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By J.B. Williams
January 25, 2014

From freedom to fascism well describes the events of the last five years under the most anti-American regime to ever hold political power in the United States. One need not look too far to find evidence that the land of the free and home of the brave is now nothing more than a proletarian dictatorship operating in a completely lawless environment.

Ironically, it is the “anti-imperialists” who now control the most “imperialist” administration in U.S. history. They are not bound by decency or honor, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or even the laws they create for the rest of us. They don’t love freedom or liberty … they love stolen wealth and seized power. They are lawless criminals…

Yet, they also control every federal agency, all of the federal assets, all of the high-tech high-powered weaponry, the mass media and every court. In short, they control us… How?

Your Silence is Your Consent

Therefore, the voice of opposition must be silenced. The political LEFT is highly organized and mobilized. They start derailing an election years in advance by cutting off financial and public support for the opposition, simply silencing the message.

Maker of famed anti-Obama documentary 2016, Dinesh D'Souza, has been indicted on alleged violations of federal campaign finance laws. What was his alleged criminal act? - According to the indictment, D'Souza donated $20,000 to congressional candidate Wendy Long's campaign by aggregating the money from various people and falsely reporting the source of the funds. In other words, D’Souza stands accused of being a “campaign bundler” for a conservative candidate.

Now, take a moment to view the Obama “campaign bundlers” for 2012. According to the linked report which accumulates and reports I.R.S. campaign data, Obama had at least 428 “campaign bundlers” providing over $108,700,000 to the Obama re-election campaign. 42 Hollywood leftist bundlers raised over $12,100,000 for Barack Obama in 2012. Nobody knows where any of these funds originated as they all came in from a “bundler” with no list of individual donors.

In addition, reports were filed with the U.S. Secret Service evidencing massive overseas money laundering and credit card fraud in the Obama campaign. No investigation has been launched into any of the Obama violations of campaign finance laws, involving more than $200 million in campaign funding.

Yet, Obama’s federal agencies have indicted D’Souza for an alleged $20,000 in “bundled” funds for a congressional race?

During the same week, Obama’s I.R.S. is targeting Hollywood group the Friends of Abe in yet another two-year long battle to block 501 tax-deductible status for the group. How many left-wing 501 groups actively engage in political activities today, with tax-deductible and tax-exempt status?

Obama’s old campaign operation, Organizing for America was reconfigured as an “advocacy group” called Organizing for Action, securing 501 tax-exempt status almost instantly. For heaven’s sake, one of Obama’s bundlers has even been confirmed as an associate of Al Qaeda, and the FBI and DOJ is focused on D’Souza for a $20,000 donation to a congressional campaign?

Clinton 501 activities often engage in open electioneering for Bill’s wife Hillary, as she ramps up for her 2016 campaign. Yet, there is no investigation into Clinton 501 activities.

Hollywood bundlers for Hillary 2016 line up in 2013… But the I.R.S. and DOJ are not at all interested in investigating these groups, despite what Obama agency officials proclaim a “zero tolerance policy” to enforce campaign finance laws, at least against their political opposition.

Well-known international left-wing financier George Soros funds a laundry list of tax-deductible and tax-exempt ... for the sole purpose of controlling election results. But there is no investigation into these activities either.

This is exactly what lawlessness looks like in a proletarian dictatorship. The full weight and power of the federal government is systematically used to silence any and all voices of dissent, where in the end, the silence is immediately reported as the “consent” of the people who have been silenced.

Silencing Social Networking

News that the NSA is snooping on every American has already affected the use of social and electronic media as a means of organizing against the blatant march to Marxism in our federal government.

A recent news report states that Facebook could lose as much as 80% of its users by 2017. As one who watched people rush to Facebook as a means of organizing Tea Party groups and activities five years ago, only to find out they were being spied on by the Obama administration later, I can tell you that the level of organizing efforts on Facebook have already dropped significantly.

