Constitutional Emergency

Open Letter to the Reverend Al Sharpton from Senior Chief Geoff Ross USN (ret)

Dear Al  Sharpton,

    Greetings from Senior Chief Geoff Ross USN (Retired) Navarre Beach Florida.
 I can understand,  what with the price of gas being so low that you can now afford to fill up plenty of gas containers and  keep  throwing them onto the fires being stirred up by your race baiting Communists all over the USA.  Now I am not sure what sort of a reverend you are but in my church we don't go around inciting chaos and hate against anyone.  
 The Police officers in all department's across this nation put their lives on the line for us all daily and we are sick and tired of tax evading punks like you running your mouth trying to install hate and discontent among the masses.  Now I don't care if you hang out with that Long Legged Mack Daddy Communist Obama, he is probably paying you to stir the pot but take some advice and stand down and stop being a race bating  Communist. 
In 1987  you threw gas onto fire and disrespected the brave police officers  in the Tawana Brawley case— . Brawley, an African American teenager, claimed that she was raped by a group of white men—some of whom were allegedly police officers. The case was later dismissed by a grand jury, which reportedly concluded that the teenager had made up the story. But this came after months of media frenzy around the case, largely encouraged by you .  In fact Al you were  sued by the district attorney working the case for making slanderous remarks. You sir were  found guilty and you were fined for your comments. Your nothing but a manure  stirring Communist Al.  Why in 1990 you faced more charges when you were tried and acquitted of stealing from the NYM.  Your quite a nefarious character Al. You claim to represent the black community, how about you start representing all Americans dude.
You can't even let an man alone who was being robbed by four of your brothers on a subway in New York.  Bernhard Goetz shot four African-American men on a New York City Subway 2 train in Manhattan on December 22, 1984, when they approached him and tried to rob him. At his trial Goetz was cleared of all charges except for carrying an unlicensed firearm.  Al, instead of marching for more gun rights for self defense in New York under the 2nd Amendment you  led several marches protesting what you saw as the weak prosecution of the case.  Your a poodle  piss race baiter Al.    You  said Goetz's actions were racist and you requested a federal civil rights investigation. A federal investigation concluded the shooting was due to an attempted robbery  by 4 black men and not race.  Al you are a disgrace dude. 
In 2001  you were  jailed for 90 days on trespassing charges while protesting against U.S. military target practice exercises in Puerto Rico near a United States Navy bombing site. You were  held in a Puerto Rican lockup for two days and then imprisoned at Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn on May 25, 2001, and you had  the Federal Bureau of Prisons ID# 21458-069. You were was released on August 17, 2001. So why where  you protesting  the US Navy and my brothers in arms Al ?  Are you some kind of Communist sympathizer.
During the Crown Heights Riots,  Al you were  seen by some commentators as inflaming tensions by making remarks that included "If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house". Your a race baiter dude.  There are federal laws that protect us from people like you.
Al, you were  quoted as saying to an audience at Kean College in 1994 that, "White folks was in caves while we was building empires.... really dude...... are you trying to build good relations or start a race war ?  Just asking.  You don't even like Mormons and made this comment about Mitt Romney running for President. "As for the one Mormon running for office, those who really believe in God will defeat him anyways, so don't worry about that; that's a temporary situation.  Al,  you are a walking talking race baiting Communist.  We kick people like you out of this country of equal opportunity.
On May 9, 2008 the Associated Press reported that your so called businesses owed almost $1.5 million in unpaid taxes and penalties. You owed $931,000 in federal income tax and $366,000 to New York, and your for-profit company, Rev. Al Communications, owed another $176,000 to the state. Why can't you pay your taxes dude ?  Some folks go to jail for this .... why are you still a free man ?
In 2009 the Federal Election Commission announced it had levied a fine of $285,000 against your 2004 presidential campaign for breaking campaign finance rules during your  presidential run. Al you are a bad guy, a crook and a race baiter.  You just like to stir the pot and throw lighted matches onto gasoline cans so long as its against whites, Jews or Mormons.    Stand down dude.  You are part of the problem.  Start being an American instead of an Obama Communist sympathizer.  I support and salute the brave police officers all over this country that stand up like real Americans and in their courage protect us. Unlike poodle piss,  race baiting Obama ass kissing Communists like you.

Senior Chief Geoff Ross

United States Navy Retired

Surface Warfare - Air Warfare - Airborne

Navarre Beach Florida

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This letter to Sharpton says exactly what many, many decent law abiding Americans of all colors have been saying for a long time. Why in the world the Main Stream Media upholds Sharpton and continues to give him a platform to spew his hate is beyond truly is heart breaking to see.

I don't know you Geoff Ross, but I salute and thank you for the words you have written. You have the courage of a lion. God Bless.

 The media thrives on  selling bad news ..Sad but true.

Because the communist party has gotten a firm foot on the ground in the USA; including many in politics.

Because he's black and is helping the news media make big bucks.

These people are being used to keep the pot stirred while the communist continue to take over the US. When will people of color, Democrats, minorities & other groups wake up to the fact that are being USED?????

Thank you sir for your fine service for this great land. My husband is retired from US Army.

Men and women that serve in the Armed Services are very special people.

