It appears that some have achieved a level of pessimism that will only drag down the movement. Sure these radiacals are bombarding us with every conceivable negative event that they can possible devise.Its right out of there playbook. We have been playing nice and have been quite orderly when we have marched or congregated, for whatever form of venue we have used.

I think it is time we start playing their game and overload the system so as they wake up thinking about what is going to bite them that day. Instead of buisness as usual we start storming the media centers, in mass, and force our way inside these places. They don't want to listen then we start making them listen. We do this in a variety of ways. We take pictures and we start making these peope realize that we are not going to lay down. They may try to use force, so let them. But we keep this tirade going in each district thoughout their precious holidays and make them wish they had stayed in their beloved Washinton DC.

We also need to start a muster in each district. Get resistnet involved and each person get out and have their neighbors and friends sign up in that district with contact numbers. This is where you go if comms are cut. It is at this point we form a chain of command. I suggest using vets from the rank they either they retired from or still are and we form units. I am not looking for a fight but that is what it is going to come down too. We need to face reality or lose this country. We prepare and stay vigilant. I am a firm believer that this is what people want. But, dont know how to drive it. We can form militias to be on call. This can be done in mass across the country.
I want it to be peaceful , but look at what these people are pulling on a day to day basis. We need to be ready. Start getting in shape. We can win this.

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