As you will recall there was a post a day or so ago regarding Army MAJ Cook who was pressing for an injunction in civil court to challenge the legality of his orders to Afghanistan.

His position was rather straight forward...he was more than willing to comply with orders but not convinced Mr. Obama is a legitimate commander in chief and simply requested confirmation if Obama meets requirements specified in Article 2, Section 1 of the US Constitution.

Apparently the US Army has developed wobbly knees and a squishy backbone, as they seemed to have gone into full retreat. According to Dr. Taitz, attorney, MAJ Cook's orders have been abruptly cancelled. (Read below)

Is this the end of the story? I don't know but on the surface it looks like the Army would rather quit than fight...are they protecting Obama...rhetorical question? Will MAJ Cook feel reprecussions? Will other military members now take a similar action as MAJ Cook and question the legality of orders??

We have a usurper in the White House that has put America in debt for generations under false pretenses, has laced the US government with men and women of questionable character, preaches "transparency" but fights it tooth and nail when it pertains to him personally, now has the military challenging orders, and forcing a socialist, fascist policy on America that some are predicting will result in a violent uprising.

The search for truth will eventually win the day...perhaps the California court...Obama will not be able to carry out his destructive agenda as America will not allow it...there is a point that even the spineless politicians in Washington will come to their senses and reject Obama for what he is...a narcissist, an empty suit, a threat to United States freedom and liberty.

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

From Orly Taitz, attorney for Major Stefan Cook.

It looks like we won already and not just on any day, on Bastille day

July 14th, 2009

I didn’t even need to fight, the administration blinked and showed it’s cards, actually they showed that they have no cards to play, as they immediately revoked the order for major Cook. You can see below, the revocation is below, saying he doesn’t need to go.

What does it mean? It’s proof that we have a totally illegitimate commander in chief and they will cave in each and every situation. It means that from now on any member of the military, who doesn’t like any order , needs to call Dr. Taitz, ESQ and state that he doesn’t want to follow the order, a legal action will be initiated based on Obama’s illegitimacy in office and the military will cave in. It means that for the sake of covering up for Obama and fraud perpetrated, top brass of the US military is willing to undermine integrity of the military. This has to stop.




ST. LOUIS, MO 63132-5200

AHRC-PLM-S 14 JUL 2009

ORDERS A-06-916551R




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It is time for the Supreme Court to step in, order Secretary Gates to place Usurper Barry under Military arrest IMMEDIATELY.

I'm not sure where we go from here, but I have a feeling we are in for a bumpy ride, so buckle up, and hang on for dear life. This is going to be one helluva ride!!!!
Being a former member of the U.S. Army, I can understand the pressures they can bring upon a person to "conform". Major Cook as an officer commissioned and sworn to serve the Army and the Constitution, is a career soldier and as such has had the heavy arm of the "Higher-ups" on his head. I do not consider him cowering out. I consider him a man who has a family and loves this country enough to have taken a stand against Scummy and his socialist tyrrany.

We have won a skirmish, the administration is starting to see we hold the cards. They must now be on the defensive because there are now 2 suits in the courts against Scummy both wanting the same thing, full disclosure of all of his sealed records. That will be the main fight in this campaign!
Ok guys according to this it sounds like Maj Cook could stop his deployment on his own. I am really confused. Did the Army really cave or were they simply doing what he had asked them to do?? It says he can stop deployment all the way up till the day he is to report.
MAJ Cook did not violate any military procedure or order.......he was willing to comply with the deployment order to Afghanistan but wanted a question answered. He went to civil court for an answer and the military apparently chose not to get involved with a legal fight and amended MAJ Cooks deployment by revoking the order.

If the military had not revoked the order and the court would have chosen not to interfere with the order (dismissing his action) then it would have been up to MAJ Cook, either comply with the deployment order or refuse and take further legal action.........

I suspect there was pressure on the Army from the highest levels of government to difuse the issue and relieve Obama from practicing what he preaches........."transparency".......

The Obama Administration has the opinion that citizens of America are simply tools to be used for political gain when necessary, and thrown aside as cannon fodder when we become an irritant...much like our warriors...use them when needed for political gain and abuse, disown and deny them when the threat subsides....

I fear a tsunami of anger is just under the surface in America...what the trigger will be to start the huge tidal wave and what the devastation will entail is frightening.
If massive numbers of troops take a stand and refuse orders or demand to be sent back from Iraq or Afghanistan the media and the The Pretender's administration will be forced to take notice. After all, since he usurped The Office his intent is to take credit for any accomplishments. I'd love for my husband to come home from an already overextended tour in Iraq (over 4 years).
Hi Nancy.....your sacrifice as a family member of a warrior is every bit the sacrifice of those on the battle field, short of direct fire exposure.....many overlook famillies in their struggle through endless separation.

