Constitutional Emergency

OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING - Washington, D.C. in the cross-hairs - The Out-of-Control Government Leadership Must Be Stopped




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TO: Patriots (black, white, red, yellow, brown, male, female, civilian, military, truckers, bikers, militias, veterans, old, young, every American that loves freedom and liberty)


Mission: Restoration of Constitutional government, rule of law, freedom, liberty "of the people, for the people, by the people" from despotic and tyrannical federal leadership.


Millions of Americans will participate.
American veterans and patriots are energized to end the tyranny, lawlessness, and shredding of the US Constitution.

Government is not the target, it is sound; corrupt and criminal leadership must be removed.
Those in power will not hesitate to use force against unarmed patriots exercising their constitutional rights.
Patriots may be killed, wounded, incarcerated.
There is no hope given today’s technology of secrecy for the effort nor do we want it secret.


Concept of Operations:

Phase 1 - Field millions, as many as ten million, patriots who will assemble in a non-violent, physically unarmed (Spiritually/Constitutionally armed), display of unswerving loyalty to the US Constitution and against the incumbent government leadership, in Washington, D.C., with the mission to bring down the existing leadership. Go full-bore, no looking back, steadfast in the mission.

Phase 2 - One million or more of the assembled 10 million must be prepared to stay in D.C. as long as it takes to see Obama, Biden, Reid, McConnell, Boehner, Pelosi, and Attorney General Holder removed from office.
Consistent with the US Constitution, as required, the U.S. Congress will take appropriate action, execute appropriate legislation, deal with vacancies, or U.S. States will appoint replacements for positions vacated consistent with established constitutional requirements.

Phase 3 – Those with the principles of a West, Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Lee, DeMint, Paul, Gov Walker, Sessions, Gowdy, Jordan, should comprise a tribunal and assume positions of authority to convene investigations, recommend appropriate charges against politicians and government employees to the new U.S. Attorney General appointed by the new President.

*All actions in Phase 2 & 3 will be consistent with the U.S. Constitution.

Date of Operation:  “OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING – Beginning Of Tyranny Housecleaning, May 16, 2014, completion to be determined

We are past the point of no return, thus must move forward with an effort to save our nation, as there is no other choice.  We are asking, pleading with you, and any others that have resources, national voices, email lists, blogs, FB, Twitter, to call for a non-violent American Spring May 16 2014  in Washington D.C.  We must appeal to ten million and more American patriots to come and stay in Washington, D.C. to stop the White House and Congress from total destruction of the United States.  It’s now or never. God help us.

.....the law of nature rules.  A fluffy, cuddly lamb gets eaten by a mean old wolf is not an illegal or immoral event...the law of nature.  When some greedy, self-serving occupant of the White House or Congress, or elements outside America, is threatening our existence, our freedom, our liberty, our Constitution, our life resources, our America, then we fight back to destroy the threat and there is nothing immoral or illegal about it.  When the government becomes lawless, then "we the people" no longer are obligated to follow the government......there is no law when government picks and chooses for political purposes or personal agenda.  At this time the government is performing as a lawless entity......

A duck cannot be turned into a fox; an elephant cannot be turned into a flea; the laws of nature will not permit.
Likewise, a nation ordained and principled by the laws of nature, sovereign, free, with liberty for all cannot naturally become a nation guided by royalty, decrees, tyranny, elitist, self-serving criminals.  The former has proven desirable, the latter has proven human pain.
“We can become a nation guided by royalty IF "we the people" beguiled by the government in surrender to our lusts for that which we have not earned  --for what is not natural --if we have become intoxicated by unbroken success" as Lincoln  proclaimed in March 30 ,1863  call for fasting, humiliation, and prayer--we can very easily heap to ourselves leaders, and with itching ears, be turned from the Truth to become enslaved by the LIE.”
The United States of America (elephant) while embracing the "LIE" is teetering on the abyss of becoming a sniveling, blood sucking, undesirable nation (flea).
OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING will be a gigantic step in removing the flea infestation that is sucking the blood out of America.

We see no reasonable, hopeful sign that indicates there are honorable, loyal, mature, critical thinking, experienced people in government that understands the chaos about to rain down on America, nor do they care....our only hope is that "we the people" call, organize, and draw a few million patriots to stay in D.C. for an "American Spring".  It would be the catalyst to draw the line and bring to a conclusion a decision on the out of control government, one way or the other.  America will rise up or surrender.........for me, I only go to my knees in the presence of God knees will not touch the surface as a result of some piss ant occupant of the White House or a corrupt legislator, or outside element...I will fall to my death standing if necessary.