People are afraid to post on social networking sites, or email their friends, or talk on the phone or Skype about what is going on in our country, as the Obama administration has turned all of the federal intelligence community towards snooping on American Citizens instead of real enemies abroad.

The Gas

To end any real resistance to the federal assault on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, all Obama & Co. have to do is cut off the fuel supply to the resistance, the funding.

By denying tax-deductible and tax-exempt status to “right leaning” groups, they have greatly hampered the ability of the political right to raise the necessary funding for serious resistance operations. Meanwhile, they rubber stamp 501 status on every left-wing group that applies so that the flood gates for leftist funding from all over the globe are wide open.

The Consent of the Governed

In sum, the governed essentially “consent” to anything they won’t stand up and fight against.

Over 70% of Americans oppose ObamaCare, the federal debacle designed to fail with such magnitude as to force every American onto a single payer system. But what has that 70% done to stop it?

Over 90% of Americans now disapprove of congress, both parties. But what has that 90% done to remove every anti-American scumbag from congress in shackles?

Over 70% of “legal” Americans oppose any form of amnesty for illegal invaders who break more laws after breaking and entering into our country illegally. But what has that 70% done to stop Washington DC from ramming amnesty for illegals down our throats?

Those who don’t vote at all, consent to whatever follows, by their mere silence at election time.

Those who attempt to “vote their conscience” by casting a ballot for candidates barely in the race, have also consented to whatever happens next, as the worst evil takes the reigns following an ill-advised effort to block a “lesser evil.”

Those who don’t stand and fight against every intrusion into our private lives, against every subversion of our Constitution and every infringement to our Bill of Rights, have also consented to those intrusions, subversions and infringements, by their mere silence.

By the time the “opposition” figures out they are in a battle for the future of freedom and liberty, they will no longer have the freedom, liberty or resources to resist.

Our enemy never sleeps… They never waver in their goals… They never concede ground and they never willingly give back what they take, be it property or power.

The only rights we have as Americans are the rights we are willing to fight for and defend.

Come what may, it will come with the consent of the people…

All that is needed for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing, and Americans have perfected the art of doing nothing in the face of evil. Passive silence equals active support in any dictatorship.

Fear once caused fury in the heart of every American Citizen, but today, it mostly causes paralysis…

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That’s why the Obama and Clinton regime is all about instilling fear. I.R.S – NSA – CIA – FBI – ATF – DHS – DOJ – EPA - DOD… these were all once tools of national security. Today, they are tools of mass intimidation, not against our nation’s foreign enemies, but against the American people who would dare speak out in opposition.

Our silence is our consent… and that is why there must be silence!

The top priority mission of our federal agencies today is to silence the voice of dissent in America. Your silence is not only your consent … it is the source of your demise as well. Are you scared yet?

© 2014 JB Williams - All Rights Reserved

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JB Williams is a writer on matters of history and American politics with more than 3000 pieces published over a twenty-year span. He has a decidedly conservative reverence for the Charters of Freedom, the men and women who have paid the price of freedom and liberty for all, and action oriented real-time solutions for modern challenges. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, a researcher, writer and a business owner. He is co-founder of action organizations The United States Patriots Union, a civilian parent organization for The Veteran Defenders of America. He is also co-founder of The North American Law Center, a citizen run investigative legal research and activism organization preparing to take on American's greatest legal battles. Williams receives mail at: jb.uspu@gmail.com

Web site 1: www.PatriotsUnion.org

Web site 2: www.VeteranDefenders.org

E-Mail: JB.USPU@gmail.com

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Gunroe is not the only intelligent person posting, but you pick and choose as you wish. The rest of us are going to D.C. to

D.Gunnoe, I am one of the elderly, 67, an old Marine who is STILL a UNITED STATES Marine.  I have multiple medical conditions.  I require a walker and/or a wheelchair plus the use of a cane.  I cannot stand or walk for very long.  I too am an OATH KEEPER, sworn to protect and defend The United States Of America and it's Constitution.

