Is Gramsci’s Theory for Overthrowing America Being Realized?

Written on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 by David L. Goetsch (

In view of Barack Obama’s re-election, consider the following quote from Stanislav Mishin, writing in PRAVDA—the state newspaper of Russia: “It must be said that, like the breaking of a great dam, the American descent into Marxism is happening with breathtaking speed, against the backdrop of a passive, hapless sheeple—excuse me dear reader—I meant people.” Is it possible that outsiders who are steeped in what Marxism really looks like can see what Americans cannot?

Most Americans have heard of Karl Marx and his plan for overthrowing democratic governments through armed revolts of the workers. But few Americans have heard of Antonio Gramsci. This is too bad because Gramsci is the communist philosopher who developed a theory specifically for overthrowing America. Gramsci thought that overthrowing the United States through an armed revolt of indigenous workers was unrealistic. He theorized that a better approach would be to undermine the culture and morality of America so that our country would destroy itself from within.

His plan was for intellectual elites to take control of colleges, universities, public schools, and the government and to use their control to destroy the America of our Founders in the name of progressivism. Sound familiar? Gramsci called his theory “cultural hegemony.” As I consider the re-election of Barack Obama and think about the cultural and moral changes that have occurred in America in just the short span of my lifetime, I have to wonder if we are seeing the realization of Gramsci’s theory. This column explains just a few of the main tenets of his theory.

Gramsci admonished college professors and the leftwing media to refer to communist dictators as “Chairmen,” “Leaders,” and “Presidents,” but never as “dictators.” This type of rhetorical misdirection would soften the views of the public at large to communist leaders. The communist tyrant, Mao, was always referred to in the media and by leftwing professors as “Chairman Mao.” Castro is still referred to as “Premier” or “political leader,” but never as “communist dictator.” Even Joseph Stalin, a dictator who exterminated 30 million of his own people, was referred to fondly as “Uncle Joe” or respectfully as “Premier.”

Another tenet of Gramsci’s theory was gradualism. He knew how Americans would react to armed insurrection by indigenous workers or anyone else. Consequently, Gramsci recommended a slow transition first to socialism and then to communism. The transition to socialism would be done under the guise of saving jobs during times of economic recession. The government would take control of businesses or even whole business sectors to rescue them from bankruptcy. Sound familiar?

Another of Gramsci’s strategies was to promote the United Nations as the best hope for world peace and a one-world government. Once the United Nations was firmly established, the nest step would be to ensure control of the body by communist nations and their surrogates. This meant getting communist China established in a seat on the United Nations Security Council and giving voice to all of the smaller nations around the world that are either controlled or heavily influenced by communist nations such as China. Again this should sound familiar.

Marx missed the boat concerning how to overthrow America, but Gramsci appears to have hit the mark. Well before Barack Obama was elected the first time, America was well down the road in implementing the various tenets of Gramsci’s theory. But under the Obama administration the process has speeded up.

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Thanks for the two-thumbs-up Rev, but I prefer people do one thing above all others... use the 'common sense' the Good Lord blessed us with when we were all born. This alone could save you and your family.

Although many people on this forum have very good ideas I would like to give one particular shout-out to Twana. She has kept everyone focused on our survival and the eventual rebuilding of a country that we no longer recognize. Start to organize your family first, then come here to learn how to organize your neighborhood/town/city and I suggest you tell people that Twana and her advice can be trusted. 

God Bless America!

WE are already Overthrown,    folks.

If  I ascribe a situation to , “Racism”. I will likely get “Amens”, “Yessirs”, “Right on’s” all over the place. This is true because it is the “PC’ Position and therefore the easy one to take. Everybody knows this is a racist country, Is that not so?


But; when I say Racism I am looking at it from the opposite perspective. I  am looking at it from the view of the newly disenfranchised Anglo Saxon Patriarch of what used to be an “average” American Family

Today “Racism” to me, means something else entirely. All one has to do is look ,  not even too closely, at the chaotic scene that has become “American Politics.”

The vote 2012....

What the Hell happened? How is it possible that in a time when the governing of this country is at its’ worst point in history could the most incompetent  incumbent ever to hold the office be returned to office, and more amazingly, now be touted for a third term.....

A couple things happened things happened on the road to OZ, folks.