Obama is an ugly stain on America's national fabric and we, all Americans, must continue in our honorable assault to bring truth and justice regarding his stone-walling documentation that is required by Article 2 Section 1 of the US Constitution.

Our military must not forsake the mission but test orders that appear to be illegal...that's what MAJ Cook accomplished...just because we put on a uniform that does not mean we cannot use the legal system in our nation to support and defend our Constitutional oath.
what a sad day in AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!! GOD HELP MEN TO STAND UP AGAINST THIS HIPOCRASY, AND DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just found that Major Stefan Cook, who had his orders revoked, was fired by his employee. According to the CEO of Simtech Inc., a private company
contracted by the Defense Security Services, an agency of the Department of Defense, the federal government has compelled the termination of Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook.

This is an outrage. We have to stop the COWARDLY DICTATOR, before he destroys everything this country has done for the last 233 years.

Go to:

Sylvia & Ben Parks
Barack Hussein Obama is not only a usurper-in-chief, he is also the tip of an iceberg waiting to sink the United States of America-- and that iceberg is an enemy fifth column illegally operating within the United States. Although we can see what a spineless hypocrite and coward Obama is, the truth is this man has not been acting alone and is working for other organizations far more influential then he is himself--and we are faced with the reality that we must go after (and thrwart) these people who have been dictating to Obama and the far leftwing politics in America too since the danger for ANOTHER usurper of the US Presidency is very real. We all have learned by now that Obama has been receiving ongoing support from such horrendous folk as Rashid Khalidi, Khalid al-Mansour, Louis Farrakhan, William Ayers, et al. We will also have to face the fact that Obama has been receiving international support from such non-friends as Moammar Qadafi, Vladimir Putin, and the House of Saud. And we will need to revise our nation's foreign policy in light of this reality. For too long we have been playing at the Pollyanna character when it comes to Islamic and other third world thugs in pursuit of subverting America (especially if they have raw materials needed by US industries). This has got to change. We must protect ourselves better.

