Operation Zero Footprint Will Bring Obama And Hillary Down (McCain/Reid et al involved)

Keep in mind OAS mission against lawless, oath breaking politicians in positions of power"


Operation Zero Footprint Will Bring Obama And Hillary Down

There is new information out concerning emails and Benghazi and the White House is using their Carney (you know...the little paid liar who works at the circus?) to back pedal faster than a clown on two wheels. The newest claims are coming from individuals who worked both in and outside of Libya. One is a former Navy Rear Admiral and the other was a paid informant for both the FBI and the CIA. We know that recent emails state that it was imperative that the talking points concerning Benghazi remain focused on the bogus YouTube video claim. This was done to protect Obama in the upcoming 2012 election. But there is other information, too and it is damning to not only Obama and Hillary, but many other political clowns on both sides of the aisle, including John McCain, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. 

In the 18 months leading up to the Benghazi attack, the United States ignored a negotiated peace accord and assisted in attacking a sovereign nation and aligned with forces supporting a global jihad. The attack on Benghazi was about a failed foreign policy and a covert operation that saw the United States enable, support and arm al-Quaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. 

In a November 2008 State Department report, then US Ambassador to Libya, Gene Cretz stated;

The U.S. shares key strategic goals with the Government of Libya (GOL), particularly with combating al-Qaeda and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG).

Shortly after September 11, 2001, the CIA stopped in Libya on their way to Afghanistan and insider reports state that the Libyan government was very receptive to cooperating. Muammar Qaddafi made the transition from sworn enemy to an arms length US ally. He agreed to destroy his nuclear weapons program in 2003. He provided the US with intelligence against al-Qaeda and he worked with the US to resolve the Darfur conflict. Despite his support for the war on terror, Qaddafi was potentially becoming a major economic threat to the Europeon Union and the US.

In a February 2009 cable, made public by wikileaks, Ambassador Cretz wrote about Qaddafi's goals for a unified Africa, which would share a "common army, currency and passport". Cretz was particularly concerned with the unified currency since the entire country would be dependent on a currency that was backed by Libya's oil exports. This idea could have jeopardized relations between Libya and EU member states that imported significant amounts of Libya's oil. The currency Qaddafi wanted to implement was a single dinar made from gold. Qaddafi was starting to demand gold for oil and in that demand he was threatening the fiat currencies of both Europe and the United States. There was a fear that if Qaddafi's plan started to take hold, then there would be some very powerful people who would lose a lot of money.

Even though rioters were raging in nearby Tunisia and Egypt in 2011, Libya was still stable until anti-Qaddafi activists called for a Libyan day of rage on February 17, 2011 to mark the 5 year anniversary of a Benghazi demonstration that had turned deadly. When the rebel forces started gaining strength, the State Department began to look for another country that would take Qaddafi in order to avoid more violence. Emails were sent from a senior State Department official trying to find a place for him. Also, emails were sent asking for information as to who exactly the opposition leaders were in Libya. Specifically, if before February 17, 2011, did Opposition leaders receive any funding and/or communication with extremist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hizbollah, or AQIM (al-Qaeda in the Maghreb). And, were opposition and rebels plotting the "day of rage" with extremists?

On March 10, 2011, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified before the House Appropriations Committee endorsing US support for the Libyan Opposition. But there were no factual reports of a humanitarian crisis in Libya. It was Al-Jazeera who was manufacturing the crisis in Libya and other news outlets jumped on their feed. Al-Jazeera even interviewed so called witnesses who were not even in Libya. The entire ordeal was fabricated. Over the next week, Clinton met with key anti-Qaddafi leaders and named US State Department Diplomat Chris Stevens as liaison to the Libyan Opposition. Obama and other top officials in Congress were calling for the arming of the rebels. Hillary was the most aggressive in this call, even though reports clearly showed that it would be terrorists who received the arms and the support.