 “Women’s Liberation, Affirmative Action, Political Correctness, Drugs, Diversity, Multiculturism, The Kennedys, LBJ and McNamara, The Liberty , Vietnam, Jane Fonda,      

in other words  “The Sixties”

Think Immigration....

There has been tinkering and changing and much grandstanding regarding modification to the immigration and naturalization statutes going back to the Naturalization Act of 1790, which had limited naturalization to immigrants who were "free white persons" of "good moral character."


Politically it was the perfect football to be kicked about by politicos to show who could be the most caring and sympathetic to the problems of ethnic groups, colored folks, women or any group that was not white.

The most far reaching and most effective set of immigration rules was (and still is) the Immigration and Nationality act of 1965.

From Wikie:

The Hart-Celler Act abolished the national origins quota system that was American immigration policy since the 1920s, replacing it with a preference system that focused on immigrants' skills and family relationships with citizens or U.S. residents. Numerical restrictions on visas were set at 170,000 per year, with a per-country-of-origin quota, not including immediate relatives of U.S. citizens, nor "special immigrants" (including those born in "independent" nations in the Western hemisphere; former citizens; ministers; employees of the U.S. government abroad).[1]

President Lyndon Baines Johnson, Secretary of State Dean Rusk, and Ted Kennedy, the fun loving little brother of the Martyred John Fitzgerald, in 1965 saw an opportunity not to do something that would benefit mankind; But something much more important, they saw opportunity to increase the number of Democrats on the voting rolls and  to forever establish the Democrat Party as the dominating power in American politics. With restrictions removed on the numbers of immigrants levied by race, it was obvious that those allowed to immigrate would henceforth be of a race other than white, mostly Asians from Southeast and South Asia, Indians from that always overpopulated area, the Island Nations and the Caribbean as well as Latin American Countries.

How thrilled those three JFK Leftovers must have been when they realized that they had in their hands the ability to build a base of Democrat voters beholden to the democrats that might just be unbeatable forever. Jefferson and Washington might have been the “Founding Fathers”: but this simple Immigration act could and did determine the destiny of every American and sealed the fate of  the citizens..

Truly, 1965 should be celebrated as the rebirth of the nation, because with essentially open borders and immigrants no longer wanting to assimilate as Americans and , as the European Immigrants in the thirties and forties did, going on to build build a better country, the new immigrants, now non-white moved toward total balkanization of the population and following that natural course, the demise of the country.

Today, in the United States the most important qualification for almost anything is Race. Fast-Foreword from the sixties:

Multiculturalism and Diversity somehow were transformed from weaknesses to strengths. The “weaker sex” took over their rightful places as the “Stronger Sex” (which the men always knew was the case, anyhow.) Men were openly laughed at as they applied for promotions and positions everyone already knew were going  to a woman, a Black or an Hispanic. Company and Government (especially Government) Training programs for jobs that required special learnable skills had to undergo severe alterations  so that the “new hires” could compete.

Of course, as so often happens in these circumstances, the unintended consequence of these revisions meant that the people who benefited the most (and were actually the most hired) were WOMEN.

 There was then embarked upon the greatest assault in history of one people on another. Legal racial discrimination, (aka... affirmative action) became the law of the land and with every non white person allied and arrayed in place, the war against the white males began. In very short order women realized that they could make use of this situation and once the women got  on board, the dis-empowerment of the most hated racial group of all time, was well underway. White males had no chance of gaining power, or even equality, ever again.

The 2008 Election came close to tipping the scale.... and finally in 2012 the numbers game caught up with the white men and swept them aside

For the first time in history the election in the United States, and let’s face it, which countries election matters more?... was decided by Race. It wasn’t the economy or clashes of religion, not the Middle East Wars, or Oil, or any such issue, of which there were many, most of them obvious. This historical turning point was finally reached in 2012 when white males were actually outnumbered by the coloreds, supplemented by white women, when they went to the polls. And from now on that numerical superiority can only increase.

The only possible way to reverse this would be through a change in the mindset of the women; (or a huge increase in the white birth rate). But the better educated, more ambitious, tougher and harder working females who saw the weaknesses, exploited them and took charge are not likely to give up the advantage. (Or do much to increase the birth rate among whites either, for that matter ) The woman’s traditionally most powerful weapon has now been joined in the arsenal by these new political ones.

Us white guys are “toast”......

 Let’s look at the vote result from a slightly different perspective.

