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What's on my mind?

The love of America is on my mind...specifically the longevity of America is in jeopardy. Too much blood, body parts, broken bodies, and destroyed families have been sacrificed to allow a corrupt government to continue...there must be accountability.

There are two realistic presidential choices in the November 8, 2016 election. We have never enjoyed a completely ideal candidate to lead our nation and we don't have that person today. However, we must choose one.

Donald Trump is a leader ready to focus on law and order, will appoint US Constitution focused Supreme Court Justices, stop the illegal immigration disaster, put teeth back into a sound economic approach, recognize ISIS for what it is...Islamic Radical Terrorism..., replace Obamacare, get rid of common-core in our schools, restore our military, support our police, and begin the restoration of America as the shining city on the hill.

Trump is a proven leader in establishing a gigantic public empire, the principles of which are not much different from leading our nation, a proven developer in the economic sphere, a man who will lead from the front, a leader who recognizes and has surrounded himself with men and women of professional capability, a man who has grasped and understands the priorities of "we the people", a man who reads clearly the 'political establishment/elite" history of stealing from taxpayers and filling their own pockets, a man that will indeed reverse the downward spiral of the liberal threat to freedom and liberty, making America great again..

The other choice is Hillary Clinton, a proven 30+ year politician living off the public taxpayer, a proven perjurer, a demonstrator of fabrication underlying the Benghazi story of a video, a despicable individual who purposefully looked into the eyes of grieving mothers who lost sons at Benghazi and told them an "in-your-face" lie "...that a video was the cause of their sons death", a person willing to testify in congress about Benghazi saying " at this point, what difference does it make", two-faced, says one thing in private and another what public wants to hear, a proven law-breaker in destroying tens of thousands of government emails, willingly violating direction by Congress in refusing to abide by a congressional subpoena, a proven threat to national security and jeopardizing military and civilian lives by including highly classified information in emails contained on a personal, non-secure server in a non-secure facility, violating State Department regulations by having a private email system, a clear and present danger through stated policy of accepting tens of thousands of refugees into the United States from nations involved in Islamic radical terrorism without proper vetting, supports open borders and a world government approach, ignoring the United States Constitution, will make Supreme Court appointments without US Constitution criteria, and the list of offensive, dangerous approach goes on....

As Trump says, the system is rigged. He has been battling the republican and democrat political establishment; the liberal media is in a conspiracy to defeat him; the first two debates witnessed Trump against, Hillary, the moderators, and the press and they won't stop. So here we have one man in a picture of David and Goliath and he still stands.

The backbone of Trump is of he perfect? Of course not, but he won't quit and will indeed answer the 3 AM matter what the evil establishment/elites throw at him, he meets the challenge, and has proven where he stands is where he stands, come hell or high water.

Trump has proven he will stand for America, you and me. Now the shoe is on our foot. Will we stand with him? Will everyone of us get our boots on the ground and round up vast numbers of patriots that love America, who believe Trump is on target as the best choice, and get us all to the polls on November 8, 2016 to vote for him?

I'm delivering two absentee ballot votes for Trump to our Supervisor of Elections office today.

Our nation is in jeopardy of total destruction if Hillary Clinton must not happen.

For the love of God and God's blessing, let us do our duty, vote, and secure a reversal of the last eight years, demonstrate contempt for the political establishment elites, crush the evil, greedy, power focused media, and move toward restoring truth, liberty, law and order in America.

Elect Donald J. Trump as our next President of the United States.