There is not much time and the only planning necessary is to select a starting date, which we have done, May 16, 2014, and then show up in Washington, D.C. on that date, and plan to stay for the duration. The goal is restoring the US Constitution as the law of the land, removing the lawless leadership.  Will this be a cake-walk?  No, it will be painful, and some people may die because the government will not be non-violent; some of us will end up in a cell, and some may be injured.  If that’s what it will take to save our nation, do we have any choice?  Freedom loving Americans will say there is no choice, we must begin the second American Revolution.  Not with guns, but with millions of Americans demanding a return to constitutional government and the resignation of Obama, Biden, Reid, McConnell, Boehner, Pelosi and Holder as a start...then the constitutional restoration process can begin.  An AMERICAN SPRING can be avoided only if the above mentioned officials resign.

Will our national patriot leaders step forward and declare, “send me”, I’ll lead?  There are millions of veterans and patriots ready to follow and have said “I will go”.


I urge all organizations, groups, particularly veterans and military retirees begin planning to visit Washington, D.C beginning May 16, 2014.   Keep tuned to Constitutional Emergency/Patriots for America for updates and guidance.

Please bathe this effort in prayer as there is no personal agenda or gain save liberty, freedom, and restoration of constitutional government for "we the people".

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

Crestview, FL 32539


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"Sow seeds of doubt?" No bloody way!!!! I'm already on board and have made arrangements (with 2 friends) to participate.

I asked an honest question and proffered an honest, no-nonsense opinion,  and I think it deserves an honest answer/assessment for all OAS folks to ponder. If that makes me a subversive "mole" then I have to say I am totally dismayed and, in no small way, greatly offended. But, I'm a big boy, an 'ole Infanty Captain, and can take the slings and arrows.

If the "purged" officers aren't supporting us, I thought it was of at least passing interest to us all. But, whether or not any of them, a majority of them, many of them or a few of them are demonstrably supportive in no way should weaken our resolve. Again, it was an honest question deserving of any honest answer/assessment, and it was most certainly NOT intended to sow seeds of doubt among the OAS rank and file. Have no earthly idea how one could honestly conclude that I am somehow a subversive. Wow! 

Jim, you are trying to defend an undefensable position..  It is not the question, but who you asked it of..  Never hear of the Chain of Command, Captain? We must act as a team, with one voice and presenting a united front if we are to confront the threat from a position of strength..  If you had questions, all you had to do was ask Col. Riley... 

Or "Need to Know"? There are many things I would LIKE to know about the operation that I don't NEED to know, therefore I do not ask.


To anyone's knowledge, have any of those purged high rankers come aboard as yet? Or does the security of their pensions trump principle and their love of Liberty? Didn't know how else to ask the question honestly.

Jim... My opinion....
I think that those purged military leaders such as Gen Valley are REALLY PISSED OFF at how they were treated. Ignoring our movement after what they have been subjected to, how much of their lives they have committed to defending the constitution... I don't think they would just walk away with their tails tucked between their legs like a scourned dog. It is just illogical. I strongly suspect that they are 110% with us in this. They just don't publicaly announce it, or have assumed a ficticious online identity.
Just my two cents.....


Thanks... you get it!


Jim, I too have wondered what all those canned officers are doing.  However, unlike you, I never considered accusing them of trying to keep low so their pensions would be secure.  That's an insulting remark to make of these veterans who have served honorably for years.  Why would you even print such an undignified comment here on these pages?  I am afraid it speaks more to your lack of character than any attempt to insult theirs.

I heard an interview with Dr.Jim Garrow yesterday.  If you don't know him, I suggest you find out.  In the interview he implied quite strongly that many of the purged military leaders are working behind the scenes.  Of course the working behind the scenes.  They may not; give a rip about their pensions because their honor and duty to their Oath is most important, but I'm sure they care very much about the lives of their families and their very own.  You have noticed, haven't you Jim, there are people getting killed out there.

For over a year - I've been saying to anyone who would lend an ear  that something like OAS needed to take place.

I have given a considerable amount of thought to OAS over the last 6 days.

The key words to OAS being effective in achieving the stated objectives are going to be SPONTANEITY,  INGENUITY, AND SYNERGY.

We are all more of ONE MIND than may be readily apparent.

From the discussion so far I would say we are all pretty much on the same page.....because most of us have been thinking along these lines for quite a while.

We can pretty well anticipate the  response  of the administration  - as well as the lame-stream  " news"  media.  Life in the  85 percentile  "La La Land"  universe will proceed  as  usual - not plugged in.