Embarrassingly, any votes for the incumbent on the issues alone had to come from the white males. All other votes cast were votes that had to be on race because there could quite simply be no valid reason to vote for a continuance of the worst Presidency of all time .

What on earth does the electorate expect this time?

On every single issue the incumbent and the incumbent’s policies proved only incompetence, weakness, and unawareness of the real problems of State. He won anyway. That means that there is no hope for a shift in momentum back the other way, Not unless the election process or the contending parties are modified.

The Republicans have no chance to regain power without changing the party so much that it ceases to exist on contrary principles to the Democrats.


We need a new radically different party.....    

I turned eighty in September. So I have seen a lot of stuff happen. I was nine when the Japs sunk the Arizona and remember well the radio reports and newspaper accounts the following Monday in school. Because of this vivid memory I still have little use for anything produced by the sons of Nippon. The story of Doolittle and the Raiders we listened to on our radios. The Bataan Death March and the accounts of the Jap Atrocities carried out by the “Japanese Greatest Generation” are all well represented on my library shelves and in my extensive collection of movies and documentaries on DVDs.

My generation was the younger half of the Korean War and the older half of the Vietnam participants. I served in the Vietnam War alongside 18 and 19 year olds as a mid thirty something from 1965 through 1970. My pilot training comrades were among those at the Hanoi Hilton. (I was fortunate not to be among them).

My younger son is retired Navy and fought his War on an Aegis Cruiser in the mine strewn Persian Gulf.

My younger grandson served his tour along the Syrian Border as a US Marine .

My Older Grandson is career Army having two tours in Iraq and is serving now as instructor cadre as an “old sarge” 29 yr old SFC in the USArmy.

I mention all of this, what may be superfluous information, as justification for my views that are easily dismissed as racist by many folks. I do not consider myself better than a person with a darker skin but I have no reason to be sensitive to the feelings of Asians, Hispanics or Blacks for the same reason.. ..Nor do I expect or even want respect from any of them in that regard.

I am resigned to whatever fate is in store for what used to be my Country. (And I don’t believe that fate will be kind.)     That country has just shown loudly and very clearly to me and my kind what it wants to be and where it wants to go led by the people it chooses as its leadership.

The last chosen leader, (who unfortunately is also the next)  didn’t do so well, but was rewarded anyhow..God help us all....


Jim Bertram,  USAF Ret. 

USAF 1950-1970 , VN 64,65,67,68-69,  DOT/ FAA 1971-1994


Bravo. You have put the blame exactly where it belongs. Although I agree that the 60's put us on this road, the route the road would take had been planned many years prior to the 60's. And I also agree with your idea of 'reverse racism'. Obama's "New America" has the "White Man" as it's servant with all minorities as our Masters.

The politics of creating a new party is pretty obvious but even that may not pan-out the way you would like. If a 3rd party were to gather steam it would soon have it's rails destroyed by those that would want to control a 3rd party (Paulbots etc). For the foreseeable future we need to plan for survival. Then we can organize and see if people really want their country back.

The American experiment is coming to a close. The communist nations have been playing second fiddle to the United States since the end of World War I and this in their eyes can not be tolerated the openness and freedom of the people in the US because it makes their people under oppression begin to think. Their thoughts are precisely those of freedom and prosperity.
We have those people that came to this country and prospered to the point that they are self sustaining. Know they want to destroy the prosperity for the rest of us trying to make our lives better. George Sores is one of those individuals. He sees in America something that is deceitful in the country of his origin Germany in the 1930,s. The German people were in a system of government that was dictated by one person and no one could change the decisions of this individual, Adolf Hitler.
The nations that feel threatened by the United states are all over the globe From North Africa to China, Russia, the Middle East and the Far East and all in between. do not want their people to know the joy of freedom knowing that they would lose control of their wealthy way of life as a dictator.
We have a president now that is bent on the idea of redistribution of wealth with the major portion residing in Washington DC, to maintain a bloated government of his loyalist and followers along with the public and privet sector unions.

I thought this post on commieblaster would be of interest- Via the Manning Report - plays a clip of Michael Savage on the firing of 3 generals. Then Dr Manning goes on to explain the significance of that:

Michael Savage: U.S. Undergoing a Communist Coup 11.24.12



Indeed! Many Americans are asleep. They walk like zombies through their daily lives and think nothing of what is happening to our great Country. For them especially, the cost will be high when they finally wake up!



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