And their families are a blessing to the whole United States.

Praise God! We have to pray and ask Almighty God for protection of our military men

and women all over the world.

Away from their families and friends but Praise God it's the direction they have taken,

the road JESUS has sent them on.


NATIONAL GUARD and all the rest of the brave men and women who are willing to give

their lives for this great land.

So please pray and plead the blood of JESUS over each and everyone of them! Hallelujah!

Praise be to Almighty God!

Chief Ross I agree with all you say about al sharpton. He is an evil little man.

A mighty worker of the devil. He is just like the slimey, stinky snakes spoke of in the Bible.

Everytime he's on tv I turn the station.

And I start talking to JESUS asking for direction.

God bless you Chief Ross! My husband and I stand behide you 100%.

God bless you and yours.

Always remember Jesus loves you

Boehner should take some notes here...

I was born in Eastern Kentucky on Oct 4, 1930.  I was delivered by a horse-back riding circuit rider.  Dad paid him $2./00 and Doc Wright road to the next delivery.  The depression had been going on for 11 months + - a few days. We did our farming on the steep mountain after cutting down trees and grubbing up the stumps before plowing to raise our corn.  We had a large garden and Mom canned 500 qts of produce out of the garden.  We milked the Jersey cow, fed the horse and pigs the corn we had to hoe, by hand, plus other feed we had to carry 1/2 mile on our backs from the store.  Those feed bags had 100 lbs of feed in them.  My family refused to get on the democrat band wagon/welfare system.  We eked out a living on the mountain side by the sweat of the brow, in the hot burning sun, often without a shirt to wear.  We worked from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. sometimes later.  It was hard and gruesome labor.  Dad, Mom and 4 boys at the time.  We ate field corn in lieu of sweet corm when it was in the milk stage.  In my Dads family there were 6 school teachers who saw to it that we were "in school." My Mom also worked on the mountain side along with us and would leave the field 45 minutes ahead of us to prepare meals. Mom was an intellectual and belonged to a ladies debating club.  She was an inspiration.  

It galls me to no end to see and hear the complaining, the marching, burning, the looting, and above all anyone who thinks the world owes them a living, or, for that matter, owes them anything.  When a man works and manages his time and money, builds himself a business and he thrives because of his good management  and planning and some nit witted rat comes along demanding his share without ever turning his hand to produce anything but rage and starts marching, destroying buildings and looting, society should lock up those miserable flukes and throw away the key. Or they should fence him in on 2 acres of land and let him produce his own food, and knit his own clothing, build his own outhouse and "lean-to."  40- 60 years ago, before the communists and their proletarian "underclass"  emerged from their couches there was no limit as to what any man could accomplish.  If a man made a promise, he kept it,  If he had a debt, he paid it.  People emerging from the depression days had better morals than is manifest today.  Fornication and adultery sky-rocked after sex education entered in to the secular schools.  Now the "bastard rate" and divorce rate has done irreparable damage to a generation of damaged children due to divorce.  The fathers of those damaged children have been dubbed "birds of passage who live somewhere else."

The revolutionaries now marching and destroying property are the equal to an invading army and should be   treated as such.  Aren't they doing the same thing an invading army would do?

Born in WV James, some 77 years ago James........your observations ring true and on target.............

Them wuz the good ole days, James. Welcome to "my" world. I beat you in to it by showing up in Middle Tennessee on September 13, 1930 letting momma know I was ready to start raising hell. 

The USA of today is nothing like the USA in our young days. I believe it reached its peak of being a GREAT nation during WWII and has been on the down hill side ever since. The government has become our guardians instead of our helpers. Congress is working for the industries instead of we the people. How can anyone afford to spend millions to be elected to an office that won't pay them back in a full term? The Supreme Court is the only branch of our government that doesn't have to campaign like the other two branches. I believe the Executive and Legislative branches should be limited to where they can get their campaign money. The government is working for US, not the industries. For the Oval Office: A candidate should only be able to take money from a citizen of the USA, none from the industries. For a seat in the Senate: A candidate should only be allowed to accept money from the citizens of the State they're campaigning to represent; and for a seat in the the House, only from citizens of the District they're campaigning to represent.

The government was founded to represent we the people who vote them in office to represent us, not the industries who cannot cast votes.

After WWII I believe a lot of communists came to our country.  Then became a private group of people trying to turn the USA into Hitler.  It doesn't explain Al Sharpton, though.   He's just plain racists! I've thought he might be Islamic, too. His friends are... Nation of Islam, Black Panther, etc.

Anna, On a percentage of the races, I believe there is more black racists today than there was white racist in the segregation era.

But on communists coming into our "living room" I believe you must go back to WWI when Woodrow Wilson worked to form the League of Nations. The Republicans got control and "threw it out the door" in 3 years, but they had gotten one foot on the road then and they've been heading up that hill ever since.

Honestly, can you tell any difference between the Democrat and Republican parties today? I can't; except in name only. Add that to the issue now one in Congress raised a question on a man that refused to identify himself running for the Oval Office. And no one in Congress has yet raised a question on his constitutional eligibility. Which raises my question: When was the Constitution changed making a British Subject eligible for that office?



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