Pan-Global Economic Collapse: A Biblical Loss Of Life Is Upon Us NOW. By Gregory Mannarino

We know banks are failing around the world...we know the US debt is nearly 17 Trillion dollars...we know chaos already reigns in America, we know our Constitution has/is being evaluate this video in light of what should "I stock up on for barter"?  What items will everyone need??

Sad, but there is a real threat of total collapse......

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Thank you.

Is this man made.

Yes Susan, it is man-made.  World government is finalizing its positions around the world and the money system will end up being a implanted chip or some other mark on the hand.  The serious positioning has been going on since the United Nations became a reality in 1945.   All wars fought since WW 2 have been positioning wars.  We lost N. Korea and Vietnam and no other conclusive  winning anywhere.  world government is communist and government run economic monopolies will rule - at least that is the intention.

When is the only question any astute person should consider,,lots of bright younger guys, incl. this one.

We do not knowexactly when this is to happen, but the communists and NWO or New World Order elites have been working on this for a long time.  Here is referenced a place where you can see the highlights of the Affordable Care Act--the purpose of which was not to provide health care or even "affordable" health care.  This may be that LARGE DATA BASE that we have heard that Obama and his czars have in order to CONTROL THE MASSES.  Coupled with the collapse of the United States dollar, our nation as we have known it will no longer exist:  mass famine and rioting and looting will happen.   I certainly hope this is not to be, but we have to be prepared, and those who can and are capable of leading an effective and massive resistance need to step up to the plate like so many of our former military have.  We cannot afford to fall asleep on this watch.  Pray with me for our nation.  Pray for the lost.   Pray that God help us in Jesus' name.  +++

The  New World Order is being shoved down our throats.. All of this is intentional.. The only way to do this is to bring turmoil and war into every Country.. I have always thought Russia is building up its empire because they want no part of the NWO.. Of course barry is giving us to the NWO and he could care less what happens to each one of us.. With the collapse of the dollar, it will be hell on earth.  We will not have anyone to defend we citizens or the Country..  I still think he is building his army with young boys, men from all these countries and they will be used to take our homes and kill us.. Why else would he help bring in these kids?  They sure as hell aren't old enough to vote. barry plans to give China a huge chunk of the U.S. They too will help fight us.. Personally, I think with barry's popularity going down daily, it will happen sooner than later.

We all best get ready to fight, and prepare with food, water, and ammo...You will be fighting citizens that are hungry and thugs that are helping to take over.


NWO  was planned long ago by the reptilian blood line creatures who include Rothchilds, Kissengers ,Vanderbuilt, Rockefeller, Bush, Soros, and many more who have been a member of this elite family an had a snake put in their head. Always 2 by 2,, 06' valerie jarrett prepares obumer for WH,  08' he takes the WH,  2010 they loose the senate, 2012 obumer is re-elcted , 2014  is their year to move in the UN, China, Ebola, and to top it all off the collapse of the dollar. There will be so much violence an death all at the same time these global few shall have their AGENDA 21... We must fight them everywhere, any one with a gun will be needed and a call to arms is upon us!  May GOD Be With US--   We will need it.......

Beans, ammo, FOOD, cigarettes, booze, medical supplies, batteries, WATER... did I say beans and ammo???

Electronic tattoos already exist.  Don't accept one, or other biological chips or scanners, especially if you're required to salute or somehow acknowledge (worship) the "leader's" image!!!!

The mark of the beast has to do with Islam. The leader has to do with Islam. The antichrist comes out of the Middle East. The image is the black stone in Saudi Arabia and will be destroyed in one hour. ISIS is already talking about destroying Saudi Arabia.

The AC is said to come out of the area of Turkey.  Get the book PSALM 83 (WAR)  by Bill is very possible that SA will be decimated soon! 

Yes the antichrist comes out of Turkey. The revived Ottoman Empire. The 7th and 8th Empires.



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