election..Kevin said nothing about Violence, The first American Spring was a peaceful movement to address grievances and revolutionary change doesn't necessarily come from the end of a gun...However, I do encourage you to keep your powder dry and be prepared for the worst....Remember what Thomas Jefferson said: "The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants"......Jefferson, Washington and all Patriots from that time certainly did not have a defeatist attitude or we'd be hailing to the Queen today.............

Actually Judith I am not giving up on this election. But I understand that Trump has galvanized a movement that needs to be kept alive if Hillary should win the Election.The movement is a blessing from God. Only God can deal in love like this. The tool of Love is a tool of God. The election is soaked with greed and selfishness. Greed and selfishness are tools of the devil. So no Judith I am not putting all my hope into this election. My wish is that if Hillary wins the election ,that all you can recognize that a lose in the election can be a starting point for the rebirth of our Republic.Our mission is not to win an election. NO NO NO. Our mission is much harder than that.Our Mission is to make America Great Again. ...And I hope you all do not quit on this movement if Mr. Trump looses....I am not advocating for violence at all. But you will need to actually carry signs and protest and occupy to make a statement. Being a keyboard Cowboy is not going to defeat evil.

Judith ,Let me add that when I am set up to feed thousands, Tents, tables cookers coolers generators, refer truck. ....I will still need good solid Patriots to peel potatoes ,cook , wash and many other forms of labor. So let me extend an invitation to you Judith and others who want to help ,but just need a little direction in how to help. Just show up if and when it goes down. Have faith that many people will have love in our hearts when this happens.I will follow the lead of a good leader . It will not be total chaotic....IT WILL BE A BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME TYPE OF GRASS ROOTS EVENT. People with big money will fill my refer truck I am sure...Hopefully there will be many food courts through out Washington. But like I said I can set up a very big one. ..But I would hope Millions of Patriots would show up.

To all who have jumped into this particular fray here:  IF Mr. Trump loses next month, I will absolutely be ready to offer whatever skills and talents I possess in furtherance of saving my country on behalf of every American.  Here is my point:  one of the tactics of the enemy is to convince one and all that there is no hope, and Donald Trump simply can't win.  They WANT us to throw in the towel, get discouraged and pissed off, and stop our actions to put Trump in office.  Yes, I am QUITE aware (Lee) of our history and no, you can NOT "count me out" and yes, a vote for ANYONE but Trump IS a vote for Killary, whether you care to admit it or not.  I am also fully aware of the religious aspects of this confluence of events - the US IS Babylon and (paraphrasing here), "The king of the north (Russia) will destroy the king of the south (US)."  "Mystery Babylon has fallen."  The Bible predicted many, many of the major events we have seen occur and our current situation is no exception. Given Obama's desires to be King of the World via the UN, might HE be "the" anti-Christ?  Might Pope Francis be "the" False Prophet?  Mmmmm.....we shall see.  I am simply advocating holding back the rhetoric that NOTHING can change what is coming.  In no way, shape or form did I attack you, Lee.



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