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Cruz had some good suggestions on revising the SC terms and how their continued positions be maintained. 

Cruz is not worthy of or A natural citizen of USA, he is another Macarthy form the past. he is THE wrong bought by Banks we must go outside of the money belt to Elect no one that they put forth but WE put forth I looking at TREY GOWDY & Carla Firiona

Carly Fiorina has some very disturbing views of Islam, too disturbing for me to want as President. As of now the only "outsider" in the GOP race that I can support is Dr. Benjamin Carson and I believe Rand Paul has enough "insider" knowledge to be an excellent VP candidate to complement Dr. Carson with Walker as a viable alternative. All the other announced GOP candidates ARE establishment GOP types.

How much money has Cruz received from the Financial Institutions and then I would hold up the how much money did any of the other candidates received from the Peanut Farmers, it is inmaterial. Find some other reason that might hold some water. 

First Crus is not a natural born citizen and is unable to run for office as his mother and father were not born it this country. And we need to get away from the Rep and Dem either one has done anything for our country.And all those that are in DC need to be removed 


the coup / takeover / purge must be planned / organized and executed swiftly..the transition will thereafter be

bumpy yet worthwhile.

ideas are meaningless, only brute force will be effective..mobilization is key once plans are laid ...

talk / good idea, etc are merely venting and largely ineffective, Read Thomas Jefferson's Preamble to the

Declaration of Independence to understand what is now required...

All branches of government have morphed into one.

We the people must take control and hire constitutionally, common sense people into office.

The court will be changing very soon -- the next POTUS will most likely be nominating at a minimum two judges.

This next POTUS will have a mess greater than the supposed Bush mess the white house occupant still blames for his failures.

Suggestions on how to wake up the sheeple?

Share if you know, please.

via social media / contacts arrange meeting effective tactic > charge bikers / truckers to paralyze Washington

D.C. , timing is critical following organization / planning phase. the NRA is unlikely to participate.

Oathkeepers might.  a cadre of recently purged general officers dedicated to this action would be a starting point.

SACRIFICE !   THOSE THAT CREATED OUR INDEPENDENCE suffered , no paydays / social security / retirement

YET they prevailed...perhaps if HS came door to door robbing us or all deposit accounts were frozen or all government

checks stopped , would we then REVOLT....after Martial Law , there will be no resolutions...


The election of 2016 is not going to resolve this. Every American needs to understand, this is no longer a constitutional Republic, we have become a communist ruled nation. The only thing that is going to change this is civil disobedience.  



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