Is Gramsci’s Theory for Overthrowing America Being Realized?

Written on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 by David L. Goetsch (

In view of Barack Obama’s re-election, consider the following quote from Stanislav Mishin, writing in PRAVDA—the state newspaper of Russia: “It must be said that, like the breaking of a great dam, the American descent into Marxism is happening with breathtaking speed, against the backdrop of a passive, hapless sheeple—excuse me dear reader—I meant people.” Is it possible that outsiders who are steeped in what Marxism really looks like can see what Americans cannot?

Most Americans have heard of Karl Marx and his plan for overthrowing democratic governments through armed revolts of the workers. But few Americans have heard of Antonio Gramsci. This is too bad because Gramsci is the communist philosopher who developed a theory specifically for overthrowing America. Gramsci thought that overthrowing the United States through an armed revolt of indigenous workers was unrealistic. He theorized that a better approach would be to undermine the culture and morality of America so that our country would destroy itself from within.

His plan was for intellectual elites to take control of colleges, universities, public schools, and the government and to use their control to destroy the America of our Founders in the name of progressivism. Sound familiar? Gramsci called his theory “cultural hegemony.” As I consider the re-election of Barack Obama and think about the cultural and moral changes that have occurred in America in just the short span of my lifetime, I have to wonder if we are seeing the realization of Gramsci’s theory. This column explains just a few of the main tenets of his theory.

Gramsci admonished college professors and the leftwing media to refer to communist dictators as “Chairmen,” “Leaders,” and “Presidents,” but never as “dictators.” This type of rhetorical misdirection would soften the views of the public at large to communist leaders. The communist tyrant, Mao, was always referred to in the media and by leftwing professors as “Chairman Mao.” Castro is still referred to as “Premier” or “political leader,” but never as “communist dictator.” Even Joseph Stalin, a dictator who exterminated 30 million of his own people, was referred to fondly as “Uncle Joe” or respectfully as “Premier.”

Another tenet of Gramsci’s theory was gradualism. He knew how Americans would react to armed insurrection by indigenous workers or anyone else. Consequently, Gramsci recommended a slow transition first to socialism and then to communism. The transition to socialism would be done under the guise of saving jobs during times of economic recession. The government would take control of businesses or even whole business sectors to rescue them from bankruptcy. Sound familiar?

Another of Gramsci’s strategies was to promote the United Nations as the best hope for world peace and a one-world government. Once the United Nations was firmly established, the nest step would be to ensure control of the body by communist nations and their surrogates. This meant getting communist China established in a seat on the United Nations Security Council and giving voice to all of the smaller nations around the world that are either controlled or heavily influenced by communist nations such as China. Again this should sound familiar.

Marx missed the boat concerning how to overthrow America, but Gramsci appears to have hit the mark. Well before Barack Obama was elected the first time, America was well down the road in implementing the various tenets of Gramsci’s theory. But under the Obama administration the process has speeded up.

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I sat here thinking about your post for the longest time. Our trust in other citizens to be honest and true has been broken. I don't see a way to rebuild that trust and honesty any time soon, sad.  I have come to the conclusion that revolution will only get millions of people killed. An uprising or dissent will drag out more of what you spoke of. Arresting Obama the Benghazi butcher will take hundreds of thousands of keyboard commandos, couch potatoes and younger then I am patriot’s.        I have tried to raise attention, to point out the many dangers we face, share the next move Obama the Benghazi butcher will take. Other then a few folks my efforts are exactly like pi$$ing into the wind. I will continue to share all that I discover but with my expectations for removing Obama the Benghazi butcher and his subjects much lower. I will defend me and mine and encourage God to take his course as to the judgments on the USA. Reality demands wisdom should replace bravado.

Should others want to sink back into their couch and become a bird with his head in a hole in the ground I’ll encourage that. At least they will be out of the way.

  When you see that sign above the razor wire fence that says FEMA detention camp 666 kiss you’re a$$ goodbye.


Once again, Thank You Harry. Very good and informative article, pointing to a name in history that most people have never heard of. In reading this it is very clear that the Communist/Marxist plans are well on course for achieving their goal, the complete and total destruction of America and the "Fundamental Transformation" into a Communist - one-world- governance dictated by the United Nations.
May GOD help us all. When uneducated voters are willing to give away their freedoms and vote to re-elect the likes of Obama for a simple free cell phone or ten dollars worth of food stamps, then I can only admit that we ourselves have failed.
Someone in our history once said the price of freedom is eternal vigalance, then I am afraid we took our eyes off the enemies for too long. We need to return our focus to the true enemies before it is too late, if not already.
May GOD bless America.

It's only the thinking frog who takes action before the water gets too hot.  The compliant frog finds comfort in the warmth until it is too late to save itself.

Sadely Clarence I must agree, (about the frogs). All I can say at this point is some people are very aware and are working in directions not readily disclosed. But one thing Patriots can and should do is apply as much pressure as we can on our Republican Congressmen. They are our first line of defence, but not the only one.

Also, If you are an American Military veteran please advise to such and we will put you in the vets section.


Sure sounds familiar to me! 45 Communist Goals  Interview with Yuri Bezmenov  Cloward Piven

Sadly they have succeeded in convincing many people that all these programs are good!

