Constitutional Emergency

Ok.  Let’s all talk about the realities of Operation American Spring.  Since I first became involve in OAS I have questioned many things; first and foremost was logistics.  Demands based on the Constitution ran a close second.


But let’s talk about logistics.  Food, water, shelter, security sanitation, medical, etc.  In any battle a leaders first question on his tasking is to ask, “What are my logistics?”


I think as good leaders we should tell our “troops” the truth.  What to expect and how to survive.  I would not be able to forgive myself if I did not try to explain to everyone exactly what the situation is as I see it.


I have been an outspoken critic of the seeming lack of preparation.  Some states have done much better job than others in preparations.  Texas and Virginia come to mind.  But here are the facts as I know them.  The leadership of OAS is billing this as a “grassroots” movement.  What that basically means is that you are on your own.  They have legally, if not morally, given up any responsibility for you.


Let me say that again.  YOU are on your own.  We have no permits for protesting on the D.C. Mall, so there will be NO port potties or sanitary facilities. When I made inquiries about this I was told to bring a pot to pee in.  Someone even went so far as to say “Depends” are good.


The only real idea I have heard is to try to use the facilities at the Mall museums and the few public facilities available.  I have no idea how a million folks are going to line up every few hours to relive themselves.  At my age I will be behind the first tree I could find.


Solutions?  All I can think of is to pee in a plastic potty and dispose of it down a city sewer grate.  I have been informed these are welded shut but they must be able to accept liquid.  Solid waste is problematic.  I hope you can wait until evening when you can return to your base of operations.


Where is your base of operations and what facilities do they have available?  I don’t really know.  Check your state page on the OAS web site.  But again, remember you are ON YOUR OWN.


Some folks will be staying a few days or a week and will have nice hotel rooms with room service, etc.  For those of you roughing it, good luck.  The food you can buy, carry and use is all you can count on.  Again, your state may have made some arrangements for food and water but in the end it’s your baby.


DON’T count on anything.  You prepare for yourself and if you find other resources then that’s great.  But get it in your mind you’re a grown up and have accepted this mission.  I only want to make sure you understand what you are getting yourself into.  If you get to D.C. and have no place to stay, no food, no water and no place to relieve yourself don’t say you weren’t warned.


I am not a member of the staff of OAS.  But I have been a leader of men and women.  Information is your friend.  I simply want to make sure you understand your situation. 


Bring your meds and make sure they are in the “prescribed” containers.  If you’re roughing it try to bring clothes for any weather.  Sleeping bags, tarps, blankets, food, water and money.  And then hope you have a safe place to leave your things during the day when you are gone from your base.


Try to insure that your state leaves security behind to guard your things.  And good luck trying to find your exact location when you return.  A flag or marker of some kind would help. 


Your health and well-being depends on you being ready to fend for yourself.   If you have a cell phone bring it.  But remember whatever you take with you, you will be carrying all day.


Stay in groups preferably with your state group.  Don’t allow yourself to become a victim of the rampant crime in D.C.  Find the nearest store and pharmacy.  Learn the local geography and use it to your advantage.


Be your own leader.  This is “grassroots” so you must lead yourself first and the movement second.  Because in the end without you there is no American Spring.


Steve Newton

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Many of the issues you raise have already been addressed; just click on the tabs above - did you NOT know that or do you have some other purpose here?  Looks to me like you are trying to cause trouble more than trying to help here!  We do NOT need the negativity you are projecting, Steve!  If you have a problem with actions by OAS leaders, I would suggest you send a private message rather than trying to rain on our parade!  With all due respect!

Do you belong to a state group Steve?  If not then you should try to hook up with your state ..I think the best way for all of us to survive is to have each other to count on..I know what grassroots means but it does not mean you are completely on your own if we take care to set it up right..We must STICK TOGETHER..Stay positive and stay focused..We are all working for the same outcome...I believe in the next couple of weeks that things will start to come together..SEMPER FI..

A good leader ..Are you a leader in this movement Steve? Are you suggesting that the Colonel is not a good leader ? Or are trying to discourage people from attending ? Do you have any constructive ideas or just rhetoric ? I'm not trying to be a smart ass but i do not think that this is the first time that D.C. has been marched on or whatever you choose to call it..Somehow it has always been manageable..  SEMPER FI

So you didn't like my "tone?"  Seems to me anyone with an ounce of sense would have already studied the planning documents, which make these issues quite clear IMO.  I also question Steve's assumption of a leadership position, just as George does below.  I don't know where you get the idea I have any of that "wrath" you mention.  You WANT wrath?  I can give it to you, if that is what you are looking for!  God Bless All!

I was replying to Jean Reno's comment about my "hostile tone."  I don't know why the placement was off and my message showed up as replying to you.  And I was threatening no-one - she mentioned "wrath" in her reply to you.  QUOTE: "I'm surprised at the hostile tone of Ms. Green's response, but I like your "soft answer turneth away wrath" answer."  I try NOT to get angry but that was what I meant when I asked if she wanted wrath.  I am quite aware that you hold no leadership position in OAS, which is why I question your apparent attempt to take on that role.  It was made quite clear in several planning documents that this is a grass roots effort and everyone is basically on their own.  As for waste disposal, there are any number of businesses in DC.  Perhaps you could enter a coffee shop, buy a cup of coffee and use the restroom while there?  It has also been suggested in a number of comment threads as well that people may want to rotate in and out of DC.  Take your potty break while you are at it!  Perhaps you might also take the time to read the "OAS Patriot Guide" on this site.

Thank you for the reply and Jean is correct - you have been quite pleasant throughout.  I thank you for that and do apologize for challenging your statements.  I am simply tired of all those who continually try to tear this attempt down and point out all they feel is wrong, which is what I felt you were doing - my opinion only.  There are simply NO guarantees. 

As i and others have mentioneD more than once now this is not the first time people have assembled in D.C. and somehow someway it comes together ..Maybe it is GOD who is watching over good honest Americans none of which reside in D.C. anymore..How about you help out with planning instaed of trying to disrupt everything..Do you have any Solid Ideas?  SEMPER FI!

I'm wondering how all these other "million-people" protests made it without advanced planning. Somehow, it all comes together.

I'm hoping that people from Oas will have already joined their state group and secondly, all the people going there with their respective groups will all ready know what they are getting into.

Having been to DC with a million people, it's not really that crazy as you think. A lot of people are not just prepared for themselves, but several others as well. Everyone should look out for everyone else. This isn't about individuality, it's about a group...and as such, if you have the means to help someone out...


Steve your statement may be a little out of date.

Some folks will be staying a few days or a week and will have nice hotel rooms with room service, etc.  For those of you roughing it, good luck.  The food you can buy, carry and use is all you can count on.  Again, your state may have made some arrangements for food and water but in the end it’s your baby.

There have been suggestions made for the Church groups around the DC area to act as holding places for donations of supplies relevant to those attending the OAS event.  If you keep up to date you would have seen that.

Steve has brought up some very good points. Things that we who are attending should know about!! Thanks Steve

If you were angry by the Occupy Wall Streets characters oh my you will not like it even more when a little boy pees on the mall....oh god for bid if he has to boop.  Silly little inconveniences can cause big fires.

I just thought I would make a "suggestion" to possibly Many of the concerns Steve has brought up... Maybe The Red Cross IN Washington DC could/would Assist During The Rally? Red Cross, United Way ect. in DC and Surrounding States Are "Non-Profits", Donations from the Attendants COULD be Very Profitable for them.



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