Operation American Spring: Can it stop lawlessness in DC?

Operation American Spring is a grassroots movement unique in that people through various contacts–be it through social media or otherwise–have bonded together into leadership groups from various states. Their mission statement can be found on their website. This group hopes to gather three percent of the nation’s population (10 million people) in Washington, DC on May 16th and intends for at least one million people to stay in the DC area and be visible until the federal government returns to following the Constitution.

Norman Wahner, one of the grassroots leaders of Pennsylvania, said, “We have got to end the corruption in DC. They are occupying this place that was once the capital of the free world.” He believes every American citizen has a duty to stop the corruption and preserve the Constitution.

Charles Sulser of Virginia considers himself a simple man and looks at Operation American Spring in a simple way. He said:

This is not about Barack Obama. He just happens to be the president. The problem is still going to be there when he leaves. It is about a government and individuals knowingly and willfully disregarding the Constitution. They are sworn to uphold this document but they are criminally avoiding their duty. We are dealing with lawless representatives. They are not representing the people. Don’t ask me who they are representing, I don’t know and I don’t care. What I know is they are not representing the American people and that needs to change. I call it tyranny house cleaning.

Colonel Harry Riley (retired) is seen as the main leader of the group. He emphasized, as did each of the leaders, that OAS will be an example of a “non-violent, peaceful (presentation of grievances against the federal government) with no intention of doing anything outside of the law.” Col. Riley sees the country as being in a state of chaos because the federal government is not following the Constitution. He cited recent words from Attorney General Eric Holder about choosing what laws to enforce and how that goes against his oath of office.

It is important to note that OAS leadership is multiracial. One of OAS’s leadership is Mrs. Otillia Krapff, who speaks proudly of her Apache ancestry. Mrs. Krapff is also a veteran of the Vietnam War, and is the founder of the Constitutional Party in Nevada. Mrs. Krapff considers herself little more than a patriot who loves her country and wants the federal government to return to following the Constitution. She said, “We are all Americans. We were not born with the labels ‘Democratic’ or ‘Republican’ on our foreheads.” Mrs. Krapff offered to assist groups with the logistics of planning to partake in Operation American Spring.

Sylvester Brand is a black pastor from Illinois who worked for his local utility company for 30 years. He explained how he discovered Operation American Spring on the Internet and how it has affected his walk with Christ in a positive manner. Pastor Brand believes that on May 16, “the whole country will be riveted” as they see the crowds in DC and learn the purpose of Operation American Spring. They “will be forced to rethink every position they have held regarding politics, religion and what they thought was truly important.”

This group is highly efficient and very organized. It may set the standard on how to mobilize from a grassroots movement to a national swarm on DC. Many of those committed to going to DC on May 16 have already organized into tightly knit groups from those in Tea Parties, churches and veterans groups just to name a few.

Some rumors regarding Operation American Spring have emerged, including one stating that this is a military action where officials will be forcefully removed from office. However, Operation American Spring seeks to follow the law and will do all in their power to make sure the law and order is maintained amongst the 10 million people they are hoping to flood Washington, DC with on May 16.

Will 10 million people show on May 16? We will have to wait and see. Will Operation American Spring be large enough that the major media networks covers their presence in DC?

One thing is for sure: the leadership of this group is determined to show the world that American people can take back their government through peaceful, lawful means, and many of them believe that God is leading them. This group may be seen as copiers of the Occupy Wall Street movement, but they will not be staying in tents on the mall without permission. Also unlike the OWS movement, Operation American Spring intends to leave DC cleaner than they find it by cleaning up after themselves and others while cleaning the lawlessness out of the federal government.

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Paul Sutliff

Paul Sutliff

Assistant Editor & Contributor at The Brenner Brief
Paul is the author of Stealth Jihad Phase 2: Infiltrate American Colleges. Paul has been on WYSL and the Radio Jihad Network an educational informational network of shows on Blog Talk Radio. Paul's research has been appreciated by P. David Gaubatz, author of Muslim Mafia and Ryan Mauro, of the Clarion Project. But Paul does more than write, he travels and speaks to groups about his concerns.
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