Constitutional Emergency

Hello America.

Just a brief history here.

I was a grassroots organizer back in the early 1980's when the recession hit. I lost my job, my home and eventually my family due to the stress and burdens we faced. Unemployment ran out and we were forced to go on welfare and into subsidized housing...aka...a housing project.

Was I bet! Did I wallow in pity and self-disgust? No way! I'm an American and I fought back!

We didn't have internet access back then and any communication was done face to face or over the phone.

For those that have been paying attention to the attempts to wake up the government, you'll notice one key issue. Lack of communication.

The internet is a great tool but not so good as far as reliability. If you followed the truckers attempts to organize, their page was deleted a couple times, losing valuable time and resources.

Back in the day, (I hate saying that phrase but...) we met people face to face.

If we truly want to get this ball rolling you have to seriously get out of your internet comfort zone and hit the pavement.

We used to canvass the long lines at the unemployment lines, at the welfare offices, at local food banks, etc. We collected names and phone numbers and established a network.

Granted, with technology, we don't have some of those resources. But think outside the box. Where can you go to meet people?

Here where I live they have self-help organizations like unemployment committees, church groups devoted to the needy, food banks still alive and breathing, and I could go on.

By all means, get out....

Your computer isn't getting us more recruits.

Back in the early 80's we were able to mobilize 18 bus loads of people within a few weeks notice just through the phone tree we created from contacts to go to our state capital. 18 bus loads....from just one area!...and no internet!

With the economy the way it is, with congress cutting off benefits like they just did to millions...don't waste the opportunity to recruit while people are angry.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the welcome you'll receive from various organizations when you explain you want to change the government back to what it's suppose to be instead of the oppressive system it's become.

Without a doubt, you'll meet those that are oblivious to matters at hand and think the status quo is just fine. Shrug it off, move on, don't waste your time on those that are blind. This is all part of activism.

This my fellow Americans is the line in the sand.  If we can't pull this off I fear this country will be forever lost in a system of tyranny and that most will be crushed. We can no longer afford the luxury of sitting on Facebook or twitter and "liking" issues.

Time has run out, the Federal Reserve has pumped 80 billion dollars a month to prop up the dollar for years and the entire world knows the US of A is in deep trouble. The only ones that don't seem to know it is the citizens of this country because of the corporate run news system blinds them.

Please, please, please....go to people. For God's sake, for the sake of your fellow Americans, just go for that walk.


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Excellent recommendation. We must step outside our cozy comfort zones if we are to pull this off. Thanks,Al. Hope patriots take heed.

Real life included?




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