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The following was sent to us by an active duty service member currently serving abroad, and is published here with his permission:

Dear Mr. Romney,

I serve my country and have done so for a decade – the thought of another four years of our current direction saddens me. If you do not win, I and many others may find ourselves unemployed as massive cutbacks begin to take hold. It is frightening to picture our warriors standing hopelessly in unemployment lines; this is a fate they do not deserve. There is a paradigm shift occurring, and it is doing so at an astounding pace. We are becoming a nation that does not honor its protectors. We have begun to take from them and to take them for granted... This is a result of the chasm that has widened over the last few decades... A chasm of indecency and selfishness.

Please allow me to explain. Our policies have begun to shift towards victimization; we laud the individual that has always taken and never given. We empower dependency and encourage its advocate. We force those who have already given so much to give more. How long will our nation sit by as its heritage of strength and fortitude is laid to waste? I am saddened as I ponder all those who have made the greatest of all sacrifices... Have their souls been laid to rest in vain?

I am hopeful that someday I can call a man such as yourself my Commander in Chief. But, for now I serve in the Middle East. I and many like me stand watch over our nation. We wear her flag and protect her honor. We are her keepers. We sit silently as crowds gather on Wall Street to profane her name and exercise their right to free speech. We have always protected even those that do not appreciate the awesome price of their freedom.

This may never make it to Mr. Romney... But know this sir; the service members that have sacrificed so much these past 11 years are tired. We cannot afford to sacrifice more; we cannot stand in unemployment lines as policies destroy what we've shed blood to build. Many in the Armed Forces are pulling for you... We need you to win; we need you to pull our country from the brink. Please work hard for those that have always given for our nation. Our brothers’ bodies have left their imprints on the battlefield, their blood has stained the soil of foreign nations, and tears wet the cheeks of those they leave behind. The price is great, it demands the blood of the brave and bold, and it calls for the lives of those filled with courage. Yes... It is a terrible price, but our flag must always fly. Our nation is a lighthouse for all who seek freedom; it guides them as they navigate the rocky shoals of liberty. I implore you sir – remember the sacrifice, remember the price and win.


A Guardian of Freedom

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I don't know who this is, or even if it is real, but this is one of the most impressive messages I have read in a long time.  He hits the nail on the head.  I'm sure it must be very frustrating for these men and women who serve in harm's way to watch helplessly as our leaders destroy this nation one brick at a time.  They certainly don't have the American dream to come home to anymore.  I served during the Korean War in 1950-54.  We held our heads up high then because we thought, no knew, that the citizens back home appreciated what we did and that this country was worth paying the price for - - - even the ultimate price.  I like to think that the military in general is still patriotic American's.  Perhaps this is why Mr. Obama is allegedly building a civilian police force comprised of those who would turn America into something other than what it truly is, and should be.  I hope I am wrong.  

PFA;  In  our  face,  share  It  with  pride, We  are  not  helpless  to  keep  supporting  our  Military..Salute

I would like to say !!!  DITTO !!! Ronald


It is amazing that someone half a world away, taking orders from officers whom it seems really want the United States to fail, can see what is happening within the borders of the U.S.A. while those sitting in front of their TVs on their soft couches, protected by the walls of their home, cannot see anything other than what the so-called news media (opinion giving teleprompter readers) are dishing out.

Stand tall, my Brother, the silent majority is becoming vocal to protect you and back you in your valiant stand for our country.

Thank you for your courageous and selfless service for America, and with God's help, long may she stand.

I hope this gets to Mitt Romney.  He needs to see this as it is so important to all of us who love our


Completely agree with the "Guardian of Freedom".  These are the real heros of America; not politicians, Hollywood actors, professional sports players, or even star olympic athletes. None of the latter volunteer to risk their lives to protect America and for a mere fraction of the financial compensation.  I think it is totally unnecessary and a waste of the president's time (this president or any president) to invite professional sports team winners to the White House.  However, it's never a waste of time for the White House to acknowledge outstanding feats of heroism by members of the military.  I firmly believe the current president would prefer to acknowledge the champs of the NBA than a medal of honor winner.  I do not believe the president appreciates our military and feigns compassion for those who have been maimed or killed in battle.  Even if he actually was  born in Hawaii, he doesn't know much about American history or protocol, or really care.  Go see the movie "Obama's America: 2016" and you'll understand more about what has shaped this man's thinking.

We are few who will stand in the resolve of a Nation in crisis with you Guardian of Freedom and we will not stop until all who are GUILTY are punished. My Faith will not diminish and my word will stand as I will always as others have your six!!

If you can get this contact me at

The letter is moving and impressive, but there is a line in it which gives me pause.  "I and many like me stand watch over our nation.  We wear her flag and protect her honor.  We are her keepers."  The disagreeable truth is the Commander in Chief is the one ultimately charged with standing "watch over our nation".  It is the person in that office and his subordinates who are charged with being the "keepers" of "her honor" and they are NOT doing their job!  The present Commander in Chief even disparages the flag by reconfiguring it to suit his political ends!  He, and those like him, cause brave young men such as the letter writer to stand in harms way as they, the hierarchy, disgustingly acquiesce to the foe rather than provide the backing our troops require.  They politic and pander all the while using a subservient media to spread their progressive doctrine.  A doctrine of defeat, clothed as a doctrine of humanitarian concern for those other than our own.  That is not why our Constitution was written or what America was founded to do!   The Patriots are still here.  They write letters such as the one we see, but the leaders have lost their way.  It's time for the Patriots to take our Country back. 

We all need to google Mitt Romney's State Campaign Office or his national officer.........every State has one.......and then get the number and call and plead with them to give your a fax or email address to copy and send the letter......if we all do it, surely someone in the Romney campaing will get the letter personally to Gov Romney...........


And another 20% under Islamic control but we may have those numbers reversed by now.

This would be way over the head and way above his paygrade to comprehend what this warrior is saying.  You have my support whoever you are, along with that of 99.999999% of we who have served.  This guy isn't qualified to be a patrol leader in the Boy Scouts, much less run any more than a one man parade.  He is a fraud, a parasite, hasn't the knowledge or ability of an average pre-schooler, and would never be able to qualify for Confidential Security Clearance in the military.  Actually without showing a valid Birth Certificate he would not even be accepted into the Military as an E-1.



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