Check out the book "They Fired the First Shot" on

Marxism and Islam have many things in common, and during WWII, Hitler and the Muzzies were quite tight.  I knew a lady in France (Madam Tartar) who filled me in on a lot of what went on int he Alsace-Lorraine region of Germany, which now belongs to France due to the "spoils of war".  The people who lived in that area, Alsatians, are to this day more German speaking than French.  Madam Tartar's house was used as a lookout during WWII since from her top floor all roads leading into or out of Neiderbronn-les-bains could be seen.

She, along with the other women and female children of the area were rounded up by the Germans and shipped to Syria where they lived during the years at war.  Madam Tartar taught school in Syria to the German children. So the Muslims harbored the German women and children during WWII. 

Some interesting things about her return to her home after the war.  Since her home was the main lookout for both the Germans as well as the Allied forces, there was a great deal of fighting that went on to take over that house.  Then which ever side held the house also stayed there.  Not one piece of any of her fine china, silverware, or anything else in the house was ransacked, stolen, or broken.  However there was an enclosed stairway leading up to the various levels of the house (it was a 4 story house), and she said the entire stairwell had to be torn down and replaced as not one piece of the wooden walls remained in tact.  We are not talking a few bullet holes.  She said there wasn't one piece of wood that was not splintered into shards about 2 to 3 inches long from all the bullets spent to secure the house.

But that history aside, we have done several things wrong in this nation that are not touched upon.  Granted, this has been a gradual takeover, but it goes hand in hand with the gradual push to shy away from religion, and to turn our backs on God.  Yes, this did come about as a result of insidious men being placed in specific places and then allowed to teach whatever trash they wanted to with on one to keep any oversight of what was happening to the minds of our youth.

History will repeat itself, but it will repeat itself because we are a stiff-necked and ignorant people who have allowed this to happen, and even when faced with the horrible truth we shy away from it and cry "nay", "nay".  I am not to blame.  Well if we aren't to blame, who the hay is???  We have let it happen!


William, it is sad, but our avenues for addressing our grievance have been blocked by the Congress, the Judicials and everybody else, NOBODY IS LISTENING AND DON'T WANT TO LISTEN TO WE THE PEOPLE, so it will take us, to take those willing to re-establish the Constitution and the Rule of Law by "ALL MEANS NECESSARY", and ultimately innocents are going to die....we might as resolve this is going to happen, the question then becomes "WHEN and WHEN DOES THE GOVERNMENT FIRE THE FIRST SHOT"... In my humble opinion, they have already fired the first shots, not physically but in illegal laws and executive orders:   NDAA, and ILLEGAL rESIDENT and kept there by both DemoRats and Rhino's and Republicans and a host of other unconstitutional edics. And now by a "FRAUDULENT ELECTION". May God and his son, Jesus Christ bless the Military, Veterans and Patriots that will have to make the decision to honor our OATHS, to this great country.

Gramsci's ideas were put into the public record in 1963 when the "45 Communist Goals for America" were entered in to the Congressional record. All 45 items on the list are written as if the greatest predictor of the future had divine help. Sure there are a few items that deal directly with particular Russian wishes the USA TO give up our massive WMD defensive capabilities, but the majority of the 45 things on the list have already come true. In fact, if you really want to save-the-pants-off of some of your friends and family, simply have them read "The Communist Manifesto" followed by the "45 Communist Goals". 

Granted, I don't see someone like Obama handing over power to the Russians or to any other Country, but he does probably see the United Nations as the perfect vehicle to run the country with. Keep in mind that everything he does has in some way to do with "Social Justice". Social Justice is his own personal war with our ancestors. Or maybe I should be more specific... our white ancestors. He wants White America to pay for all the bad things done to people of color (especially the Black race) in the past. Instead of him handing us over to a Communist Nation, he will hand us over to the mostly Communist, and completely corrupt UN. At the pace the political left is going I would guess that with Obama's help, they may try for a handover when our Monetary Pockets run out of places to get money from. Although some believe otherwise, you cannot keep printing money to get you out of every financial fix. Doing so just hastens the down-fall of the American Dollars worth. This is his reason for saying one thing for the TV cameras and doing the exact opposite when it comes to our monetary policies. Between the Cloward/Piven theory of how to crash our economy and following Gramsci's (45 Communist Goals for America"), the road has already been paved for him, all he has to do is follow it to it's end.

Now that he stole a second term (something myself and many others knew would happen.... yet nobody would listen) we should see a massive ramping-up of the policies that will crash our economy and put us all in the same poor shit-pile... except for him and his people of course.

I'm shocked that people still laugh at Preppers. As far as I'm concerned, Preppers are the smartest people in the country. Now if we only had a fighting force willing to protect the country as a whole. A force that would have to risk their lives to save us from tyranny. Until we do... learn how to aggressively protect your family, do some planning for being without power for at least 6 weeks, and have at least some canned foods and fresh water stored just in case.

One last thing... keep in touch with God on a daily basis and ask for his help with ridding the disease that presently occupies the WH.

This problem is not over by a long shot, we are headed down the wrong road and it end is DESTRUCTION of USA, David you are so wise, like wise I already have in place a 6 week supply of food items. America I highly advise you to heed the words of Mr.Davis Swanson , and your servant



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