Many who agree with us will be watching our behavior, as well as any comments we make to the media.

I do not trust  reporters  to give us any objective hearing.  They will  be fishing  for  off-the-cuff remarks by us that depict us as "racists", or "right wing lunatics".  Personally I see little to be gained by granting interviews to mike-jockeys. ....WHY.......? .....  because we actually want our Constitution respected and followed, and they want to depict us as weirdos .  So go figure ...., while remembering that supposedly the American  people favored another 4 years of Obama over a decent proven leader like  Mitt Romney.  Personally I  believe Romney  lost because the  election was wrought with fraud, and manipulation of ballot counts in urban precincts.  I ramble..........

I will be driving my pickup from Arlington, Texas to the....gather at the river...somewhere in the Easternmost edge of Virginia...if my geography serves me correctly.  Hopefully someone will  make some acreage available for us tailgaters.  I plan to fill my pickup bed with bottled water, and gatorade for sure.

Jim, followed our suggestion, and review a bit of the book you wrote, along with some good references. I saw your introduction does call for an organized, local, and national operation, which is happening here, of it place, and time. I would suspect there are even many here who have read "A Patriot's Call to Action: Resisting Progressive Tyranny & Restoring Constitutional Order", and if not, heard, and read that of your references. A united organization, now taken place to embody the many who have been organizing this valiant effort of a united republic, just has designed. A chain with all of its links heat treated, refined has Gold, and polished reflecting their positions in a chain securing, carrying the load. Over choppy seas, over hill, and dale, in clean air, or LAPSE dropped in a rice paddy, each link working under stress at time, 'n other times, another link, or group of links, while the rest relax, tight, and secure to secure.

The Pillars of Our Nations Christian Foundation and Strength, are etched in Every Cornerstone and wall of the Three Branches of our Government Buildings and Legibly Written in The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence, AND the Congressional Library(Just to name a few of the Endless record of Truth) ..."AND", ... Since June 16, 1775, Preserved, Protected, and Defended, by Millions of Patriots in such a profound value that You, I, and All Americans, may use those privileges, Responsibly, Accountably, and with Respect.."Of agreeing to Dis-agree with one another".
I admonish and temper may statements ...As NOTABLE ACTUALITY, of the Disasterous Venue of , "Our Nations Fabric of Freedoms, Rule of Law, Values, Morals, and Ethics", that are being USURPED by the Present Executive & Democratic Senate and Administrative CZAR'S of Our Government. Though I am ONLY ONE of the vast population of America...."I feel Compelled to EVOKE & engage my Voice *, to Express with Clarity*, MY POINT of every Venu available ... to gain ATTENTION, and join with Like Minds, to Apply our Unity to default the Pending ...Repeat of Historical Evidence of our FAILURE to Act as Christian Patriots...May result of the "Fall", of The Greatest Nation..On Earth.. that Was Blessed By Our Father Which Art in Heaven in it's inception.

Fact...President Obama's, FAILED and LYING LEADERSHIP....on multiple issues, "IS", the PROFOUND DISRESPECT to the Office of the Presidency.
The People's opine, "is not", whether Obama is of any color,The difficulty "IS", his "BEHAVIOUR", in Obama's faulty declaration , "To Fundamentally Change America",... "IS",... the din and angst of "We The People".
May our Creator continue to Bless, Lead and Guide the Christian Leaders and Patriots, of our Great Nation, to Demand Government Compliance, as a minimum, with ALL that Our Fore, and Founding Fathers have woven into the Fabric of our America's Foundation. 
May our "Congress, and our Judicial Branches" , provide a rapid and resolute solution the present "Disparaging State of Our Union",.... that WE may PREVENT a Literal and Physical "CIVIL WAR".
I pledge my Allegiance that I will again place life on the line to the cause... "When the Dawns early light, and Rockets red glare may be the Call to regain the Freedoms", that are being "Socialistically Stricken", from this Great Nations Constitutional privileges.

MR Obama...Sarcasm falls out of my mouth like Disrespect to Our Creator falls from yours. 
Some people just need a High Five in, In the Face...With a Chair, 
"Lord Give Me Patience, Because if you give me STRENGTH, I'm Gonna Need BAIL MONEY to go with it."