Stopping the Obama presidency is without any doubt the most critical battle of our generation. But we are faced with yet another critical and uphill battle looming ahead: disarming and dismantling the enemy fifth column which is not going away quietly anytime soon.
I have read several links to this and pray it is true that this could be the proof that Uncle Barrack Hussein is not a legal president. I have never heard of a state not giving out a long form birth cirtificate. I was born before Uncle Barrack & my state has a long form as official proof that I needed to get for my passport. I have read some letters from actual active duty servicemen who feel the Major is a coward and said they're glad he won't be with them, but what Uncle Obamma is doing to our country should be bringing our highest military officers asking is he a for real American as he runs roughshod over our constitution taking over private companies, appointing >30 Czars that answer to no one but him, bypassing Congress & Senate, throwing our country into dept that we may NEVER be able to come out of. He is bankrupting the United States of America, on purpose!!! He has bowed to Kings of terrorist countries, & dictators, and his latest is to tell our troops in harms way that they can only fire if they are certain that no civilians will be harmed in the process. Is that a legal order when we were placed in a war by having 3,000 innocent civillians killed on American soil while simply going to work. We ARE in a WAR, no matter how much he tries to deny it. How can a coward give our brave fighting men orders that will certainly get them killed. Remember that terrorists do not fight by the rules of the Geneva Convention, but use terrorist techniques, like the Viet Cong use to do, by putting gernades into babies diapers so they blew up in our soldiers hands, and shielding themselves with civilians. Of course no soldier can be certain no civilian will be harmed if he discharges his weapon when we are dealing with people who place no value on human lives. We also have an active terrorist training camp right here on American soil, in Virginia, and they are looking for permission to expand their school of Jihad. Uncle Hussein is usurping the power of the Congress & Senate and they are so blinded by his "cult" presence, that they don't even see it coming. He has a gun to their head making them sign bills with thousands of pages without even reading them, in record numbers, so when his hit people have added lines that will make our constitution as we know it null & void, they will no longer have any place in government & Uncle Hussein will be lifetime dictator. The only thing that man has said that even has resembled the truth was when he said that the stimulus is "working as intended". We thought that as president of the US he might have the best interest of our country in mind, but he is hell bent on making us part of the new world order, "citizens of the world", so HIS intent of the "stimilus" was to bankrupt as many business as he could, putting as many people out of work, so that more people would NEED "the government", giving him total control of the citizens. Cap & trade will bankrupt legitimate companies, with millions more losing their jobs, while those in power like Feinstein, Gore, Schumer, & mega corporations like GE & others who have geared up for "Green" technology will own the world! This is not the actions of a "president" who loves his country, but a greedy tyrant & while I still have a 1st ammendment right, in my opinion, a treasonist, and therfore, birth cirtificate or not, can not give legal orders to our military. They did take an order to protect & defend the Constitution of the US. What is most frightening is the blindness of our elected officials. Congressmen & Senators, who are suppose to be some of the brightest among us, are so blinded by partisan hatred for each other, that they are willing to sell our country down the river. When will they be Americans first? Its the greed for money & power. They don't see & hear the tone Obummer speaks to them when he tells them, we WILL get this passed! I can't remember his exact words when he came back from his latest kiss ass trip abroad & realized that there was actual discussions going on about healthcare, (God forbid our elected officials actually do their job & discuss it first) but he had a pretty ugly tone and mannerism like he was calling them on the carpet and letting them know he WILL get his way. Almost sounded like a "how dare you" kind of comment, maybe someone can find it in a file film. He is holding a gun to their heads and they follow without question like sheep to the slaughter. If we can't stop what is going on soon, we need to make sure that EVERY elected official that has voted for anything without reading it first, is voted out next year, so maybe, just MAYBE, we can make the rest understand that if they don't wise up, slow things down, repeal the "stimulus", that is nothing less then "raping taxpayers", maybe we can get things back to a normal pace and do what is best for this country. The Czars need to go, Cap & trade has to be defeated. What science degree does Al "the sky is falling" Gore have? The earth may or may not still be warming, but through the history of this planet, the Earth has gone through warming & cooling cycles, and nothing we can do will change that. If they REALLY wanted to make us energy independant, they would go Nuclear, which has a proven record of being Clean, safe & if standardized, cheap. No Uncle Hussein, is anti-nuke because he & his cronies can't make an instant killing off of it. Not only did uncle Hussein shut down the Ucca mountain depository, he lied and said he saved millions in "Taxpayers" money, when not a single dollar of taxpayers money ever went into it. It was wholly funded by the companies who have & run Nuke plants, but the Liar & Thief took credit for saving the "taxpayers" money. I digressed, but I am so afraid of what is happening to my beloved country, as far as the Major goes, I also read a link that showed that the govt had the Major fired from his civilian job, which happens to be a govt contractor. I think we need to look into the possibility of bring charges against him for "high crimes & misdemeanors" & have him thrown out. The charges would be so many that it would be as long as those thousand page bills they have been passing without reading. He's bankrupting us, he's selling out our country, stepping into & taking over private industries, placing people in power positions to oversee private industry, calling them Czars, without vetting by elected officials. There is specific rules to place people, and last I looked, our constitution does not allow for "czars". I know other presidents had from 1 to like 7 or 8, but never shoved through so much so called "legislation" in such a short amount of time, without any one even knowing what they were passing. That alone should be a "high crime or misdemeanor". Maybe we should recall EVERYONE who voted for stimulus, Cap & trade, & healthcare reform, without reading it first & debating it. This economy started with the housing crisis, which many blame on the Bush administration, but it started with Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, SENATOR Obummer, & others, forcing banks to give out sub-prime loans, knowing the only logical outcome would eventually be that the people getting those loans would default, it was just a matter of time. It was constructed to fail, & I believe it was back as far as 2002 that McCain & eventually others as well, tried to warn that this practice was dangerous. To save our country before it is too laate, we've got to get together an army of lawyers that want to leave an America for their children & grandchildren, and file charges against everyone in this conspiracy to destroy our country. Time to have an emergency election without "Acorn", and get a legitimate government which understands the only way to get our country back to the prosperious nation it use to be is to cut taxes dramatically, cut the size of the government back to bare bones, and give the states their individual power back, and allow enturpeneurs to open up their businesses again. Instead of destroying America, I say time to bankrupt the corrupt people who have masterminded the destruction of our beloved country, put them in the cell next to Bernie Madoff & make America the land of the free & the home of the brave again. I don't want to be a "citizen of the world" I don't want to be part of a "new world order". We have been BLESSED by being born in the greatest country on Earth, built by the sweat & blood of our proud "Legal immigrant" ancestors. Time to close our borders, at least temporarily till we get our house back in order, and then open it back to an orderly filing of legal immigrants like my grandparents were. I know this administration of Hate America first has deemed people with the ideals like myself who has worked hard all my life, never asked for a handout from anyone at anytime, served in the military, LOVE America, and hate what has been done to it over the past 40 years, are seen as "potential terrorists" when those who seriously DO want to destroy this country and everyone in it, like the graduates of the Saudi School in Va. are welcomed without question, but like Glenn Beck, I'm mad as Hell & can't be quiet anymore! Back to the Major, one other article I read said that as a reservist, he could request to have his orders recinded, and as long as it was done before he had to leave, could get his orders recinded, and that is why they were, and not because Obummer had anything to hide.



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