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I respectfully disagree Carey Hall.  I know that God is here watching over this country.  There are too many of his children (Christians) that have not just been concerned but have been in prayer over the sad state of affairs this country is currently in.  Donald Trump doesn't have to be perfect for God to use him for this country's good.  He just has to be willing.  I do believe he is willing.  I have been listening to Trump speak on several Fox news programs such as Neil Cavuto over the last several years.  He expressed many times his frustration with how things were being handled, not for the betterment of the United States.  I was able to note his absolute sincerity and concerns we are all in anguish about.  He LOVES AMERICA AND AMERICANS, PERIOD.  Of that I have NO doubt.  He was not planning on running for president at that time....just a businessman that loved our country like we all do.  I so relate to Dad did the same thing once upon a time...a david battling the Goliath all by himself and yes, he was just a businessman, too.  Our entire family was targeted for extinction by a government agency back when I was just 17.  It was a 5 week ordeal with us all leaving for Washington, DC after 1 week at our home.  It was another 4 weeks there.   A Chicago Tribune Washington editor came to our rescue as Congress Critters were not only of no help, they stole our evidence we had found in our home used against us.  We survived because we relied entirely on God 24/7.  We were told in vision by my Mom that they would not harm a hair on our heads.  My parents both have now passed away just 2013 and 2014 (Dad).  I and my sister are still here and obviously will NEVER be able to forget the horrendous assaults on us.  What did my Dad do? you are probably wondering by now.  He had taken 13 to 14 corruption cases and filed them at the Supreme Court/Grand Jury to expose major wrongdoing.  The inner workings of Congress, all the alphabet agencies, etc etc are involved together, stealing us all blind, taxing us to death, etc for their benefit.  My Dad took these to Washington, DC back in October of 1968 and by February 14, 1969 my Dad started noticing he was being followed.  Yes, indeed he was.  We all stuck together as a family unit including my then boyfriend from Sedalia, MO and his Mom who was up here in Kansas City, KS for the Valentine Day weekend.  Our company experienced and saw everything as well.  I cannot begin to tell you how that ordeal has forever shaped me politically.  I am an activist because of it, for sure.  I have been waiting all my life (almost 65, in Dec) for Americans to WAKE UP... and they are...just not in the numbers I would like to see nor soon enough for my liking.  BUT, like I said .... God will answer our prayers, I do believe.  Have faith, hope and keep on keeping on in prayer. 


Direct Descendent of Patrick Henry, the Revolutionary


I am a chip off the ol' blocks, my Dad and Patrick Henry

Thank you for sharing Sharilyn.............God bless you.

Good article.

Amen Col. Riley,

And please, Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Psalm 122:6

Thank You, may GOD forgive and help us all.

How about giving Paul Ryan’s office a call and let that traitor know the repercussions of opposing Trump: 1-608-754-8099

Tell him what you think of his attitude against Trump............his backbone of jelly does not reflect America.

Paul Ryan is a born again Christian, his father is a pastor.  Paul Ryan is not a flunky to the shadow evil government.  I believe Paul Ryan is Daniel in Babylon. lions den of whores. Trump is now the puppet of Babylon as Hilary was and still is.  Ryan has his personal reasons for not promoting Trump and I totally get it.. Because Whoever is in the WH is a pupppet and a front man for the evil groves..

I stand to correct my errors. Paul Ryan is a born again Christian and his father is NOT a pastor.  I was reflecting on Ted Cruz whos father is a pastor. As well, Cruz does not endorse Trump.  These two men come from the same fold, being Christians. As Trump has no clue what  a practicing Christian is.. May be he does, maybe he doesn't.  But being married four times sets the fruit in the bowl. Yes, no one is perfect, however, he seems to be the front man for failed marriages and Clinton is the front lady for enabling her rapist billy boy,  furthermore, Osama Obama, the fraud, is a front man for sodomites and LGBTs.. Where is the standard? There are no standards and anything goes in Washington the capital of Babylon. Russia bombs Babylon? possibility..

Sorry to say : I believe you don`t pay attention when Trump speaks nor to what he says .
One People   One Nation  Under God , that is Trump .

do you actually believe and think Trump writes his own speeches? There is a Wizard behind the curtain.. unbeknownst to the masses.The USA is going to the heap pile and Trump cannot, HE CANNOT fix the messes of the past...its pure illusion. his boyish looks and brash innocent behavior is totally captivating.. He has been groomed for decades as was Obama fraud family.. he is a CIA asset and was not elected by the common people.. this whole campaign has been macabre performance. All brought to you by the men behind the wicked curtain.

Yes , no , I don`t know for sure . Maybe someone does ; but there is no Teleprompter with Trump and it is all in his memory . All I can say is : Trump is the Only One Trying to do something for WE the People and the Nation .
It will take at least Two Decades to fix  All the  problems created by this present and past Leadership .  Carey Hall , I am not here to Compete with your Personal Opinion . 
Have a safe and Blessed day . 
P.S. If you have a better Idea or Solution , Please tell us . Maybe you know of someone that could do a better job .

Just a reminder that Ryan was willing to be VP for Mormon Romney and occupy the White House.  Don't want to get into an argument as to who is the greatest sinner...........none of us would win that one.

Paul Ryan is a traitor and has been for quite a while now.. What has he DONE for AMERICA AND OUR PEOPLE ... WHAT WE WANTED HIM TO DO ????  Nothing!  The only one I have any respect for is Ted Cruz and maybe some for Rand Paul although he is certainly NOT his father.

Ted Cruz has endorsed Trump, as far as I know. 



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