The fact that there may be some assholes in attendance will NOT alter my plans to show myself among those in support of OAS.  Your concerns about a lack of intel groups (spying on attendees) seems pointless as we all know that there will be assholes wherever people gather, in any company, business or community.  I don't see how OAS can prevent that.  You would better serve the cause by ceasing rhetoric which may PREVENT people from attending....you see that would defeat the purpose of the op before it began.

Have some faith in PATRIOTS and don't worry so much about assholes.  I think we will gladly allow the Police to handle them.

This shall be a peacful gathering for the reasons layed out by Colonel Riley.  Us old bastards ain't gonna be doing any fighting, probably more concerned with not pissing ourselves, so get real.

Planning and Strategy, ...... well I have served in the S-3 of 2 infantry battalions so I know of the detail you are requesting.........but that isn't going to be worth a hill of beans when we have MILLIONS in attendance.

Calm and orderly conduct is the order of the day.  KISS.....Keep it SIMPLE !!


John J. Little Eagle-Freeman

U.S. Marine until the day AFTER eternity !!!

The concern was for partnering with Occupy and those groups being included in the inner planning chamber. There are people who are in "leadership" roles who are not of the same mind as COL Riley. I know there will be aholes, can't fix stupid...but it would be nice to know they have been identified and eliminated from the top echelons before the event...just saying.

I'm done...

well then act like a Marine not like a condescending JERK

John..........this discussion is way beyond the pale of decency...........what has all the disagreement, name calling, etc accomplished.  Nothing that I can see other than divisiveness........your language is unacceptable. 

I can't be all places at all times.......obviously we need more moderators on PFA to stop threads like this that get totally out of control.  

Common sense has escaped.........we've lowered our bar to that of the elements we're trying to defend against.........think about it, fix it.

Sir I apologize if I came on head strong. This is a peaceful movement. It is time to get off the fence and tell our government enough is enough. There is a security team put together, maybe you would care to join. 

I am out of this whole thing, this attacking one another is juvenile and serves no purpose. If this is a preview of what will happen in DC it is frightening. You will be killing each other there from the way I view it. Sorry you all chose to be so crazy. Instead of focusing on how to put together this in a civil manner you are more focused on who is right and who is wrong, Just what the liberals are hoping for. When you grow up you might be able to come together and accomplish something but as I see it now you are more intent on acting like 12 year olds. This entire thing will fall apart because of your actions. Don't you think the liberals are having a field day over this crap.

I think you were looking for an excuse Jane.  Have a nice life.

Ma'am, I do not believe you ever had any intention attending in the first place.

You may log out now and let the Patriots carry the torch of freedom.  Go pick another argument with your husband, not with us.

I think you know what I mean.

Now gentleman, let us get on with the business at hand.


John J. Little Eagle-Freeman

SSgt USMC until the day AFTER eternity !!

 You already said that you were not attending... how many times do you want to tell us!!!...  You stated your on some radio show??? I see now what your about!!! You are a plant!!! .... The only name calling has been by you two...ahhh   ladies... so far you called people  ... idiot,  condescending jerks, twelve yr olds......I have not seen one member here being disrespectful  .   I think you two need to leave. You obviously have other intentions here!!! Everyone sees it... We all know there are risks...we knew it when we signed on. if you didn't realize it then you either didn't READ the  Objective statements..OR ...you are just  trying to undermine the whole project.   My guess is the latter!!!   You said you were OUT of this... then by all means LEAVE!!!  You haven't helped and had no intentions of helping!!!    I was at the Glenn Beck thing in 09 ...and the others....NOT one mention of signs being a weapon...BY ANYONE.... you are  RADIO PLANTS....are you connected to that character that is smearing Gen  Vallely??? The ones saying he's in a satanic cult...... ..????   MEMBERS BEWARE OF THESE TWO....

no I was looking for intelligent people not jerks fighting with each other



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