Operation American Spring urges all organizations, groups, and citizens that support Founding Father principles, Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and Rights endowed by our Creator, to bring your agendas to Washington, D.C.
Take advantage of  the powerful vessel OAS has established on the D.C. Mall to get your worthy message in front of America and the lawless occupiers of leadership.....let us unite,unite, unite.
Coordinate your visit with OAS leadership ( to bring your agenda, your handouts, your flags and banners, OAS will fall in behind you and magnify your messages as we assemble in the presence of the White House, Congress, media, et al. Together we will triumph over the evil destruction political power brokers currently occupying Washington, D.C. are pursuing. The Administration “transformation of America” direction is the greatest threat our nation has ever experienced...Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, were bumps in the road compared to the subjugation Obama is formulating and bringing rapidly on American freedom and liberty.
Unity among “we the people” and our various agendas is the only solution to bringing the destructive socialist, communist leaning movement to a halt. Let there be no personal ambition, no one-upmanship, no pride of success, only a focus on elevating the US Constitution once again as the law of the land and the replacement of elements and figures that are engaged in destruction of America.
Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret
Operation American Spring Founder

Please visit  and

“OAS - A call to Constitutional Restoration and Prayer, not a Call to Arms”

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LtC, I am with you in spirit and you are all in my prayers for going once again in the breech of battle, your duty to Flag, country and the precious Constitution of these united States. It is with great pride that I associate myself with you men/women standing up to the great usurper and his miscreant counterparts. The evil ilk there will pay for their treachery as those in the past history found out; that FREE men will never be subjected to the life planned for US Americans -no way! It is a moral imparitive that WE ALL stand at the ready when duty calls US to defend our nations laws and be ready to die for it. ( I was in combat and know what I am saying is not easy) Our Founders were scared and loath to think they would fail in their endeavor, taking on the King of England, but they did so knowing it would be better than what was life then as now. So I say to one and all, God speed and damn the rhetoric on our efforts to stand up against treasonous leaders in DC, amen. Lord God, please bless their efforts if it pleases YOU almighty God. . . .

Jean, Are you heading to DC?  Did you get all the info you needed?  Be sure to order those Metro cards (which you can reload online) and you'll receive them by mail... they're ESSENTIAL!

Col, there are quite a few loyal listeners to the Mark Connors show on  Those of us who can't afford, those who are afraid of being hurt, and homebound persons watch religiously, anxious to hear updates "from the front".  I am trying to get folks organized at state levels using Overpasses for America.  Please don't give up!  We are tweeting, advertising on Facebook, calling congress, etc.

I cannot believe these recent headlines on the release of Top Terrorists to release a traitor with a Muslim speaking 'American' father; that I saw on t.v. seemingly talking to his son in CODE... Meanwhile our USA MArine IS being tortured in Mexico, where is Obama on That one???  The transparency of agenda disgusts me.  My husband and I fully appreciate Operation American Spring and all the people taking a Stand for its Citizens. I will be taking a gun class before they attempt to take my right of bearing it away, and we will be trying to make it out to Washington un armed, to at Support those who are able to STAND on our behalf, to fight this evil tyranical gonverment that is so blatantly insolent to its citizens and especially to out Soldiers and God Fearing Chrisitan Americans.  I never thought I'd see the Day..and here history is in the making...But they will change history in our schools if these warped liberals keep on with this brain washing global "COMMMON CHORE" brain programing 'human drone' agenda currently being taught in our schools,....I have two teachers who are told they must not teach the kids anything outside of the' teacher in the box' "Common Chore" Rhetoric, or they will loose their jobs. I could go on.... Bless Your HArry Riley and ALL THOSE who took up such a Vital Calling. Our Nation is in Trouble with these Demons maquerading around as political leaders in our White House who destory everything of value, moral, principal, and especially God Fearing in our beloved nation etc.... Thank GOd for this Effort. Stay The COurse...Christ Be With You.

this is a great idea. it is a right idea. with rare exception conservative groups operate on their own. the stinking NRA is so arrogant; they talk the talk, but they are miles from walking the walk. They told me when I asked them to give me some information or add their support, "we are a single issue association" and cannot help you. Recently, I asked for some ballistic information. I was told to join and they would get me in touch with one of their experts. Join, hell!!! Help a fellow 2nd Amendment supporter. They and all other groups need to join up, get busy, support and become a force for THE ONE SINGLE ISSUE; defeating Obama, administration, ISLAM, and Marxism. If the NRA continues in this manner they are part of the problem along with any other group that wants to fight this ONE enemy alone, talk, talk, talk and begging for donations and memberships. America does not need much money to fight this enemy. America needs bodies and action from these bodies.

I am demanding that militias, Christian groups (the ones that have not caved in to the muslims, anti-abortionists, 2nd amendment groups, active and retired military, law enforcement and anyone or group that is FOR America, our Constitution, Christianity, families, freedom and any conservative groups to JOIN OAS, SUPPORT OAS, BE ACTIVE WITH OAS. I had no real hope the millions would show up. BUT....Colonel Riley, those who are active or support OAS, stay in D.C. as you have said, as long as it takes. Solicit attorneys, medical hell. food vendors, keep the presses rolling, mail out, call, fax, email material. Solicit, solicit, beg, demand and even shame non supporters to take part in action, "FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES". The point now is not to have millions on May 16. The point is to grow the action in D.C. until it can no longer be overlooked. And 2 or 3 times a year activate state capitol rallies. THIS, I DO SEE AS POSSIBLE!!! Slowly, increasingly, grow, influence, act, within the law agitate. Please send challenges out to every one of the hundreds and thousands of conservatives and groups. For those who will not help in some way, let us know who they are and then we can stop our support for them. The United Methodist Church, Presbyterian USA, and Episcopal Church are currently zealously running interfaith programs of "tolerance and acceptance" for Islam. Check them out, ask them for support. If they refuse (confirm), publish the results. If they support Islam and won't help us, in my opinion they are doing the devil's work. I want Christianity to grow, blossom, not roll over to satan. Those religious institutions are not "automatically" given the name tag of Christian and Godly. Activity like theirs is NOT Christian or Godly. They are an enemy and must be fought FOR God. Just keep the work going. Spread the information, Keep us informed. Send and receive ideas and ways to grow the group;encourage the fight.

I am on board 100%. We have 8 rescued pets and have about a penny left over every month. If OAS STAYS ON SIGHT LONG ENOUGH we WILL save up and be present in the future somehow. I will support you in my heart and prayers. Is there some way we can help from here.

Romney Dickinson



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