On March 17, 2011, the United Nations passed a security resolution ordering Qaddafi to immediately cease fire while at the same time authorizing NATO forces to take all necessary military action against the Libyan government. People on the ground in Libya could not believe what was happening. Top military leaders called for a 72 hour cease fire and peace agreement under the laws of war. This was done in order to give everyone a chance to let the rising tensions die down and to give Qaddafi a chance to pull back his forces.

March 19, 2011 began the beginning of a 3 day cease fire negotiation period. The Department of Defense and Obama cancelled any discussion of a truce.

On March 23, 2011, NATO began assuming control of Libyan operations as dictated by the UN security resolution in place. On March 27, AFRICOM's General Hamm's control was transferred to Navy Admiral, James Stavridas. 

On March 24, 2011, in an effort to stave off further military action against his regime, Qaddafi ordered the release of a detailed report to US intelligence officers. That report identified al-Qaeda and other extremist ties to the rebels. Obama had that report on his desk in the Oval Office within hours. Admiral Stavridis then went before a House Committee meeting and stated that although they had seen flickers of intelligence, there was no concrete evidence of terrorists within the ranks of the rebels. He quoted parts of the report that Qaddafi had released so it is certain that he had read it. This was a bald faced lie.

Even though Obama and Hillary remained non-committal to arming the rebels while in public, Reuters reported on March 30th that Obama had already signed a secret deal to do just that; arm the rebels. He authorized the CIA to get them the weapons. This operation was called Operation Zero Footprint. The US outsourced the transfer of these weapons to a foreign ally so that their involvement would not be so easily traced. Even though this was a covert operation, Obama still was required to sign off on it.

John McCain even answered a reporter about his feelings of those who were fighting for the Opposition. He called them his heroes. And let's not forget that McCain was very present in Libya. He visited there in the Spring of 2011. As a ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, McCain had access to privileged and confidential intelligence information. The information that the rebels were terrorists was cast aside. Obama was required to share this intelligence with what is known as the "Gang of Eight" which includes McCain, Feinstein, McConnell, Boehner, Pelosi and Reid. They knew about Zero Footprint.

Operation Zero Footprint was concocted by the White House in order to arm the Libyan rebels while giving the appearance of having no dealings whatsoever in the transfer of said weapons. Qatar was used to handle the transfer into the hands of al-Qaeda who was posing as Opposition rebels. This is why Chris Stevens was in Benghazi. So that he could coordinate the transfer of the weapons. Stevens also has extensive experience in international arms transfers. 

In October 2011, Qaddafi was captured and killed by the Opposition. This is when Hillary Clinton appeared incredibly happy when she said, "We came, we saw, he died." And then she cackled. (She doesn't laugh) This had been the plan all along because Qaddafi wanted to be paid in gold for his oil. 

On July 9, 2012, Stevens filed a request with the State Department for additional security. He was denied that request. On August 16, 2012, Stevens  described deteriorating conditions in Benghazi, specifically warning of 10 Islamist militia and al-Qaeda training camps.

On September 5, 2012, just one week before the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, an AFRICOM report showed that the rebels were taking advantage of the lax security in Benghazi, yet the State Department again refused to send additional security. Stevens was told to make do with the detail he had. Many people who were in Libya at the time of the attacks believe that Stevens was actually a CIA operative and that the entire Libyan ordeal became a CIA operation after the death of Qaddafi. 

The murder of Chris Stevens and 3 other Americans was nothing more than a political agenda to save Obama's chance in the up-coming 2012 Presidential election. The weapons were transferred to the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda and Stevens became a liability. Qaddafi was removed from power, which saved the US the embarrassment of having to admit it has no gold. As a keeper of the worlds gold, this would not be acceptable and so Qaddafi had to go.

Make no mistake that the events that unfolded in Libya are only a tip of the iceberg, but information is coming out now and there is no where these murdering government assholes can hide. What goes on in the dark always comes to the light.

Portions of this were taken from For The Record with Laurie Dhue.

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Your arrogance is appalling.  You seem to think no one else is doing anything but preaching.  Your ignorance of patriots is also appalling.  WE all work at this one way or another. 

We don't all have to the means nor physical ability to go to DC.  Get your head wrapped around that.