I speak to you with a real mind sight depression, as I LIVE in FEAR of the FUTURE, for my Children and Grand-Children, after spilling Blood on Foreign Soil, in Defense of MY COUNTRIES Freedoms, that are being ABUSED, and TORN ASUNDER, right before my very eyes, By the Executive and Legislative Leaders that are Entrusted to apply and enforce the Rule of Law, with in the Parameters of the Three Documents, produced and provided by Our Founders of This Great Nation. I search to vent the terror of oppression, that has been produced by the present Executive and Legislative Authorities, since March 2009. I ponder the TRAGICALITY, "Can I survive one more Traumatic Stressor on the Well being of America?". *I', Robert David Hummel, a Combat Veteran and Servant, Did Serve to Preserve, Protect, and Defend, the Freedoms of Our Great Nation, *am enduring with wanton TOLERANCE, "My", din and angst of the DEVASTATION now being OPPRESSED upon OUR AMERICA, by the DEMOCRATIC SENATE and OSAMA'OBAMA'OSAMA, and his Administration CZARS, that are Promulgating LAWS, NOT SANCTIONED BY THE CONGRESS, that is forcing America down the path of HISTORY, in the FALL of The Roman Empire. We are no doubt enduring a "Civil COLD War", in America. "I pray Our Lord in Heaven, will Continue to Bless, Lead, Guide, and Direct", "The FEW", of Our Nations Leaders', That are in TRUTH, attempting to CORRECT the FAILED LEADERSHIP of the Many, in our three branches of government. The continued FAILURE of our LEADERS to return WITH Due Diligence, of Deference, DISCERNING Prudence, and Accountability, to, "We The People", and RULE of LAW, inculcated with-in, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence, WILL RESULT in "We The People", reaching the Boiling Point of a Revolution', That may CHANGE the FREEDOM of America FOREVER', PERIOD. I invite ALL PATRIOTS to JOIN with me in membership with, "The OATHKEEPERS", Which may be. "OUR ONE LAST BASTION", for, "AMERICA'S SURVIVAL", ...PERIOD PSSST', IF you feel I made any realative sense in this OLD Veterans, above rant..You may use any part or all of it on the House Floor....and Yes I do Thank God, for each New Day He provides...but , HOW MUCH MORE CAN A VETERAN TAKE?, and I', am only one of MANY,...PERIOD.


"""By the Articles of Our Constitution... The Charged with , "Making the Rule of Law"...PERIOD. The President is "CHARGED, To Faithfully EXECUTE the LAW"... NOT CHANGE the LAW by DECREE, or LETTER...PERIOD. By that fact alone...Barack HUSSEIN Obama, aka: POTUS..."IS A CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER" to Our UNITED STATES of AMERICA." Barack HUSSEIN Obama's, HIGH CRIME, "PUNISHMENT", with "Congressional Permission", is to "SEEK EXILE in a MID-EAST COUNTRY", BEFORE or No Later Than ... JANUARY 27, 2014" ...PERIOD."""

MR. PRESIDENT Barack HUSSEIN Obama,....I invite you to a COFFEE SUMMIT at my house...BEFORE JANUARY 27, 2014, AT MY HOUSE, wherein I have 2 ,Dogs, 2 Cats, a Squirrel and a Possum FOR your PROTECTION, YOU SO YOU CAN SAVE ON ALL YOUR "hired gun protection". WE can discuss and AGREE on some MANAGEMENT of The CRISIS', you have BESTOWED and OPPRESSED on Our (still..?), FREE NATION...PERIOD. In Closing, "I ask Our Lord in Heaven for His continued Blessing on our nation,...undeserving as we presently are"...AMEN

Robert David Hummel USA RET, Inverness, FL.,

As I lived and viewed these last 5 yrs I truly hoped that a movement such as this would pop up!  I for one always thought that any General, Admiral  who gave so much of their time, energy and experience to the defense  of our nation. in fact took an oath to defend us  would just walk away with their ails between their legs while the very nation they have been defending from the threat of "communism" is now being subverted by a corrupt Presidential impersonator.  The Democratic party en masse is now the "socialist party"  and the rival party seems to be too inept or complacent.  Leadership has never been needed so greatly in this country since World War-2.  Unless we  unify immediately we will be at the mercy of those like George Soros, Obama and the socialist radicals  that have lied and subverted their way to power. I for one DO NOT want to live a life  in fear of my Govt 

I totally agree with your opine.

"I would RATHER endure the DANGERs of FREEDOM,

  Than be Privileged in the PEACE of SLAVERY",...PERIOD.

Timely  or perhaps URGENTLY...IMPARATIVE ...Is the Endless and formative VOICE of We the People to ..."DEMAND",  any and all measures for the PROMPT Remove of the Entire OBAMA REGIME...

In One form or another...and YESTERDAY is Too late.




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