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May 13th                               
Pam Geller - Again  

We can expect that the attacks against Pam Geller will ramp up as the election season gets into full swing. After all, our Islamist in Chief has stated publically that he will not paint Islam with the Broad brush of Jihad, and that there is no “ … sound as peaceful as the call of the muezzin in the mosque to prayer,” and in the United Nations he said, “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet.”




SO for all intents and purposes, Pam Geller has taken on the President of the United States and all his power.

The left hates her because she has right onher side, and she is not backing down.

When 20% of Americans see President Obama as a latent Muslim, whether he admits it or not, there is a decidedly antagonistic side of Progressives that wants to silence her, and will do anything in their means to do so.

The article below lists just a few of the stalwart lefties who are swinging their bloviating fists at her, from Chris Matthews all the way up (or down) to the New York Times.

The fact is, just like how the media are piling on to Ted Cruz as his likability indices get better and better. The ones they fear are the effective ones.

I never get a mention in the NYT, or even on Chris Matthews, and I am glad for that. The have nothing to fear from me, except that we – those like us, to whom I send my postings – represent a significant portion of Americana, and that is what the left really fears.

We are the Spiteful bitter clingers who oppose everything that B-Ho does because we are racist to the core, and he is “just” the first Black President in American History.]

Based on his history since the first day he took office, it may well be another 232 years before we elect another Black President. He has done that well for his “people.”

Oh, wait, I forgot that his people are the Muslims. He has more Arab blood than Negro.

It’s just that he’s a secular Muslim, so that doesn’t count, does it?

Better Ask Pam Geller.

From her website:

​Yesterday at PJ Media, I reported on conflicting stories offered by the Islamic Community Center of  hoenix (ICCP) regarding former mosque attendees Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, who were killed this past Sunday in a gunfight outside a Dallas-area center where a “Draw Muhammad” cartoon contest was being held.

I noted the attempts by the mosque president, Usama Shami, to downplay the ties of the two would-be terrorists. This included Shami’s claim to the press that neither was a regular member. In fact, Elton “Ibrahim” Simpson had been featured in a mosque fundraising video posted on ICCP’s YouTube channel in 2012 identifying him as a member:

In fact, Simpson and Soofi were not the only two terrorists spawned from ICCP. Two other previous ICCP mosque attendees — Hassan Abu-Jihaad and Derrick Shareef — are currently in federal prison on terrorism-related charges.

- See more at:


No wonder they cannot stand her, she is confronting them in their lairs with the facts.

There is nothing more noxious to a Liberal than facts refuting their time-honored beliefs, whether it is about Global Warming, or Militant Islam.

We need to make sure someone has her back at all times.

Tuum Arida Pulveris Pyrii
Keep your powder dry

Why the Left Hates Pamela Geller
Jack Kerwick

Recently, while Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) held a Muhammad cartoon drawing contest in Garland, Texas, a couple of American-born Islamic zealots opened fire on the security officers who were hired in anticipation of precisely such an attack.

One officer was injured. Fortunately, no officers were killed, and both would-be mass murderers were shot dead.

Someone up there must really like Pamela Geller.

Down here, however, there are plenty of people who most decidedly dislike Geller.

Since she escaped the death wish of Islamic extremists, Geller has been in the cross hairs of leftist extremists.

Heidi Beirich, of the “hate-watch” organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center, said that while Geller is entitled to express herself, “I think decent people would say: ‘Why do you [Geller] need to do that [blaspheme against Muhammad]?’”

MSNBC host Chris Matthews castigated Geller for arranging a “trap” for those who were intent upon slaughtering her and every one of the 200 or so people in attendance at her event.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota informed Geller that the latter’s critics seem to have a point in charging her with “Islamophobia.”

The Washington Post offers this gem of a headline: “Event organizer offers no apology after thwarted attack in Texas.”

That the usual suspects on the left reserve their moral outrage for Geller, rather than those who would’ve murdered her and the crowds of participants at the Garland exhibition, is telling. It’s also all too predictable.

When the French magazine Charlie Hebdo published cartoons depicting Muhammad, a couple of Islamic fundamentalists responded by massacring several people at its offices. In the wake of this bloodbath—an attack on “free speech” is how it was branded—nearly the entire Western media, and certainly all of the left, expressed its solidarity with the murdered.

Beyond the fact that the aspiring killers in Texas failed where their French counterparts succeeded, the only other difference between the situations in the Lone Star state and Paris is that the illustrations of Muhammad featured at Geller’s event weren’t nearly as obnoxious, perverse, and disgusting as those printed in the pages of Charlie Hebdo.

So why, then, is it that legions of people from around the Western world were clamoring to “stand with Charlie,” while Geller and her organization have been condemned? For an answer, we must look beyond the details of these two events to the political circumstances of those involved with them:

Charlie Hebdo is a militantly irreligious, leftist rag.

Geller’s AFDI is nothing of the sort. In fact, Geller’s organization exists exactly in order to draw the public’s attention to the glaring incompatibility between Islamic fundamentalism and Western civilization.