We educate people about what our govt and the elites are doing to us. 

Get off your damn high-horse.  You're not the only one who cares or is aware of what is going on.

Get a grip!!!

You are oh so right Michael Schafer..Even the ones that have their heads in the sand would join us..But the problem is that we cannot get any major media support..But there are some new plans in the works that cannot be revealed right now but they may just put us over the top..The glass is half full not half empty...

There is a simple answer in the 'how to', the issue is getting enough people involved to get it steam rolling ahead.

If all the people registered on this site were willing to participate in this very easy to do action, then it would be a start.

1/ Get a hard hitting but informative yet simple flyer made (eg in Publisher).

2/ Upload it to this (& other websites or cloud storage). In fact the more sites the better.

3/ People then download these & print off as many as they can afford to do (eg paper, ink, time etc) & letterbox drop them in their area & even neighbouring areas if it is in their capacity to do so. This will be every person's contribution as they have the capacity to do. You will need tens of thousands of people to start this off all over the country.

4/ On the bottom of the flyer have a link to OAS registration & ask people to join the movement.

5/ Have a link to your own or another website or cloud storage (eg Google Drive as it can also convert the file for easy access) where the flyer is stored & can be download. Also on the flyer encourage people to print off their own copies & letterbox drop them as well. This way you will soon build up a force of millions of people disseminating this important information across the country. This is called networking & it is a very powerful medium for fast duplication.

This simple yet effective campaign causes the people to become the media!

It is effective at reaching a majority of households & thus people. It would be good to get someone with either copywriting or excellent writing skills to design the flyer for maximum impact. It MUST be attention getting, not long, not boring & cover the issues where most people in the country are having problems, with a solution eg joining & participating in OAS.

To be totally effective & not binned as junk mail these flyers MUST be effective communicators as we want people to want to read them for maximum results on the efforts of the people printing & distributing them. As many people will print their own flyers & distribute them, this cancels the need to raise funds to do so as everyone will contribute as they are able.

It is imperative that there is only ONE official OAS flyer to keep everything uniform & make certain that the information is accurate & in line with OAS standards of operation etc.

You are hired!  Thank you.

We who have not "given up" will win this.

Everybody else, please take a deep breath and pay attention to what is continuing.

Until you see what it is you can do, go love something.

We will not win this war with Hatred, we will just change the Devils who are running the show.

Arthur, message me the factual information which must go into the flyer & I will work with that. In the meantime if people can open their own cloud storage accounts (need many) & be ready to upload the finished flyer (unedited, I will convert it to a PDF), that will expedite the start of this process.

Wow, I've seen enough evidence on lawlessness to know we have a rogue government, both sides of the aisle, controlled by lobbyists, who are working for the worldwide conglomerate. I pray we can open the eyes of the uninformed. Just be careful about ordering or asking God to take out all evil. God's measure is a bit different from most humans. We are all sinners. Saved but not without sin until the sanctification is over. We are sanctified in one respect but not completed until we leave these bodies. I think Col. Riley told us all upfront, if this doesn't work we know what comes next. Pray, pray, pray, for OAS and don't give up. Keep putting the info out there on as many sites as possible. I know all your fears, i have many of the same ones. Blessings all

According to Fox news, Pelosi was appointing people for their side.

