Constitutional Emergency

Our Democratic Republic

First and foremost the United States of America is a Constitutional Republic. Based and founded on Judaeo Christian religious beliefs of life, liberty, and freedom.
The word(s) Democrat, Democratic, or Democracy, do NOT appear any place within the Constitution.

Yes I know, many people are getting tired of us trying to tell them that America is NOT a Democracy, America is a Republic. But most people don’t have any idea what the differences are.

The only portion of our governmental and political system that is a Democracy is in the election processes. The person with the most votes – wins.
And in Congress any legislation which receives the required votes, (over 51%) wins or is approved.

That’s it, That is all there is to our system of Government that even resembles a Democracy.

What about our laws?
Well as I just said above, any legislation which receives the required votes in Congress (51% or more) is approved into law. UNLESS that law violates the Constitution.

So where does the part of being a Constitutional Republic come into effect?

In a Democracy 51 out of 100 votes represents a majority, (ie – The US Senate).
So If 51 US Senators (a majority) vote to confiscate your guns and weapons, in a Democracy that would become the law. (Disregarding the full House and congress for this example.)

However in a Constitutional Republic even if 100 out of the 100 Senators voted to confiscate our guns and weapons that still does not become the law. Simply passing legislation through Congress does not necessarily make that a law. In order for such a piece of legislation to become a law it must become an amendment to the US Constitution. And at that point it would require the approval of 2/3rd of the States in order to be ratified into an actual amendment to the Constitution. (34 States).

That is why the Democrats in Congress and in States around the country have not actually attempted an out-right ban and confiscation of your guns and weapons. That would be in direct violation of the Second Amendment and our Constitution.

Instead some States, and at some point Congress, tries to work around the Second Amendment by banning certain aspects or components of our firearms. Such as high capacity magazines, folding rifle stocks, silencers, laser scopes, pistol grips, or other aspects of various weapons.

The Second Amendment states that “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall NOT be infringed”, so instead of trying to ban and confiscate our guns and weapons these States and Congress try to render them useless. Which in a Constitutional Republic would be Unconstitutional.

Even if the full 535 members of Congress voted to pass such legislation, and a Democrat President signed such a law, that would still remain Unconstitutional. The new “Law” would still have to become a Constitutional Amendment.

And THAT is why these people in Congress keep trying to convince people that America is a Democracy. They hate it when we correct them and say that America is a Constitutional REPUBLIC.

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