Both her conviction that jihadism deserves as much attention as she devotes to it as well as the latest tactics that Geller’s employed in driving home this point can and should be debated. Yet one shouldn’t have to sympathize with Geller in order to be struck by the breathtaking hypocrisy of her critics.

To be clear, Geller’s detractors are motivated by nothing more or less than a deep and abiding ideological animosity toward her, for they regard Geller as just one more “right-winger” with whom they must contend, just one more obstacle in their path toward “the fundamental transformation” of the world.

And her background as an outspoken white, non-violent, non-leftist critic of a Politically Correct Zeitgeist that insulates certain groups—like Muslims—against any objections, to say nothing of the kinds of objections that Geller is known to raise, guarantees her standing as an object of the left’s contempt.

As for Muslims, they are among the teeming masses of the world’s “oppressed,” the targets of the Christian West’s centuries’ old campaign against humanity. From the Crusaders of yesteryear to the imperialists of today, Muslims are, ultimately, victims. From the left’s perspective, it is precisely this history of “oppression” and “exploitation” that explains terrorism and jihadism.

Yet these “root causes” don’t just explain Islamic violence.

They justify them.

When the violence is directed at unenlightened retrogrades like Geller, it is that much more justified.

Admittedly, no leftist will say as much—probably not even to him or herself. But this is the meta-narrative, the unspoken conceptual framework, to which the left assimilates Islamic-on-Everyone violence.

Of this, anyone who knows anything at all about the left can have no doubts.


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Violence is never justified.

Only in self-defense

I have to agree DEBRAJOE but it seems most of the violence I thnk is being staged? just me I could be wrong?

some is.  like at the baltimore and ferguson riots.  i think prof. rioters are bused in.     obama has to get his hitler national police force.

there was a boy just recently expelled from school for wearing a NRA t shirt and his mother is suing for his 1st amendment right.    FREE speech notice how the left is ok w/it as long as it is theirs 

too bad is works both ways and they don't want it LIKE THE PRES BASHING FOX NEWS AS USUAL 

You have got to be kidding me and everyone else who reads this site and belongs and who supports our Constitution and our Free Land that the Good Lord guided our founders to steer and form.  The history of our country and all of the world proves you are wrong,. wrong and just plain wrong.  Violence in response to violence is not only justified in some instances it is the only thing that can save one's life and indeed that of one's family, friends, or just plain folks caught up in the circumstances.  Careful Debrajoe with how you blandly respond to other's posts.  I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you did not intend it to come out that way.....this time.

Well said, Richard. God bless. He calls us to resist evil. He had the Levites take care of the situation after the golden calf incident at Mt. Sinai. Even Jesus made a cat-o-nine-tails to chase the money changers out of the Temple. God can play rough, & He doesn't like the lukewarm. He spits them out!

I dont know about any one else but I like her and what she is doing, PC has has shut most folks up I am sad to say so any thing bad said about MUSLIMS gets a thumbs down??. AND our PRESS are to balme for a lot of te PC out downs.

Millions of truth loving, patriotic, sacrificing Americans know our nation is destructing as we watch from day to day. Millions have voiced their concern, fear, disgust, outrage in person all across the nation to include Washington, D.C. and have done it dozens and dozens of times...........but without the cohesion, numbers, leadership necessary to turn the ship around.

All our voices, activity, has been sporadic, without unity, hit and miss, which the enemy simply waits a few days and assumes based on imperical data, it will go away.....and it does.

Case in point is OAS..........we tried it a year ago on May 16, with fervent hope something would come didn't.  The mission is still on the PFA front page.......still as relevant now as it was a year ago..........

We simply have no national leadership, organization, that will bring the tens of millions together that are needed as did the Egyptians to oust the enemy leadership in America..............

True.....sad to say....  our elected officials cannot bring themselves to voice their concern over what is really happening in our County. It is business as usual.

Forrest Jane, what is happening in our country is the direct result of the policies of those in government who want to "fundamentally transform" America as the current criminal in the WH said.  In my opinion, almost all in government are on board with the destruction, and those who are not are so cowardly they will do or say nothing for fear of losing their free ride.

I am one of those who, as COL Riley said, express disgust and outrage at the criminals in government, thought o little effect. While I did file charges of Treason against Ovomit, and although the FBI admitted to me I was not the only one, there are far too few of us who are willing to do more than complain.  Unless we do, the destruction of America will continue for the criminals in control of government will not stop until we completely defeat them or they reach their goals.  I pray daily that more Patriots will start acting and not simply complaining.

Harry, you can count me in no matter which way it goes. The PC police and the left can call me, a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, an islamophobe, anti women because i'm pro-life or any other name they want. I don't care and they won't shut me up or make me cower in fear. If I could get the ball rolling I would, since I can't I am waiting for the call to action. Just give me the word and I will be there.

Hello have always been there, always devoted with the attitude necessary to turn America around.....unfortunately there are too few Luke P Patrino's that put there feet where their mouth many times have you been to D.C....?  A couple dozen??   Not to mention all the local action you take in Ohio........

I continue to pray for that leader, inspired by God to lead us out of the disastrous destruction being heaped upon America by the Obama administration, a do-nothing Congress and can only happen if "we the people" rise up in numbers called for by OAS last year.........



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