Please save this and also send it or post it so that others will know the real significance of Benghazi.  I understand that this is what will take the top administrative people down.  This is not a political party thing as much as it is a traitor thing with all of them committing tyranny against the United States of America.  Does the death penalty still apply to traitors?  How about those who see to it that others are "murdered" to cover up facts that they do not want to be revealed?  Boy do we have a powder keg here.  Pass this on and pray like you never have prayed in your life.  We will have a bloody revolution over this unless the liberals can be taught that they are about to lose their country--as if some of them even care.  We have to pray together about this.  I know Jesus could return soon, but should he tarry, I would like to see my grandchildren have a hope and a future in a land of peace--not one of Sharia Law and a land full of illegals who think they can vote and use our social services resources and schools and on and on and on.  Each should come to this country and be admitted under the same standards.  We do not want to bring criminals nor addicts nor drug users or drug pushers into our country.  We do not want to bring or keep jihadists here--those here need to swiftly be sent home ASAP.  We do not need to cottle nor protect their so-called religion.  Dogs howl at the moon, they breed profusely, and they fight furiously until they kill and maime each other without regard to a conscience--but it is not called a "religion".  We do not have to condone criminal behavior called religion or faith.  Just because it is called a religion does not make it possess the tenants of what we understand to be religion or faith in God Almighty.  We do not have to condone other types of beliefs that incorporate brutal murder of wives and daughters nor condone chopping off hands or heads--this is uncivilized, animal behavior and has no place in civilized nations.  They all need to be sent back to their countries.  We are FOOLS to think that we can co-exist with their mindsets which manifest as evil acts.  Get a brain--folks.  +++  I want to do the Christian thing, but I do want to protect my family, my friends, and my fellow citizens from evil or potetial evil.  We have over forty states with mosques-----------we should not allow this-----------this is just a foundation to utterly destroy our entire society and murder our future generations.  Get a brain.

I agree William, with your statement about this not being a matter of political party.   The entire "party" scheme is a dog and pony show, imo, meant to distract us from the real business at hand.

It is my feeling that whatever labels we wear, there is no explanation for any American who is not outraged at what happened, irrespective of what party did what to who and when.    That is a game played by the liberals which does not impress me, their constant changing of the subject as to who else in history might have done less than was honorable.

The threat is now.   The cause is ongoing in the present - to be distracted by stupid party divisions and loyalties or childish accusations which say basically "he hit me first" are unacceptable and indulge in a foolishness we cannot afford.

The belief that we need to compromise our beliefs where gravely important matters such as Islam are concerned is nonsense.

There is NO GETTING ALONG with Islam, because compromise mean concessions from both parties and that is something Islam will never do.   They will not meet us half-way, they are not interested in being nice, they hate us.   So to suggest that we can all find a happy solution is nonsense.

It takes two to "do unto others" and "be nice".    Islam does not want to be nice, they want instead to demonstrate their rage and hatred toward us so we must do the intelligent thing and quit believing we can all hold hands and "teach the world to sing" or some other silly nonsense.   The Muslim Brotherhood and other extremists followers of Islam are barbarian savages so forget NICE.   It ain't happening.

Good post William. There are a number of videos on You Tube by Michael del Rosso. He is a national security expert and co-Arthur of "Sharia: The Threat to America". It would be beneficial to all, if everyone, would take the time to view his many videos.

Some good posts here. It's understandable why so many people have absolutely no hope for restoring this Republic. There have been so many false flags, so many deceptions, so much utter destruction of our founding and guiding principles that it's difficult to have any hope. Those who are really in power, the shadow elite/shadow govt, whatever, will NEVER relinquish their control over us without an all out fight. Also, who can really say, with all honesty, that any kind of process of restoration would not become corrupted by them again? It seems like one big circle jerk, if you get my meaning. Those who control everything, the bankers and uber-wealthy, own EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD!! They own all the precious metals mines, lumber rights, coal-oil-natural gas and other fossil fuel rights, water rights, most of the land (through the formation of "national parks/monuments" and "recreation areas," etc) and everything else worth anything! The Rothschilds and Rockefellers alone are worth trillions...TRILLIONS!!! How in the world can anyone honestly say that they would never sell out if presented with hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes?!?

Like I said, it's easy to see why many thinking people feel it's a hopeless proposition to restore this Republic. We need men the likes of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Patrick Henry, George Washington, and so on. They seem to have been incorruptible. Where can we find men and women of that caliber today? I can only hope and pray that I, myself, would not succumb to such graft and corruption, but who can honestly say they themselves would not?

We need to search our own hearts and purge them of susceptibility to sin, otherwise we don't stand a chance. Our Lord said it very succinctly; Remove the log from your own eye first so you can see clearly enough to remove the splinter from another person's eye.



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