Operation American Spring, will be a massive/gigantic patriot “movement to action” from across America to Restore our Constitutional government, rule of law, freedom, liberty "of the people, by the people, for the people" from the current despotic and tyrannical federal leadership . This movement embraces every American who loves freedom and liberty, with special recognition for parents, warriors and civilians selfless sacrifices, never to be forgotten, nor trivialized, by the present corrupt, self-serving, political leadership who regard their oath as a pro forma exercise to gain power and get their noses in the trough.

After five years of the Obama Administration's fraud, abuse, corruption, betrayal, deception, and in your face lies, “we the people” have concluded that “enough is enough”. In short, we have had it with politicians who are hell bent on destroying America! All efforts to gain the attention of the elected leadership in Washington, D.C. with our messages have failed. Not because politicians were not informed - the truth is they are cowardly, incompetent, regard their constituents as “pests”, ignore the people they are sworn to serve, all in favor of their own self-serving personal, greedy agendas. It shall stop.

Therefore, “We the People” intend to assemble as a 10 million or more Town Hall body of patriots to visit Washington, D.C. beginning May 16, 2014, ending date undetermined, to submit demands and grievances for the removal of key criminal and despotic leadership beginning with Barack Obama through senior leadership in the United Stated States Congress.

God save the United States of America.

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Thanks Kelly, Will meet you tonite :)

I believe most people are still afraid of there identity to get on a list by the wrong people making life difficult. I realize the spine's of men now day have evolved into something barely recognizable, but possibly after America is taken back these men will grow some taters and be willing to stand up and out for themselves. I don't speak for all but just see things this way. Most of the guys I know are such sissies they wont even share on facebook cause they are so entrenched in politically correct jobs they are afraid to be found out, "LIKE A JEW BACK IN THE HOLOCOST" if you know what I mean.... So when will men act like men instead of women?

I am sorry Bill, I have been busy with Nat'l and doing a few posting chores, and I hadnt got to replying yet and for that I am sorry.  However, There does seem to be a problem of fence sitting here in Indiana.  We are starting to get concerned citizens/Patriots that are Standing Up, and getting Pro-Active, however, it is a disheartening small percentage.......

Please believe me, the leaders that have Stood Up are as passionate as you and I.....and I am so very glad to see and hear your passion.......it is a Godsend, sorely needed in this State Organization.  Feel free, Please, send me private message and  give me your contact info, for our communication tree.  All of us Patriots need to stay in contact, and support each other.  I did see where you joined and got your name into the State Roster, and I urge you to give me your city, and county and Region and please consider stepping up as A County Captain, out of a  listed 96 members and for 92 counties, we have 3 County Captains, people who care enough that they want to take responsibility, work and recruit a team in their county, so we would appreciate your passion and Standing up, get familiar with all info, ROE, etc, and build your own team in your locale, and maybe, just maybe some people here will start to get the idea.......Time is running out, and May will be here in a blink of an eye.....



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