Constitutional Emergency

As I write this, I come to you a humbled man. I have realized a powerful truth, a hopeful truth, and the only truth we should focus on. I have been hit with the realization that we can change our future. We can change the fate of our country. It may be hard, even trying at times, but we can do it. There are some people out there that say our future is written in stone. They say that the Bible predicts the coming times, and that no matter what we may do our future will end with destruction and death. I know now that this is not true. I always wondered why my Uncle has been telling me that the End Times are conditional. I always wondered how he could say that the Bible is imperfect. I know now that the reason why this is so, is because of our beloved gift of free will. We have the ability to change our future. We have the power to postpone, if not cancel the End Times. It is the gift God has given us. I realize now why the prophesies of the End Times were written. They were there as a warning to us all of what would happen if enough people turned their backs on God. He created us in His image. He created us to be like Him, with the free will that He has. He wants us to have this free will because He wants us to be like Him in mind and spirit. He wants us to be His sons and daughters. He wants us to be His warriors and healers. He wants us to be with Him always, just as He is with us always. We can do this. We can change our future. All we have to do is let go of our fears, and hang on to our faith and hope with all our strength. I will no longer be a doomsayer. I will no longer even give my fears anything to run on. I will only give my faith completely and undyingly to God. I will keep my hope up amongst the stars. I will know that God is always with me and I am getting closer and closer to Him. He is my Father. I am his son. We are all His children just as Jesus was. And through Him...anything is possible.

Now, I ask you all to raise your spirits high, thrust your hopes up with God, let your faith guide you. Don't even give the deceiver the satisfaction of feeding your fears. Let your fears melt away. Let your fears fall into God's hands so he may crush them. Let your soul be drawn to God so He may nourish us and protect us. We can do this. We can change the course of human history. We can be the ones to ignite the fire of Patriotism within our country, and bring more and more people to God and His love and glory. We can...we will.....we must. For the glory of the Almighty and most High God! Let's bring God back fully into our country and work through Him! Let us work the miracles of His love. Because through God.....ANYTHING is possible!!!


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I am afraid that I can not agree with your belief that we can change GOD's timetable. The only item that must be done before the end comes is that "All Men (and women and children) must hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and his plan for salvation, before the end comes.

I ask you this question. Do you see or read of any place in the Bible where a country like America is there in that End Time? I don't and others don't either. Just as our lives have a finite number of days set before us at birth, so does the Earth in it's sin laden form.

The seven year tribulation must come before Jesus can come back to reclaim the Earth. I don't believe we can change that time much as it applies to the entire world, at that point. We CAN be found trying to hold back the tide of evil, however, and that is what is required of us.



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